A Gift That’ll Spark Memories Every Time They See It

customisable map of ireland

Howaya! If you’ve landed here, you’re likely thinking ‘What is that map yoke they’ve been banging on about‘.

In a nutshell:

  • It’s a high quality, detailed, watercolour map of Ireland that you can personalise
  • You can pick & choose what landmarks it shows + include the route you took on your road trip, if you like
  • It was created ‘digitally’ by an artist & looks like it’s been hand-painted, just for you, when printed

A gift that’ll spark memories, conversation & plenty of ‘Ahh, remember when we…’

Another shot of the map

This map isn’t a regular stocking filler.

It’s not the type of thing they’ll open, smile at and then tuck away at the side of the couch to gather dust.

It’s unique to the recipient.

And thanks to the watercolour design & the museum quality paper it’s printed on, it has an OH-WOOOOW! factor when opened.

Then it gets framed and hung.

And for years to come, it’ll spark memories, stop people in their tracks and fire up conversation about adventures and days past.

How it looks when printed on high-quality museum-grade paper

How it works

Ordering your custom map is dead handy. 

The first step, when the website launches on November 9th, is to select your map.

There’s 2 to choose from (info below).

You’ll then be asked to pick the landmarks you want on your map & pop in some other information that’ll make it personal to you or the recipient.

What happens next

  • Step 1: We receive your order & get to work
  • Step 2: You receive a picture of your map to review within 24 hours (If you want some changes, that’s no hassle, we’ll make them)
  • Step 3: When you’re happy, we’ll send the design to our printer in Sligo
  • Step 5: You receive a little tube with your custom map printed on thick, fancy paper
  • Step 6: You/they have a ‘God, that looks deadly‘ moment

Map 1: This shows all the places you visited in Ireland with a pal, partner or solo 

map showing numerous landmarks

Exactly what it says on the tin: our first map shows the different landmarks that you visited with a pal, partner or on your own in Ireland.

Best suited to

This map looks great when it’s filled with landmarks, so it’s best suited to people that have seen a good bit of Ireland over the years.

How it works

  • You pick the map on our website (launches Monday 9th)
  • Select the different places you want to include (e.g. Newgrange, etc.)
  • Give your map a title (e.g. Keith & Declan’s Adventures)

Map 2: This shows a recent road trip (like one you took in the summer of 2020)

Another shot of the route

In a nutshell, this map shows a road trip that you took in Ireland. For example, above you can see the trip I took with my dad in 2020 and the route we took

Best suited to

People that have been on a memorable trip in Ireland that had several stops (e.g. started in Dublin, Sligo & Clare).

How it works

  • You pick the map on our website (launches Monday 9th)
  • Select the different places you want to include (e.g. Newgrange, etc.)
  • Select the route you took (e.g. started in Dublin, Sligo & Clare)
  • If you only visited a few counties (e.g. Cork & Kerry) and you don’t want the map to look empty, we can add in other well-known landmarks across the map. It’ll be clear which route you took, as the route will be plotted with a dotted line

The different landmarks you can pick

the landmarks

Want to find out more when we launch? (+get 10% off)?

We’ll be up and running from Monday, November 9th. 

Sign up here to receive 10% off when we launch!

Cheers, if you do – we appreciate it! 


Howaya! Thanks for visiting the Irish road trip! This site exists to inspire and guide you on an Irish adventure that’ll give birth to a lifetime of memories (sounds very arsey altogether, I know!) You'll find everything from things to do in Ireland to where to stay in Ireland (unique and unusual places) if you have a nosey around!



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