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Andy Revell

Andrew Revell




Adventure and freedom have always captured Andy’s imagination. But it wasn’t until he returned home from a decade-long motorcycle trip that he discovered the beauty, adventure, and freedom on his own doorstep.

A travel, beer, and DIY writer, Andy has spent the last few years rediscovering the UK and Ireland, and the unique culture that he came to miss while on the road.


Writing was one of the few things Andy actually enjoyed at school, but it wasn’t until a couple of decades later that he started to write for a living.

Besides his own personal blogs and projects, Andy has been writing professionally for the past seven years. He mainly focuses on travel, DIY, and beer (having previously trained and worked as a brewer and brewery consultant).

Andy has researched and written many of our Irish walks guides and he also played a key role in building out our Irish Road Trip itineraries library, which is the largest collection of its type that exists.

Favourite places in Ireland

Andy has spent a lot of time exploring Ireland over the past few years. While cities like Cork, Kilkenny, and Belfast are among his favourite urban areas to visit, it’s the raw beauty of the countryside that really captures his heart.

In particular, those far-flung, remote places like the Aran Islands, Achill Island, and Connemara, with their stark beauty, unique cultures, and deep roots keep him coming back for more.

Andy's most popular guides