The Weather In Ireland By Month: An Easy-To-Browse Overview Of The Irish Climate

weather in ireland by month
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If you’re planning a trip to Ireland and you fancy getting an insight into the weather in Ireland by month, you’ll find this guide useful.

It breaks down the weather month by month and also offers an insight into what the weather has been like for each month over the past two years.

Now, you’ll often hear people say that the weather in Ireland is mental, and it is – it’s not unusual for us to experience four seasons in one day.

You could be climbing a mountain in Kerry with your top off one minute and sheltering from torrential rain beneath a tree the next. In the guide below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the weather in Ireland.

The weather in Ireland by month: A quick disclaimer

the weather in Ireland by month
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Although I’m going to give you the average temperatures and all of that craic below, I want to throw in a quick disclaimer from the get-go.

The weather in Ireland is never guaranteed to act logically… Visiting in summer? Yes, the chances are it’ll be nice and mild and, at times, dry. But it could just as easily be cold, wet and windy.

That’s why out of the many Ireland travel tips that exist online, the best one is to pack for every type of weather. Visiting during the summer? Pack a light raincoat and a warm hoody.

Even if the weather in Ireland has been great for two summers in a row, it doesn’t mean that it’ll follow that trend.

Struggling to decide when to visit Ireland? Hop into our guide to picking the best time to visit Ireland. You’ll find everything you need to know about each month of the year and their pros and cons.

The Climate in Ireland

The climate in Ireland is mild, especially in comparison to many of our neighbouring countries. January and February are the chilliest months of the year, with temperatures regularly dropping to between 4°C and 7°C.

July and August are the warmest months of the year in Ireland, with average temperatures falling between 14°C to 16°C.

Although the climate in Ireland doesn’t see the island experiencing overly extreme weather conditions, there has been some freak weather over the last ten years (info below)

The seasons in Ireland

Before we dive into the belly of our guide to the weather in Ireland by month, let’s take a quick look at the different seasons so you know what’s what:

  • Spring: March, April and May
  • Summer: June, July and August
  • Autumn: September, October and November
  • Winter: December, January and February

Weather in Ireland in January

climate in Ireland
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The weather in Ireland in January doesn’t tend to be great. You can expect January to be cold (January is one of the coldest months of the year) and windy. It’s also likely to be wet.

Temperature-wise, it should be between 3 and 7°C, during the day, and it’ll be much colder at night, often falling below freezing. However, it’s not always a bad month weather-wise. In fact, we had a pretty OK January in 2019.


  • The first two weeks were pretty good
  • It was mostly dry, although there was patchy rain in places
  • It was also quite mild and there was little-to-no frost
  • There were a few chilly and frosty nights at the end of the month


  • 2018 was crazy, thanks to Storm Eleanor
  • An orange weather warning was issued
  • The island experienced strong winds and bad flooding 
  • Galway, like a number of coastal counties, was hit hard

The weather in Ireland by month: February

Ireland weather averages
Photo via the Aghadoe

The weather in Ireland in February (winter) tends to be pretty hit and miss. 2019 and 2018 were pretty good, but the average temperature rarely makes it over the 8°C mark.

The average low temperature tends to hover around 2°C. Keep in mind that, like January, the temperature at night will be much colder and will often drop below freezing point.


The weather in Ireland in February 2019 was pretty decent:

  • The month started off cold with snow on the ground in some counties
  • Then, from around the 3rd, the days were mild and wet
  • Storm Erik brought strong winds, but for the most part, it was warmer and drier than usual


  • The month kicked off with some light wintery showers in places
  • Rainfall was well below normal
  • Temperatures were below average
  • Sunshine was above average
  • Storm Emma arrived on the last day of the month and signalled the beginning of prolonged snowfall (info below)

The weather in Ireland in March

weather in Ireland month by month
Photo by Lukassek/shutterstock

I know I’m like a broken record already, but March is another month that can be a little bit scatty weather-wise. Average high temperatures can rise to a mild 10°C+, while average lows hover around 4.4°C.

