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10 Of The Most Beautiful Beaches Near Dingle

10 Of The Most Beautiful Beaches Near Dingle

Despite what you read online, there’s no beaches in Dingle Town.

Usually, when you see articles about ‘Beaches in Dingle’, they’re talking about on the Dingle Peninsula, and not in the town itself.

However, this gorgeous corner of County Kerry is in no shortage of sandy stretches, from well known spots, like Coumeenoole, to lesser-known beaches, like Wine Strand.

Our favourite beaches near Dingle

Ventry Bay

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In the section below, you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches near Dingle, with a mix of tourist favourites and hidden gems.

Warning: Never assume it’s safe to enter the water at any beach in Dingle or beyond. Some have dangerous currents, so it’s always best to check locally.

1. Coumeenoole Beach (25-minute drive)

Coumeenoole Beach

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Coumeenoole Beach is a popular stop for those doing the Slea Head Drive. You’ll find a small car park and picnic benches overlooking the beach, but beware in the peak season as it can fill up quite fast! 

From the car park, there’s a short but steep, winding trail that will lead you down to the beach. It can get quite slippery when it’s wet, so this may not be the best beach for anyone with mobility issues. 

The beach has incredible views of the Blasket Islands and was one of the filming locations for Ryan’s Daughter. Though the water may look inviting, the currents can get very strong, so do not swim here.

2. Inch Beach (25-minute drive)

Inch Beach

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Inch Beach (or Inch Strand) is arguably one of the most popular beaches near Dingle, and for good reason.

This is a long sandy beach, 5.5km long, jutting out into Dingle Bay. It faces right into the Atlantic Ocean and is backed by some impressive sand dunes. 

There is plenty of parking available, but in the summer when it gets busy, you may want to head over a little early to guarantee a spot.

It’s a Blue Flag Beach, so in the summer there are lifeguards, but as always, you should take care.

The beach is great for swimming and surfing, and there’s even a surf school directly on the beach for any surfing newbies out there. 

3. Castlegregory Beach (30-minute drive)

Castlegregory Beach

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Castlegregory Beach is a long stretch of interconnected beaches that’s around 4-5 km long. It sits in the sheltered Tralee Bay and has fantastic views of the bay and surrounding mountains. 

The beach was awarded the Green Coast Award in 2019 for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters. 

There is plenty of parking available, and there are toilet facilities in the car park, so the beach is perfect for a whole-day affair. 

The beach is also just a short walk (around 15 minutes) from Castlegregory village where there are plenty of places to eat. 

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4. Clogher Strand (20-minute drive)

Clogher Strand

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Clogher Strand is one of the more beautiful beaches near Dingle. This is a small, circular bay around 12 km west of Dingle Town.

The beach has incredible views of the Blasket Islands, Ceann Sibeal, and the Three Sisters. 

There is a car park available, which is also the starting point of the popular 2.7km Clogher Beach Loop that boasts awesome views of the rugged coastline!

Sadly, this beach is not suitable for swimming. Although the cove can look peaceful when it’s not windy, there are strong and dangerous currents. 

If you whip open our map of Dingle, you’ll find loads of places to visit a short spin away from this one.

5. Kinard Beach (15-minute drive)

Kinard Beach is 9km east of Dingle Town. It is most famous for its large and domineering, offshore rock formation called The Foal (or Searrach).

The beach is small, remote, and a popular place for Bass fishermen. There is parking available and since this place isn’t too well-known, you should be able to get a spot even during the peak season. 

Kinard beach is a great choice for anyone looking for somewhere more private to enjoy the day!

Although we’ve seen mention of people swimming here, it’s worth checking locally as we can’t find any official information online.

More popular Dingle beaches

Now that we have our favourite beaches in Dingle out of the way, it’s time to see what else the peninsula has to offer.

Below, you’ll find everywhere from Fermoyle Strand and Ventry Bay to some of the more overlooked beaches near Dingle.

1. Camp Beach (35-minute drive)

Wine Strand

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Camp Beach is a lovely beach in Tralee Bay. You’ll find it in the little village of Camp, which has several pubs and restaurants. 

The beach is long, sandy, and golden, ideal if you just love long walks on the beach. Tralee Bay is sheltered, which makes Camp Beach popular amongst swimmers.

It has nice views of the bay and surrounding mountains, and the beach is backed by small, grassy, dunes – perfect for a summer picnic. 

2. Cappagh Beach (25-minute drive)

Compared to some of the busier beaches in Dingle, Cappagh Beach is relatively quiet and secluded. You’ll find it near the village of Cloghane, west of Brandon Bay. 

The beach is small, sandy, and sheltered. The sand is soft and as you saunter along you’ll be surrounded by breath-taking mountainous scenery.

Parking is available in a small car park, but, since this beach isn’t heaving with people (even during the summer), you should be able to park year-round without any trouble!

3. Ventry Bay Beach (10-minute drive)

Ventry Bay

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Ventry Beach is west of Dingle Town. It’s a crescent-shaped beach backed by some small dunes. The beach has lots of pretty shells, so if you have small children, they will be more than entertained! 

It is a Blue Flag Beach, so there are lifeguards at certain times during the summer. The beach is a popular place for swimming and for water sports, with people kayaking and paddleboarding when the weather’s warm. 

The car park has plenty of space and doubles up as the starting point for an 18km trail (an ancient pilgrim path) that will take you all the way to the foot of Brandon Mountain. 

4. Fermoyle Strand (25-minute drive)

Fermoyle Beach Dingle

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Fermoyle Strand is one of the most overlooked beaches near Dingle. This is a 2km stretch of sandy beach nestled between Brandon Bay and The Maharees Peninsula. 

It’s not as popular as other beaches in the area, so in the summer, it’s the perfect spot for some peace and quiet. There are no facilities, so if you’re with young children, it’s not ideal. 

The beach is narrow, and during high tide, it can be fully submerged underwater. This means if you wanna enjoy Fermoyle Strand to the fullest, you need to plan a little around the tides!

There is parking on-site, large enough for roughly 10 vehicles, but since it’s rarely packed, its small size shouldn’t be a problem. 

5. Wine Strand (15-minute drive)

Wine Strand

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Wine Strand is a gorgeous beach and, while small, it tends to get a good bit of footfall during summer, however, if you visit in autumn or winter you’ll likely have it all to yourself.

There’s jaw-dropping views from where you park up, out towards one of the best pubs in Dingle – Tigh T.P.

A clatter of rocks dot the beach and as the tide goes out a number of rock pools appear, brimming with sea life.

FAQs about beaches in Dingle

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘Which are the quietest?’ to ‘Which are nearest the town?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What are the best beaches near Dingle?

In our opinion, it’s hard to beat Coumeenoole Beach, Inch Strand, Clogher Strand and Castlegregory Beach.

Are there any beaches in Dingle Town?

No. Despite what some websites would lead you to believe, there are no beaches in Dingle Town itself.

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