I’ve never seen anything like this. This Dolphin and Dog in Donegal are Best Friends [Watch]

dougie dolphin tory island
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This video is old, but it makes me smile ever time I see it, so hopefully it’ll do the same for you.

Shot as part of a BBC Countryfile documentary, the video shows presenter Adam Henson and a camera crew make their way to Tory Island, off the north-west coast of County Donegal.

Yes, that’s a dog and a dolphin having the craic 

The incredible video captures the friendship between Ben the Labrador and Doogie the dolphin.

According to locals, an almost daily event involves Ben running down to the harbor, diving into the water, and joining his dolphin friend.

The unlikely pair play together in the water while Ben swims about in circles wagging his tail.

Where the friendship began

Apparently the friendship began when Doogie, a female dolphin, was spotted for the first time in Middletown harbor back in 2006.

According to locals, at the same time the remains of a dead dolphin had appeared onshore.

Locals believe that this dolphin was Doogie’s mate, and she was grieving for him.

She has come to the harbor ever since.

Hit play on the video above. It’s one of those clips that’ll just make you shake your head and smile.


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