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A Guide To Dingle In Kerry: Things To Do, Accommodation, Food + More

A Guide To Dingle In Kerry: Things To Do, Accommodation, Food + More

If you’re debating a visit to Dingle in Kerry, you’ve landed in the right place.

There’s an almost endless number of things to do in Dingle, which means it’s the perfect place for a weekend of adventure (and pints – but more on that in a minute!).

The lively little town of Dingle in Kerry has been a tourist hotspot for many years now, and it’s home to a flurry of great restaurants, pubs and places to stay.

In the guide below, you’ll discover everything you need to know if you’re thinking about making Dingle your base for a few nights.

Some quick need to knows about Dingle in Kerry

dingle ireland

Photo © The Irish Road Trip

Although a visit to Dingle in Kerry is nice and straightforward, there are a few need-to-knows that’ll make your visit that bit more enjoyable.

1. Location

Dingle Town is situated, unsurprisingly enough, on the Dingle Peninsula, which stretches 71 Km into the Atlantic on the Southwest coast of Ireland.

2. Mighty mountains

The peninsula’s spine is formed by a range of mountains, running from the Slieve Mish range to Conor Pass and Mount Brandon (which is Ireland’s second highest peak).The glorious coastline is made-up of several dramatic headlands broken by sandy beaches.

2. A fine base for adventure

Dingle is a great wee town, especially since it’s right on the peninsula and close to loads of things to see and do. For hikers and bikers there is the Dingle Way or you can take smaller ancient walking trails too.

­­­3. The home of Fungie

Dingle is so charming that even a male common bottlenose dolphin came to visit. It is thought he was first seen in 1983 and has been visiting the dingle harbour for over 37 years

Update: Fungie hasn’t been see for a number of months now. Hopefully, he’s met some friends and he’s just off having the buzz!

A brief history of Dingle Town

things to do in dingle

Photo © The Irish Road Trip       

During the Norman invasion of Ireland, Dingle was developed as a port. By the 13th century, there were more goods being exported from Dingle than Limerick.

By the 16th century, Dingle was one of Ireland’s main trading ports, exporting fish and hides and importing wine. Many French and Spanish fishing fleets would use Dingle as a base.

Links between Spain and Dingle flourished due to trading, several houses in Dingle were even built in the Spanish fashion. Dingle was also an important embarkation port for  pilgrimages visiting the shrine of Saint James in Spain.

In 1969, a movie called “Ryan’s Daughter” was filmed near Dingle which showcased the beautiful scenery of the town and peninsula to the world, helping put Dingle on the map and kick-start tourism in the town.                  

Things to do in Dingle (and nearby)

So, we’re created an extensive guide on the many things to do in Dingle, that covers everything from hikes and walks to tours and scenic drives (see it here).

However, I’ll give you a quick overview of some of the most popular places to visit and things to do near Dingle in Kerry.

1. Slea Head Drive

Slea head road

Photo by Lukasz Pajor (Shutterstock)

The circular Slea Head Drive, which also forms part of the Wild Atlantic Way, starts and ends in Dingle.

Clearly labelled by road signs, the scenic journey will take you through Irish speaking villages, historical sites, famous Hollywood locations and wonderful views of both the Blasket and the Skellig islands.

It’s most enjoyable when explored slowly over a few days or if you are tight for time, you should set aside a half-day. It’s strongly recommended to travel clockwise to avoid large tour buses that frequent the route in the summer.

2. Explore the islands

the skellig islands

Photos via Shutterstock

There are two islands near Dingle that attract and delight visitors: the Blasket Islands and the Skellig Islands.

The later tend to be the most popular, as the tours are harder to get onto since the islands shot to fame during the filming of Star Wars (here’s a guide on getting to the island).

The Blaskets are well-worth a visit and they’re often overlooked by many visiting the Dingle area. As you’ll see here, though, they pack a fine punch!

3. Hikes and walks

summit of mount brandon

Photo by Colm K (Shutterstock)

This 179km long Dingle Way hiking route starts and ends in Tralee and takes around 8 days to complete (so it’s broken into 8 sections for each day).

Luckily, you can join the trail at any number of points along its length and there are also a few shorter looped walks and mountain hikes off the main Dingle Way.

For the more experienced, there is the Mount Brandon hike, bringing you to the highest point in the Dingle Peninsula and takes 5-6 hours for the loop.

4. Much, much… much more

conor pass dingle

Photo via Shutterstock

So, as I mentioned at the start of this section, there’s far to many places to visit near Dingle to squeeze them into a guide to the town itself.

To discover more things to do in the area, hop into our Dingle road trip guide. You’ll find places like Conor Pass (above), Coumeenoole Beach, Dunquin Pier and much much more.

Restaurants in Dingle

restaurants in dingle

Photo left via Out of the Blue. Photo right via the Fish Box on Facebook

In our guide to the best restaurants in Dingle, you’ll find some places to eat that’ll make your belly very happy.

