This Time Lapse Of The Northern Lights Above Mayo Is Out Of This World

40 seconds of absolute magic

malin head northern lights
Photo By Michael Gill via Tourism Ireland

If you read our guide to seeing the Northern Lights in Ireland last month, then you’ll know that you can find one of the greatest shows in the world without boarding a plane.

Over recent years, thanks to strong solar wind activity, explorers have been able to gaze open-mouthed at the magnificent Northern Lights in Ireland.

Since publishing the guide, I’ve fallen into many a Northern Light YouTube wormholes, spending a silly amount of time in the early hours of the morning watching videos from Ireland and across the world.

This one is the best of the bunch, however. Sit bag, relax and bash the play button on the video below. It’s insane!

The Northern Lights in Mayo

About the video

Titled ‘Bloom’ and spectacularly shot by Brian Wilson, this time-lapse shows the Northern Lights as seen from Mayo in September of 2017.

The video contains 5 hours of photos condensed into 40 seconds, all tied together with a brilliant backing track.

40 seconds of absolute magic.

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