Conor Pass: A Strong Contender For The Scariest Road To Drive On In Ireland

Bricks may be sh*t

conor pass dingle
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Ah, Conor Pass. A visit here is up there with the best things to do in Kerry, but plenty do their everything they can to avoid it altogether.

Why would they do that? Well, for a nervous driver, driving along the bendy road at Conor Pass is like something whipped from a nightmare.

There’s a reason this road topped the list in our guide to the craziest roads in Ireland (scroll down to see why!) Is it dangerous? No. The road itself is absolutely not dangerous.

With that being said, some of those that drive along it are! You’ll find out all you need to know about the mighty Conor Pass below!

The narrow road at Conor Pass

conor pass dingle
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Before we dive into this, I just want to clarify something – although I refer to Conor Pass as ‘Crazy’ or a ‘little bit mental’, it’s still incredible.

It’s roads like this that make Ireland an absolute joy to explore. It’s unique, the scenery that surrounds it is sensational and it’s an experience and a half.

Now, if you’re not familiar with it, Conor Pass runs from the buzzy town of Dingle out towards Brandon Bay and Castlegregory. 

It’s one of the highest mountain passes in Ireland, standing at an impressive 410m above sea level. 

The tight, narrow road here snakes along the mountain and weaves its way along a sharp cliff face on one side and an enormous drop to the other.

Is Conor Pass dangerous..?

conor pass in dingle
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

Yes and no. Although the road itself is narrow, it’s fine once you take your time, allow others to pass when necessary and keep your eye on the road.

I’ve driven Conor Pass several times over the years and the first time I drove it, I wasn’t expecting it.

It was on the day in the photo above. It was misty. It was early in the morning. And I’d never ever heard of Conor Pass, let alone seen pictures of it.

I was approaching from the Brandon Bay side and I managed to pull in (see above) and take a minute to suss it out. It was fine!

If you approach from the Dingle side, there’s a grand big spot to pull in and park (you’ll get some serious views from here!)

Hit play on the video below to see what it’s like to drive along Conor Pass


So, you can probably see why some drivers are a little bit wary about driving Conor Pass from the video above.

It can be tricky on a clear day, but it’s a different ball game altogether when there’s mist or fog reducing visibility.

Have you driven Conor Pass yet? How did you find it? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. Yes we drove it 2 years ago on the way to dingle. Was a bit apprehensive at first but its fine when you get going. The weather was amazing that day so the views were fantastic. Met a few cars on the way (had to pull into the designated areas along the way) but grand in all. Actually looked forward to driving it in the way back from dingle.

  2. Cince the Slea Head Drive is open for Busses, Conar Pass is my favourit way to Dingle. There are few drives like this left in Ireland.

  3. We live local and as such drive this often. Lots of people keep their eyes on the scenery and not on the road.. and then of course on occasion.. you get the odd bus who decides to ignore all the extra warning signs and still attempt to tackle it..but it’s a decide road as long as you treat it with the respect it deserves. Going up from Castlegregory has right of way as you just cant see much.. coming down you can see most if not all the road. Do not overtake.. even if someone has stopped… there are so many tight corners that often people are stopped to wait for traffic. Watch for falling sheep or rocks. But it is magnificent and on a good day you can see as far North as Co Clare and as far south as Valentia and Skelligs.

  4. I remember driving up it in a borrowed Morris Minor in 1970 on my 1st holiday with my now wife – we looked up and saw cars way up in the distance and said ‘are we going up there’ and we did – a great memory


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