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Our Review Policy

mussenden temple

Photo by Gareth Wray


In the page below you’ll find the review policy for

In order to maintain the integrity of this website, this policy is adhered to at all times.

Wait – what do you mean by ‘review’?

A review, in the context of this website, is a critical appraisal of something tourism related.

It could be a hotel, a tour or anything that you’d interact with (generally a paid service) while exploring Ireland.

Our review policy in a nutshell

  • If it’s amazing, we’ll tell you it’s amazing.
  • If it’s alright, we’ll tell you if it’s alright.
  • If it’s shit, we’ll tell you it’s shit and I’ll have the awkward conversation with the person that invited me along.

Why it’s necessary to have this policy

Every once and a while we get asked to visit somewhere.

The invite usually comes in the form of an email or via a direct message to one of our social channels.

Now, these kind of invites generally fall into one of three categories;

  • The happy exchange: this type of invite generally comes from a PR agency looking to exchange a visit for a positive review. The thing to note here is that they’re not in search of a review… they’re looking for a positive review. This is an invite that we decline every single time.
  • The complimentary invite: this type of invite usually comes with the request to visit X place. It’s unpaid, but something with a monetary value is given for free. For example, a hotel offering a nights accommodation without asking for anything in return.
  • The X for € invite: while I haven’t received any of these at the time of writing, this involves a business or someone operating on behalf of a business offering money in exchange for a service. For example, a hotel paying for coverage on a social platform

In order to maintain the trust that we’ve built with all of you that visit this website, we’ll always avoid the first type of invite like the plague.

The purpose of this website is clear: to provide the best place online to plan an Irish road trip.

What does this actually mean…

It means that we stand behind any review on this website.

It also means that you can browse this website in the knowledge that we haven’t given something a positive review in exchange for cash.

Cheers as always.


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