Visiting Ireland In June 2020: A LOCALS Guide to Weather, What To Pack + Things To Do

A locals guide

Ireland in June
Photo by Chris Hill

So, you’ve decided to visit Ireland in June. You choose this month for the weather, but you’re worried that it’s peak season.

You also heard that the prices of food, drink and accommodation are crazy during the summer in Ireland.

Chillllllll. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know (and what you can expect) if you’re planning to visit Ireland in June 2020.

Summer in Ireland has plenty of positives and only a handful of negatives. The positives include long days, better weather and an almost endless number of events and festivals.

The negatives revolve around prices (flights and accommodation) and crowds, but we’ll get to those later.

What you’ll get from reading this guide

  • Honest no-BS advice on what it’s like here in June 
  • A guide to the weather in Ireland in June
  • What to wear
  • What to pack

Planning a visit to Ireland? Make sure to hop into our detailed guide to planning the perfect Ireland vacation.

weather in Ireland in June
Photo by Martin Flemming

The weather in Ireland in June

So, someone told you that the weather in Ireland in June is TERRIBLE and that it rains just as much as it does in winter… that’s not true (you’d be surprised how many emails we get from people freaking out about the weather).

The weather tends to be a hot topic amongst those planning a trip to Ireland. So, I’m going to try and give you a solid insight of what you can expect.

Note: the info below comes from Met Eireann (Ireland’s weather service, so it’s accurate). 

2019 was reasonably cool

  • The weather in Ireland in June 2019 was cool and a little unsettled (the first three weeks, in particular)
  • There were heavy showers at times with some of these bringing thunder 
  • The month finished nicely thanks to warm air that made its way over from North Africa
  • Day-time temperatures averaged 15°

2018 was a bit better

  • The weather in Ireland in June of the previous year was much better (the first two weeks were nice and dry)
  • Many parts of the country experienced thunderstorms on the 1st and 8th June
  • The third week was a bit wetter – Storm Hector passed close to the Northwest of Ireland, bringing with it two days of rain and gales
  • From the 21st onwards, the weather was settled and dry
  • A number of weather stations across Ireland recorded temperatures over 30°C at the end of the month

The average temperature in Ireland in June

Average high temperatures can rise to a balmy 18°C, while the average lows tend to hover around 12°C. 

Summer in Ireland is generally quite pleasant, aside from the occasional downpour of rain. The country has experienced several heatwaves during recent years, with temperatures exceeding 30°C at times.

Those from colder temperate climates will find the temperature in Ireland in June warm and pleasant, while those who come from more tropical climates should find June in Ireland to be mild.

Note: The weather in Ireland in June can be mental

You’ll often hear it said that we can experience every season in an hour in Ireland, which couldn’t be more accurate.

The weather in Ireland in June (and every other month) can go from nice and dry one minute to wet and wild the next.

If you’re prepared (info on this below), this won’t cause you too much hassle

beach on slea head
By Chris Hill

What to wear in Ireland in June

OK, so you’re happy with the weather. Now, you’re trying to figure out what to wear in Ireland in June. It’s summer – you’ll only need t-shirts and shorts… right?! Wrrrrrong! 

What you wear is going to boil down to a couple of different things; the activities you have planned and the type of places you plan on visiting in the evenings:

Dressing for your activities

  • If you’re visiting Ireland in June for a city break, pack shorts, t-shirts and runners/walking shoes
  • If you’re coming here for an active holiday, pack hiking gear, plenty of layers (more on this in a sec) and all the other light hiking gear you have

Dressing for the evenings

  • If you plan on trying some fine dining, pack some formal wear
  • If you’re going to spend time in pubs, relax – we’re pretty casual here. Jeans and a shirt are more than enough
Ballymastocker Bay Donegal
Photo by Martin Flemming

What to pack for Ireland in June

OK, so what do you need to pack for Ireland in June? That old saying ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’ applies doubly to when you’re visiting Ireland.

