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Dingle Restaurants Guide: The Best Restaurants In Dingle For A Tasty Feed Tonight

Dingle Restaurants Guide: The Best Restaurants In Dingle For A Tasty Feed Tonight

In search of the best restaurants in Dingle? Our Dingle restaurants guide will make your belly happy!

A charming coastal town in County Kerry, the buzzy little town of Dingle needs little introduction.

With its traditional Irish pubs (see our guide to the best pubs in Dingle), food festivals, and waterfront restaurants, this lively town is one of the best destinations in Ireland for a weekend away.

Regardless of whether you wish to dine at classy restaurants in Dingle or in places known for dishing out tasty cheap eats, you’ll find plenty of recommendations in the guide below.

The best restaurants in Dingle

A quick note from the editor: Howaya: so, this guide is in no particular order, aside from the top spot. The Fish Box is hands-down the best place I’ve eaten in anywhere in 2020.

Honestly, this little fish and chip spot is just out of this world. When I visited recently, we couldn’t get a seat, so we got a takeaway and had it on the steps of the church across the road.

If you’re in search of places to eat in Dingle that 1, won’t break the bank and that 2, will make your belly insanely happy, get yourself to the Fish Box!

1. The Fish Box

The Fish Box dingle

Photos by The Irish Road Trip

Opened in 2018, the Fish Box is one of the newest restaurants in Dingle. It is run by the Flannery family and it’s known for firing out seriously fresh and tasty fish and seafood.

How fresh, you ask? Well, the folks that run the Fish Box have their own trawler which means that everything you order here has left the sea very recently.

I like their monkfish spice box, but the fishbowl of prawns, paprika, rice, and pinto beans are also delicious. It is also worth mention that their extensive fish and seafood menu is also available for takeaway.

Another note from the editor: The photo on the right is their chicken burger. The thing was HUGE and it was just ridiculously tasty!

2. Reel Dingle Fish

Reel Dingle Fish

Photo left via Google Maps. Photo right via Reel Dingle Fish on Facebook

Anyone for chips? With their “keeping it local, keeping it reel” slogan, Reel Dingle Fish is regarded by many as one of the best restaurants in Dingle for fish and chips.

Everything you order here has been caught that day! There’s no freezer at this place, which means that as soon as they run out, they close the shop.

The options are plentiful and include cod, hake, ray, calamari, pollock, plaice, monkfish, smoked haddock, to name a few.

Besides fish, Reel Dingle Fish also offers locally sourced reel burgers and reel sausages. The portions are huge and for a sit-down (I recommend getting their signature Fish Box).

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3. My Boy Blue (one of the best places to eat in Dingle for breakfast)

My Boy Blue restaurant dingle

Photo via My Boy Blue on Facebook

If you are looking for cafes that serve delicious food in Dingle, make sure to visit one of the newest additions to the town’s buzzing foodie scene, My Boy Blue.

Opened in 2017 by Stephen Brennan and Amy O’Sullivan, this lovely café does some of the best breakfast in Dingle along with brunch and lunch. Try the buttermilk pancakes or order their mouthwatering brunch burritos.

Salmon with goat cheese is also a popular brunch option, as well as freshly-made cakes from Blúiríní Blasta. There are also many raw and vegan options available. 

Note from the editor: I was here recently and gave the Ferrero Rocher Mocha a lash – I’d nearly drive down from Dublin now to mill another!

4. The Chart House

The Chart House restaurant

Photos via The Chart House

If you’re in search of Dingle restaurants that make fine dining look easy, carve out some time to visit the Chart House.

A family-run restaurant, the Chart House has everything you need for a memorable dining experience.

Whether you wish to try their signature chart house salad, order the roast fillets of monkfish, or have a slice of the Annascaul black pudding, everything served here is crafted to perfection.

In 2008, they were voted as one of the best restaurants in Dingle. Keep in mind that in summer, finding a table is not easy and bookings are essential.

5. Solas Tapas (one of the swankier places to eat in Dingle) 

Solas Tapas dingle

Photo via Solas Tapas on Facebook

Welcome to Solas Tapas, a small tapas joint located on Dingle’s Strand Street. This place is run by chef Nicky Foley who uses some of the finest local ingredients and his dishes are mindblowing.

What I like most about Solas Tapas is that the menu changes regularly. The octopus carpaccio is a crowd-pleaser and the sirloin steak is to die for.

