“Damn you Dingle.”

I’ve become pretty accustom to muttering this sentence as I chug out of Dingle town, usually late on a Sunday evening, with a dull thud in my head, a sizable hole in my wallet, and a thousand new memories to leaf through on the journey home.

Floating through the town #colours

dingle town kerry
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

There’s something special about Dingle town.

What it is, I’ve no idea – all I do know, is that it keeps reeling me back in, time and time again.

Murphy’s Ice Cream #AllTheCalories

Maybe it’s the proximity to some of Ireland’s most soul-hugging scenery, or the fact that the town is buckling with a tonne of great restaurants and bars that buzz away long into the night.

Who knows.

Inside Dick Macs Pub

dick macs pub dingle
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

A pint of cream

guinness in dick macs pub dingle
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

The one thing I do know is that every 4 or 5 months, I’ll be pointing the car in the direction of deepest, darkest Kerry, and embarking upon the 10 hour round journey all over again.

Uncharacteristically Empty Streets

dingle town at night
Photo © The Irish Road Trip
And that's a wrap!
Been to Dingle and fallen in love with the place? Let me know in the comments below… so I know I’m not some over-obsessed odd-ball…


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