The weather in Ireland in March has been stormy for the last two years with 2018, in particular, bringing with it extreme conditions.


  • Storm Freya brought heavy rainfall for Munster and Leinster (there was some snow in places)
  • Storm Gareth brought strong winds


In late February and early March of 2018, Ireland and the UK were both hit by a storm known as the ‘Beast from the East’, which brought the most significant snowstorm of recent years.

Temperatures plummeted and we experienced widespread snowfall that pretty much (and I’m not exaggerating here) shut down the entire island.

The weather in Ireland by month: April

inis oirr beach
Photo by Andrea Sirri/

The weather in Ireland in April (spring) tends to be pretty OK. Average high temperatures can rise to a grand and mild 13°C, while average lows tend to average out at around 4°C. 


  • The average temperature was 8°C
  • We had near-normal levels of rainfall
  • Nearly all monthly mean temperatures were above the average for the month
  • There were spells of rain and showers with some hail and thunder at times


  • The average temperature was 8.1°C
  • Kerry had its wettest April since 1940 and Dublin had its sunniest April day in nearly 64 years
  • Temperatures rose to 20°C in parts of Ireland at one point

The weather in Ireland in May

ballybunion cliffs
Photo by gabriel12/

The weather in Ireland in May (still spring) tends to be quite good. Although the average temperatures tend to range from lows of 7°C to highs of 15°C, we’ve experienced much hotter and much colder weather in May in years passed.


  • The few days in April 2019 were nice and hot, but this didn’t continue into May
  • The May Bank Holiday weekend was chilly but dry
  • The second and third week of the month were nice and warm, with toasty average temperatures of 18°


  • May 2018 was hotter and drier than many years previous
  • Some parts of Ireland had their lowest rainfall for May since 1991
  • Nearly all the weather stations around the country reported below-average rainfall
  • The month’s highest temperature was recorded at Shannon Airport where the mercury hit 26.3C

The weather in Ireland by month: June

bundoran donegal
Photo by MNStudio/

June marks the arrival of summer in Ireland. Now, as you’ll see below, the weather in Ireland during the summer months can either be incredible, like 2018, or a bit all over the place, like 2019.

The average temperature during June tends to hover around the 14°C mark, with highs of 17°C (note: it can reach much higher) and lows of 10°C.


  • The first three weeks of the month were unsettled and there was plenty of heavy showers across the country (most notably on the 9th, 10th, 15th and 16th.
  • The beginning of the last week of June was mainly dry, but there was heavy rain on the 23rd
  • The warmest period of the month came on the 27th and 28th


  • The first week of the month was mainly dry, but there were thunderstorms on the 1st and 8th
  • The first two weeks were fine but the third had a few days of rain, thanks to Storm Hector
  • From the 21st onwards, the weather in Ireland was very dry and warm
  • A heatwave kicked in towards the end of the month with temperatures up to 32°C recorded in places
  • Read more about visiting Ireland in June

The weather in Ireland in July

Fanore beach
Photo by mark_gusev/

The weather in Ireland in July tends to be pretty good. The average temperature tends to hover around 16°C. Highs average around 19°C and lows can drop to 12°C.

Now, just to reiterate – it can get much warmer in Ireland during this month. The above temperatures are averages. Here’s what July has been like for the last two years.


  • The first week of the month was mostly dry
  • There were showers at times at the start of the second week
  • We had warm dry weather on the 13th and 16th
  • There was heavy rainfall during the second half of the third week
  • The last week of July saw plenty of warm weather with sunny spells and mild nights


  • There were high temperatures and drought conditions in July 2018
  • The first half of the month was dry and very warm and we had a number of mini heatwaves
  • The second half of the month was a little cooler and there was a number of heavy showers from the 26th

The weather in Ireland by month: August

The vee drive
Photo by Frost Anna/

August is the final month of summer in Ireland. The average high temperature tends to hit 19°C and the average low tends to be around 12°C.


