Dear Failte Ireland,

At approximately 10:15 today I settled into my office chair with a piping hot mug of tea and proceeded to watch your video titled “Embrace the Wild Atlantic Way of Life“, featuring the marvelous Walking on Cars.

At approximately 10:17, after repeatedly asking myself what it is I’m doing with my life, I watched it again. Then again at around 11:30 and, yea, probably six or seven more times over the next couple of hours.

Can I please request that you contact my car insurance provider, Vodafone and also my Mam, as I will be unable to pay this month’s bills, or contribute the 50 quid that I said I would for my little cousins birthday present.

Could you also give my manager a bell and persuade him to not give me the sack for taking a week’s holiday without notice/a phone call.

That’d be sound.


Honestly, though – bash the play button above and let the waves of wanderlust flow.