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Planning a trip to Ireland can be a pain in the…

It can. Especially if you’ve never been here before and you’re struggling with things like mapping out your Ireland itinerary.

Below, you’ll find a clatter of Ireland travel tips that have helped thousands of people plan a trip to Ireland without the hassle!

Step 1: Things to know right away

Before we get into the belly of planning a trip to Ireland, it’s worth taking a few things into consideration.

Knowing when you’re going to visit, what the weather in Ireland is like during the different seasons and where the various airports are will make step 2, the planning stage, waaaay easier.

Step 2: Planning your trip

OK, it’s time to get planning. Whack open a spreadsheet or grab a notebook. This phase is going to take a while, but I’ve given you everything you need to plan your trip without the stress below.

Step 3: Getting around Ireland

One of the most useful things to do early on when planning your Irish road trip is to consider how you’ll get around.

You can either drive or take a combo of tours and public transport. Both have their pros and cons.

Step 4: Customs and travel tips

Finally… says you! Some useful things to know about Irish customs, laws and culture before you take your trip.