8 Of The Best Pubs In Dingle Ireland For Craic And Live Music

Pubs, pubs and more pubs!

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I‘ve spent a lot of time in many of the best pubs in Dingle over the years. 

From wet afternoons tucked away in Foxy John’s to warm summers evenings spent in the beer garden of Dick Mack’s, I’ve many happy memories from hours spent in Dingle pubs.

As you’ve probably guessed, there is an absolute heap of great pubs in Dingle, Ireland. So, if you’re visiting soon, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

In the guide below, we’re going to take you around the best pubs Dingle has to offer, on a mini pub crawl. Dive on in!

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8 of the best pubs in Dingle, Ireland

  1. Dick Mack’s
  2. McCarthy’s Bar
  3. Curran’s Bar
  4. Foxy John’s
  5. The Mighty Session
  6. O’Sullivan’s Courthouse Pub
  7. O’Flaherty’s
  8. John Benny’s Pub

Now, a bit of a disclaimer here before you get buried into the guide – there are 8 pubs on this list. Which is quite a few drinks, if you have one in each pub.

I’m not recommending that you have 8 pints/whiskies/Margaritas/whatever you drinking. That’d be going overboard.

Be careful and know your limit. I don’t want you making absolute shit of pub 8 and then end up telling the Guards that some fella off the internet told you to do it. 

Our Dingle pub crawl route

OK, you’ll find the route that we’ll be taking in the Google Map above. Feel free to cut out certain pubs or do the whole things completely differently – it’s entirely up to you. 


1. John Benny’s Pub (one of the best pubs in Dingle for music)

john bennys pub dingle
Photo via John Benny’s on Facebook

Our first stop of the day takes us to one of the best pubs in Dingle for music – John Benny’s. You’ll find this colourful pub, right opposite the pier in Dingle Town.

The hosts, John & Éilís, are well known traditional Irish musicians, and their pub is one of the towns finest venues for music, song and dance. 

2. O’Flaherty’s Pub

O'Flaherty's pub dingle
Photo via Google Maps

Pub two is a beauty. Whenever I’m in Dingle, I always tend to find myself in Flaherty’s early in the evening.

This is one of those pubs that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine, and I mean that in the best way possible.

It’s about 2 years since I’ve been here last, but I still remember the Guinness being mighty. If you’re in search of Dingle pubs that serve a fine drop, get yourself here.

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3. O’Sullivan’s Courthouse Pub

o'sullivan's pub in dingle
Photo via osullivanscourthousepub.com/

Pub three takes us to another brilliant traditional music pub in Dingle.

During my most recent stay in Dingle, the lady running our B&B told us to ‘Head to O’Sullivan’s – it’s where the musicians from the other pubs head after there own sessions finish’.

We tipped down to see what it was all about. When we opened the door we were greeted with a blast of chatter and music. Stop by for a pint and an earful of trad.

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4. The Mighty Session


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Our next stop takes us to the aptly named ‘Mighty Session‘. Now, the last time I tried to get into this pub it was around nine in the evening on a Saturday in May.

It was absolutely wedged, so we moseyed on past. If you’re heading here, try and get in early. This is another of the many pubs in Dingle that’s well known for live Irish music.

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5. Foxy Johns 

foxy john's bar in dingle
Photo by Andrew Woodvine (via Creative Commons)

Foxy John’s is one of my favourite pubs in Ireland. It’s a hardware store, a bike hire spot and a traditional Irish pub all rolled into one.

If you’ve every wanted to buy rat poison and grab a pint at the same time, then tip on in to Foxy John’s. A truly brilliant Irish pub.

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6. Curran’s Bar

currans bar dingle
Photo via Google Maps

Our 6th stop takes us to Curran’s, a family owned business that’s been operating since way back in 1871.

Curran’s pub in Dingle started off its life as a general store that doubled up as a pub. As you nurse your pint you’ll be able to spot shelves full of hardware and tools that remain in place from years past. 

Tip: You’ll find some lovely snugs in Curran’s. Try and nab one if you can.

7. McCarthy’s Bar

Our second last stop takes us to the oldest pub in Dingle. At over 150 glorious years old, McCarthys Bar is officially the oldest pub in Dingle.

It shut it’s doors in 2015 but it reopened two years later in 2017, to the delight of tourists and locals alike.

When you arrive you’ll be 7 pubs in. Enjoy the buzz here. And the pint.

8. Dick Mack’s

dick macs pub dingle
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

We’re going to polish off our mini-tour of the best pubs in Dingle with a visit to Dick Mack’s.

If you can (the chances are you’ll struggle as it’s a busy aul spot) grab a seat just in on the left as you come in the front door.

You can perch yourself behind an old wooden desk, chat, enjoy the craic, gawk at the random bits and bobs stuffed onto the shelves around you and people watch.

A mighty pub to round off a mighty evening in Dingle.

The best pubs Dingle has to offer: have your say

Have we missed anywhere? Have you visited any of the pubs beofre and loved or hated them? Let me know in the comments below.

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