The chances are that if you’re living in Dublin’s fair city, or if you’ve visited in the past, you’ve rambled through, or at least alongside, St. Stephen’s Green.

A historic little grassy hub in Ireland’s capital, the Green holds many rich tales of times past.

Interesting Fact
Interesting fact – Up until 1663 St. Stephen’s Green was a marshy common used for grazing sheep and cattle.

Oh, and it was also the scene where public executions and witch burnings took place…

Today, the park stands strong at 22 acres and is perfectly maintained with thousands of locals, tourists and those working in the city frequenting its tree-lined paths every day.

While you may have sauntered through St. Stephen’s Green, you’ve probably never seen it from this vertigo-inducing angle.

Sit back. Enjoy. And try not to tipple off your seat!

st stephens green from the sky
Photo by Dronepicr
st stephen's green from the sky
Photo by Dronepicr
stephens green dublin drone
Photo by Dronepicr
And that's a wrap
Well, pretty impressive – eay? Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you’re looking for an insanely adventure-packed day in Dublin, check out our Dublin in 8 hours challenge!