  • The start of the month was nice and dry
  • The second half of the first week up until the third week was unsettled and we saw some heavy showers
  • There was some flooding in places during the 8th and 10th
  • We had plenty of warm settled weather during the final week of the month
  • That only lasted until the 30th… which was when prolonged heavy rainfall arrived


  • The warm drought-like conditions that the weather in Ireland brought in 2018 continued into August
  • However, a weak jet stream moved over Ireland during this month and brought showers from time to time

The Weather in Ireland in September

geokaun mountain and cliffs
Photo by mikemike10/shutterstock

September in Ireland is usually a nice month weather-wise. Ireland tends to experience average highs of 13°C and average lows of 9°C. As the month goes on and we get closer to October, temperatures will start to fall.


  • The average temperature was 12.8 °C
  • The first two weeks were relatively dry with some sunny interludes
  • The settled weather broke mid-month and brought thundery rain
  • The end of the month was very unsettled and there was plenty of rain


  • Storm Ali hit in September 2018
  • The storm arrived on September 19th and it brought gusts that reached 142km on the west coast
  • Ali also brought heavy rain to the north and west of Ireland. Tragically, two people were killed
  • Another storm, Storm Bronagh, hit Ireland on September 20th

The weather in Ireland by month: October

Achill island drive
Photo by Iuliia Laitinen/

Over the last couple of years, the weather in Ireland in October has been a little bit bonkers, as you’ll see below (I’ve stuck in 2017 this time for good reason). Average high temperatures can rise to a mild 13°C, while the average lows tend to hover around 6°C.


  • The first week of the month was unsettled with plenty of showers
  • Storm Lorenzo brought a windy spell on the 3rd and 4th
  • The second week of the month had its fair share of showers, but there was also a nice bit of autumn sunshine
  • There was heavy rain across the island on the 13th and 14th
  • The second half of the month saw a number of dry periods and plenty of sunshine


  • Coastal counties were hit with strong winds in the middle of the month, courtesy of Storm Callum
  • Temperatures in parts of Ireland dropped to -4°C at night
  • It got icy towards the end of the month


  • Storm Ophelia arrived in Ireland in mid-October of 2017
  • It caused nearly €70 million worth of damage and resulted in 3 people tragically losing their lives

The weather in Ireland in November

ballybunion cliff walk
Photo by Luca Rei/Shutterstockcom

The temperature in Ireland in November hovers between 9.5°C and 12°C, but don’t take this as gospel – if you visit in November, you could easily experience far milder or wayyyy cooler temperatures.


  • The first four days of November saw bands of rain or showers circulating around it
  • There were a few fairly dry periods, mainly between the 15th and 18th
  • The East received the bulk of the rain in November while the Northwest had a much drier month


  • The first three weeks of November 2018 were nice and mild.
  • We experienced heavy rain and strong winds on many days
  • Although the weather got a little milder towards the end of the month, Storm Diana hit on the 28th and brought heavy rain and gales with it

The weather in Ireland by month: December

Bromore Cliffs in Ballybunion
Photo by Carsten Krieger via Failte Ireland

The 1st of December marks the arrival of winter in Ireland. Now, unlike many of our neighbouring European countries, December doesn’t tend to be anywhere near as harsh.

The average temperature in December tends to hover at 8°C, although we can have highs of 10°C and lows of 3°C. 


  • The month started off dry and cool
  • Storm Atiyah brought strong winds and heavy showers for a few days
  • Another storm, Storm Elsa, brought widespread rain for a number of days from the 18th
  • The end of the month was nice and mild


  • The first week of last December was pretty mild, although many counties experienced rain 
  • Towards the middle of the month, Storm Deirdre arrived, bringing with it widespread heavy rain and very strong winds
  • The days leading to Christmas and towards the end of the year were fine and dry

Ireland weather averages

As you can see in the guide above to the weather in Ireland by month, the weather averages tend to hold little weight, at times.

October can be cool and crisp one year and it can be riddled with powerful storms the next. Often, it’s by sheer luck that you’ll visit Ireland and get perfect weather.

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