Meet The Romanian Artist That’s Causing A Big Ass Stir On Instagram With His Post-Apocalyptic-Like Photos Of Dublin

Dublin through a very unique lens.

It’s easy to get fed up with Instagram.

More often than not, it’s the same kind of photos being posted time and time again.

Now, obviously that depends on who you’re following – here’s a guide to 43 of the best Irish Instagram accounts to follow if your feed is in need of an influx of good shtuff.

When someone comes along and does something different, it tends to rock the boat a little.

Or, in the case of this chap, a lot.

Enter Paul (AKA @dublin.fx) who’s rocking all kiiiinds of boats

With stuff like this… ?

dublin fx luas foc
Photo by @dublin.fx

And this… yes, that’s a shark.

Trinity dublin shark
Photo by @dublin.fx

About the Dublin.FX Project

@dublin.fx is the brainchild of Paul Gabriel Lucaci – a Dublin based artist that was born and raised in Romania.

Paul moved to Dublin three years ago after finishing secondary school, and has spent that time exploring the ins and outs of Dublin.

Several things came together to give birth to this project:

“The Dublin.fx project was on my mind since the beginning of 2018 after hearing the local youth complaining about how boring Dublin can be, how grey, how depressive and so on.

Being used to Romania, where the communism left behind gray concrete blocks and abandoned factories made me think that they just don’t appreciate this town enough, like they need something refreshing”, says Paul.

dublin city hall
Photo by @dublin.fx

A painstaking process

After several years of learning how to use Photoshop, Paul decided to start sharing his art with the world.

“I took my camera, a coffee, and I went hunting for some good shots of popular places that people can easily recognize. The editing process is something that I always loved to do.”

When it comes to creating these pieces of art, however, there’s a lot more needed than a fancy filter.

“I started at the age of 13, amazed by the things you can do with this software and a bit of passion. It takes a lot of patience tough, as I spend about 12 hours per piece when I create for this project. And all this work is being done after coming home from a full-time job”, says Paul.

dublin fx city
Photo by @dublin.fx

What is it about Dublin that gets the creative juices flowing?

It’s all about inspiration.

“Dublin inspires me. All these beautiful spots, the people, the energy that this town is giving. I usually stare at a place for a minute and the ideas keep coming”, says Paul.

A lovely alternative take on Dublin.

dublin fx poolbeg
Photo by @dublin.fx

If you haven’t already, check out Dublin.FX on Instagram and keep your eye open for more gorgeous takes on Dublin like the ones above.

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