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the Irish road trip
Keith O'Hara

Welcome to The Irish Road Trip!

This website was started by Keith O’Hara in his kitchen in Swords, in North Dublin.

He’s the one typing this and he currently feels like a tool for writing in the third person…

About The Irish Road Trip

Sky Road
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If you haven’t already guessed, that’s my very large head at the top of this page.

Although I started what is now The Irish Road Trip in 2017 there were many earlier versions of it, the first of which was started in mid-2012.

In the early days, it was a personal blog where I wrote (badly) about the various things to do in Ireland.

Then a not-quite-mid-life crisis hit in 2018.

I left my job and decided to make a go of turning The Irish Road Trip into something that people would find useful when planning a trip to Ireland.

It’s now 5/6 years later and, although I’ve made every mistake under the sun along the way, we now help millions of people a year explore Ireland.

Creating the world’s most extensive library of Irish Road Trip itineraries

An overview of this itinerary
A sample of one of the maps from our road trip guides

We spent the first few years building out guides to the various counties (see our Counties of Ireland hub).

We also grew our Instagram and Facebook communities to 400,000+ followers (which doesn’t really mean anything!).

Then, in mid-2022 we started our biggest project to-date – Ireland’s largest collection of detailed Irish Road Trip itineraries.

In theory this should have been nice and straightforward.

It was absolutely not…

However, fast forward 8 months and we’ve now published 20 million+ words of itineraries to our Road Trip Hub.

You can pick an itinerary based on:

  • Start point (we’ve used the main airports + ferry terminals)
  • Length (2 days to 1 month)
  • Mode of transport (your own vehicle or public transport)
  • How fast you like to travel (fast or relaxed)
  • Your fitness level (fit vs unfit)

It’s still a work-in-progress (thanks to some very annoying repetitive strain disorder!) and when it’s done I never want to hear or see the words ‘itinerary’ or ‘road trip’ ever again…

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