Although the restaurant has booths in the adjacent beer garden, it is still small in size and has only a few tables. Dining here comes at a hefty price, but the warm service and the delicious food make up for it.

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6. The Boat Yard Restaurant

one of the more luxurious restaurants in dingle

Photos via The Boat Yard Restaurant on Facebook

If you’re in search of Dingle restaurants that’ll knock your socks off, make your way to the Boat Yard Restaurant.

The nautical-themed interior with wooden and marble tables looks simple and inviting. As for the food, it’s all about locally sourced meats, veggies, and fish here at the Boat Yard.

Lobster, crab claws, clams, prawns, monkfish, calamari are just some of the catch of the day available options to order.

On the meat menu, expect to find everything from the signature Kerry lamb to homemade burgers and succulent steaks. I almost forgot to mention their homemade Guinness bread which is extremely tasty.

7. Doyle’s Seafood Restaurant in Dingle

Doyle's Seafood Restaurant

Photos via Doyle’s Seafood Restaurant in Dingle on Facebook

As you’ve probably gathered by now, there is no shortage of seafood restaurants in Dingle and Doyle’s Seafood restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy the freshest of seafood in the town.

Located on John Street, this restaurant boasts a stylish and elegant décor, making it an ideal place to visit for a special occasion or a memorable date with that special someone. 

When it comes to the food, the options are plentiful. Chef and proprietor Sean Roche has worked in some of the finest restaurants in Europe, so he definitely knows a thing or two about adjusting flavours and cooking up delicious meals. 

From prawns and squid to lobster and crab, you’ll have an unforgettable gastronomic experience whatever you opt for.

8. Out of The Blue

Out of The Blue restaurant

Photos via Out of The Blue on Facebook

It was two years ago when Out of the Blue reopened its doors to visitors. Let me start by saying that the restaurant serves only seafood.

I mean, they even have slogans like “Meat eaters need not apply” and ”No chips, nothing frozen; everything fresh or alive”. The day’s menu solely depends on the catch of the day.

As for the décor, the wooden ceiling and red walls create a unique setting for a pleasant dining experience. Of course, there is also no shortage of artwork with nautical themes.

9. Coastguard Restaurant (one of the best restaurants in Dingle if you’re not afraid to splash the cash)

Coastguard Restaurant dingle

Photos via Coastguard Restaurant on Facebook

Situated inside the Dingle Skellig Hotel, the Coastguard Restaurant has some of the best views of the peninsula and offers a pleasant gastronomic experience in a unique setting.

Their breakfast buffet that includes everything from a full Irish breakfast to a wide range of fruits and pastries is one of the best Dingle has to offer. As for the dinner menu, expect to find plenty of seafood and meat options.

Note from the editor: I had dinner here a few years back. The steak was the business and, randomly enough, the Guinness was some of the best I had in years. 

Places to eat in Dingle: where have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some incredible restaurants in Dingle from the guide above.

If you’ve eaten in Dingle recently and you have a restaurant (or cafe!) that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments below.

FAQs about the best Dingle restaurants

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from what are the best places to eat in Dingle for pub food to where to eat in Dingle that does fine dining.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What are the best restaurants in Dingle?

It’s hard to beat The Boat Yard, Solas Tapas, The Chart House, My Boy Blue, Reel Dingle Fish and The Fish Box.

What Dingle restaurants are good for a fancy meal?

The Chart House and Solas Tapas are two of the best restaurants in Dingle for a fancy meal, in our opinion.

What are the best places to eat in Dingle if you want to keep it casual?

Fish Box and Reel Dingle Fish are 2 great Dingle restaurants if you fancy a solid pint of Guinness and some great pub food.

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Jay P.

Saturday 4th of June 2022

Hi Keith, just wanted to say that I went to My Boy Blue based on your write-up and it was fantastic — great coffee and loved the Brunch Bap. The staff are all so super friendly. For another dinner option, I really enjoyed Fenton’s Restaurant.

Declan Murphy

Monday 2nd of May 2022

You missed The Half Door. Best sole I have ever eaten anywhere.

Keith Badham

Tuesday 29th of March 2022

As a cook for over 50 years I enjoy all types of food, everywhere. I score them all out of 10 to friends and family, to date I've only ever scored anywhere a '10' twice, the second was last Sunday 27th , and it was "out of the blue" . Superb Keith B

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