Here are a handful of our favourites from the guide (the Fish Box, in particular, is absolutely incredible!).

1. The Fish Box

This family run restaurant can promise fresh seafood straight from the sea onto your plate, especially since they own a trawler and the owner’s brother, Patrick, catches the seafood.

The boat can take 5-15 days at sea to make sure they get the best seafood. A lot of the dishes come with a seafood twist like a prawn burrito or monkfish goujons.

2. Out of the Blue

This seafood-only shack has been offering fresh fish and seafood delicatessen since 2001. It’s situated on the harbour so you can expect great views to go along with your fish dish.

The restaurant was also awarded Georgina Campbell’s Seafood Restaurant of the year in 2005 and can also be found in the Michelin guide for the last 15 years too.

3. Reel Dingle Fish

While it’s not the most glamorous or glitzy in comparison to other restaurants in town, the food here is spectacularly good.

All seafood is locally sourced and freshly cooked, and the beef is from a local farmer. They also have a huge selection of local fish, from monkfish to haddock to hake to mackerel.

Pubs in Dingle

dick macs pub dingle

Photo © The Irish Road Trip

We created a guide to the best pubs in Dingle what feels like a lifetime ago now (4 years ago!), however it’s still as relevant now as it was then.

There’s some excellent pubs in Dingle, many of which host regular trad sessions. The best of the bunnch, in my opinion, is Foxy John’s, but there’s some stiff competition. 

1. Foxy John’s

This is a unique spot since it’s half an Irish and half a hardware store and bike hire. There are not many places in the world where you can have a pint of Guinness while there is tools and mousetraps around you. On hot summer days, this is the go-to for a bit of craft cider and there is live music on the weekend.

2. Dick Mack’s

This pub has been pulling pints since 1899. One half of Dick Mac’s is where you will find beers and fine whiskeys while on the other side is a leather shop. Explore the adjoining rooms where the Mac Donnell family used to call home. There is also outdoor seating, artisan food trucks and a fantastic brewing facility available for tastings and tours.

3. John Benny’s

John Benny’s got its pub license back in 1894 and has been run by the same family for three generations, the Long family. Michael Long was a collector of marine specimens, with some of his correspondence located in the Museum of Natural History in Dublin. The pub is also an excellent spot for local Irish cuisine and live trad sessions too.                       

Hotels in Dingle

view of room in Dingle Benners Hotel

Photo via Dingle Benners Hotel

There’s a lot of different places to stay in Dingle in Kerry. For those of you that fancy staying in a hotel, you’re in luck – there are plenty to choose from.

You can discover the best of the bunch in our guide to the best hotels in Dingle. Here are a handful of our favourites. 

Note: if you book a hotel through one of the links below we’ll make a tiny commission that helps us keep this site going. You won’t pay extra, but we really do appreciate it.

1. The Dingle Skellig

The 4-star Dingle Skellig is only 200 m from Dingle Bay, a great spot for diving, swimming, sailing and fishing. You might even spot the wee legend Fungie or he will spot you.  The luxurious hotel comes with 3 pools, a restaurant (that serve some top notch seafood) and a gym. The spacious rooms are en suite and with a big satellite TV.

2. The Dingle Benners

This intimate boutique hotel is located in the heart of Dingle and is also the oldest hotel in Dingle, dating as far back as the 1800s. Every corner of the hotel just oozes opulence. There are charming 52 rooms, spacious and designed with great attention to detail. They have also won a Georgina Campbell award for Best breakfast, though they also cater to anyone who prefers a bit of brunch.

3. Dingle Bay Hotel

Located in the town centre and right by the sea, this family-run hotel offers 25 spacious rooms, all en suite, and come with a tea/coffee making facilities and a TV. There is also a hip bar and restaurant that has a good selection of homemade breads, scones and pastries as well as Blasket Island Lobster (a must). Paudie’s Bar is where you can enjoy the evening and experience West Kerry music.

Unique guesthouses and Airbnbs in Dingle

hotels in dingle

Photos via Airbnb

If you fancy trying some self-catering accommodation, there are plenty of Airbnbs in Dingle to choose from.

There’s also a tonne of great holiday homes and B&Bs in Dingle to choose from, like the sensational Pax Guesthouse.

FAQs about visiting Dingle in Kerry

Since mentioning the town in a guide to Kerry that we published several years ago, we’ve had hundreds of emails asking various things about Dingle in Kerry.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What are the best things to do in Dingle?

The Slea Head Drive, explore the islands, hikes and walks and much, much… much more (see guide above).

Where are the best places to eat in Dingle?

The Fish Box, Out of the Blue and Reel Dingle Fish are three great (and very tasty!) options if you’re in need of a feed.

What are the best places to stay in Dingle?

Hotel wise, you can’t go wrong with the Dingle Skellig, the Benners or the Dingle Bay Hotel. If you fancy self catering, scroll up to the section on Airbnbs.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.