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The Best Pubs in Ireland On An Interactive Map: 300+ Great Irish Pubs You Can Pop Into In 2019

So many pubs, so little time (updated March 2019)

“There are how many pubs in Ireland?!” 7,000. Yes, 7,000… I’ll just let that sink in for a minute… 

Some are amazing, some are alright and some are, well, some are sh*te.

We’ve created a map of the best pubs in Ireland with one clear purpose – to help you navigate the crap pubs ones to ensure that you spend your hard earned cash in the good ones.

The 2019 update:

We published this article along with the map in the summer of 2018. Since then we’ve had thousands of emails, DMs and comments on our social channels.

As a result, many pubs have been added and some have also been removed (either due to the pubs closing down or due to it being added as an error on my part originally.)

A map of the best pubs in Ireland 

hole in the wall dublin
Inside the Hole in the Wall Pub in Dublin – a solid pub (Photo by Gar Byrne)

Last summer I spent several hours perched at the counter of Brannen’s Bar in Newport (a great little spot) nursing a pint, and the realisation that I’ve been to more crap bars in Ireland than amazing ones hit me.

Why? Well, mainly because I spend all of my time planning out what I’ll be doing during my trip (here’s a map to help you find the best things to do in Ireland) and finding a great pub is left as an afterthought.

This is where the idea for the map below began.

What the map contains

  • The best in Ireland from ever county – I’ve done my best to keep this to traditional style pubs
  • Pubs that myself, family and/or friends have been to and loved
  • Pubs that are heavily reviewed and recommended online

What this map isn’t: a list of all of Ireland’s top bars. I’ve kept the list of pubs included to those that fall into what I’d call ‘traditional’. More info on how the pubs were selected below.

How to use the map

Tigh Neachtain pub galway
Tigh Nechtain in Galway – one of the greats (Photo via Tigh Neachtain on Facebook)

To use the map, simply bookmark this page.

You’ll then have it ready in your arsenal for when you arrive in a town weary from traveling and in the humour for kicking back with a drink in a traditional Irish pub.

Just zoom in on wherever you are and you’ll be given a load of options of great pubs to drop into.

How I’ve picked the pubs included in the map

seans bar athlone
Sean’s Bar in Athlone – the oldest pub in Ireland (Photo via Sean’s Bar)

The vast majority of the pubs included have been pinned as a result of a personal experience or a recommendation from family, friends, or the Irish Road Trip community.

On top of that, I’ve also used jar.ie (a fantastic resource for finding the best pubs in Ireland) and TripAdvisor along with Google Reviews.

Naturally, I’ve missed out on some great spots for a tipple – so I’ve left the comments section below open for your suggestions. Please do let me know if there’s somewhere that needs to be added.

Now, a quick disclaimer: If you visit one of these pubs and it’s sh*te, or you get food poisoning from a dodgy bit of chicken or if you slip on the floor after a feed of pints, then do let me know. Obviously I’ll be taking no liability, but let me know what your experience was like. Enter at your own risk as always. 

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