Our Purpose and Vision

healy pass kerry side

Hello! If you’re reading this, thanks – it’s good to that know people, like you, have taken the time to dig a little bit deeper into the Irish Road Trip Guide and to discover what makes us tick.

Cheers (and yes, that’s me posing like a tit in the picture above…).

What’s this all about?

Below, you’ll get an insight into the purpose and vision that guide every single one of our actions across this website, our social channels and all of our communications and engagements to and with the 250,000+ strong Irish Road Trip community.

Being transparent about why we exist and operate in the deliberate way that we do is important to me.

Over the past 4 years very little has changed to our purpose and vision aside from the fact that I’m now using them more stringently (and strategically) than ever to guide the direction of where we’re going and where, when and how we deliver value.

Our Purpose

I first jotted down ‘Our Purpose’ (I’m aware that this is starting to sound a bit ‘culty’…) for myself, as a way of guiding my thoughts around what I want this community to be, and to help bring me back to base camp whenever my mind goes astray (which happens all the damn time).

The reason that I do this and, more importantly, the reason that I love doing this, is that exploring Ireland gives me immense headspace.

Some people clear their head by meditating, others do it at the gym. The thing that does it for me is hitting the open road and exploring Ireland.

That may sound a bit wishy-washy, but it’s true. I never feel more relaxed, clear headed and happy then when I’m driving around Ireland.

I love doing it, and I know you’ll love it too.

The purpose of the Irish Road Trip Guide is to provide people with all the means needed to design an Irish adventure that’ll give birth to a million happy memories (and, if you’re like me, bucket loads of headspace).

This means making the planning phase as enjoyable and as stress-free as physically possible, and ensuring that the inspiration/research phase delivers an endless number of ‘Oh crap! I can’t wait to see that place/I can’t believe that place even exists’ moments.

Our Vision/North Star

Our vision outlines where we want to be in the future.

The Irish Road Trip Guide is a one-man band at the moment, so it’s easy for me to get bogged down in the day-to-day activities, and not look forward to the future.

This means that I need to be really clear about how I want this community to evolve, to ensure that the strategy that I put in place helps drive everything forward, in the the right direction.

The vision for this website is that it becomes the place online for people looking to plan an Irish adventure.

This means that it needs to provide a whole lot more value than it currently does.

We’ve a long way to go, but I’ve a very clear route mapped out in my mind that’ll ensure we get there.

Sure, there’ll be wrong turns taken and we’ll get momentarily lost at times (as is the norm with every great road trip), but with a clear purpose and vision, our destination will always be clear and the road to reach it never far from sight.