If I’m heading somewhere in Ireland during the summer months, I’ll pack layers. I’ll usually bring a light pair of shorts for the day time (I’ll have jeans or a tracksuit as a backup if it’s cold) and a t-shirt.

I’ll also have a hoody on standby just in case. The only other absolute essential is a light waterproof jacket. Don’t visit without one. 

The essentials

  • Hiking boots (or shoes)
  • A waterproof jacket
  • An umbrella
  • Waterproof trousers/pants if you’re planning on doing walking/hiking
  • A warm hat, scarf, and gloves
  • Plenty of warm socks (there’s nothing worse than walking around in damp socks!)
murlough beach in down
Photo by Bernie Brown

Things to do in Ireland in June 2020

You’ve decided – you’re visiting in June. You’ve booked the flights, you’re flicking through our guides on where to stay, and you’re planning your trip.

This next section aims to help you figure out where to go in Ireland in June, and by ‘where to go’ I mean defining your route.

If you’ve visited our road trip section, you’ll know there are loads of different routes around Ireland that you can take, depending on the time you have here. Here are some suggestions of things to do in Ireland in June 2020:

Leenaun to louisburgh drive doolough
Photo by Chris Hill

Drive the Wild Atlantic Way

The mighty Wild Atlantic Way is a 2,500 km driving route that passes through nine counties and three provinces.

The route stretches from the magnificent Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal, right the way around to Kinsale, in Cork.

We prepared this detailed 11-day Wild Atlantic Way itinerary that you can follow to the dot if you’re spending a nice chunk of June in Ireland.

Head off on a 5-day road trip

Our most popular road trip guide is one that details five different 5-day road trips around Ireland.

Many people visiting are only over for a short period, but you’d be surprised how much you can squeeze into five days.

Dive into our 5 days in Ireland guide and see which route tickles your fancy the most.

Visiting Dublin in June

For those of you visiting Dublin in June, you’ll have a heap of festivals and events to choose from. There’s also a tonne of different walks in Dublin that are perfect for the warmer summer months.

The one thing to note about visiting the capital during the summer is that the main tourist attractions will be swarmed with people, as June is peak season in Ireland.

Dive into our guide on what to do in Dublin. It’s packed with 90 WORTHWHILE places to visiting and things to keep you occupied.

The weather in Dublin in June is usually nice and mild. We experience highs of 18° and an average of 10 days of rain.

visiting Ireland in March
Photo by Tourism Ireland

Would I spend June in Ireland: an honest answer

No. I wouldn’t. If I had the option, I’d visit in either May, August, September or October. Why? Because I prefer to dodge crowds.

I had a friend from Toronto visiting in June 2016 and he wanted to see all of the usual attractions. We spent six days spinning about (Dublin, Louth, Antrim and Donegal) and so many places that we visited were packed beyond belief.

It was during a visit to the Giants Causeway on this trip that I vowed never to go back there again during peak season. It was painful. And, to be honest, just a shite experience with thousands of people everywhere.

There’s also the added pain of accommodation. It tends to be more expensive and harder to come by in parts of Ireland during the summer months.

Don’t get me wrong, you never won’t have somewhere to stay, but I’ve found that nabbing a decent central spot can be a pain.

If you’re happy to go off-the-beaten-track in Ireland, you’ll be fine. There’s also the added demand for accommodation during the summer months that’s fuelled by events and festivals.

cliffs on achill island
Photo by Gareth McCormack
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  1. This is definitely written by an Irish person! 🙂 As far as “summers” go, if you’re from the vast majority of America at least, Ireland’s summers are not going to feel “mild” but rather- surprisingly chilly. The term “mild” has a very different meaning when used by an Irish person (I’ve learned this being married to an Irishman as an American and spending many summers here 😉). In my experience, there are maybe 3 weeks a year (often several of those days in April) where one from a warmer climate might prefer a pair of shorts over long pants in Ireland, but Yanks- take note: this list suggests a hat and gloves for a reason! I have a picture of me June 6, 2020 eating ice cream wearing a cashmere sweater, a trenchcoat, and a pair of gloves, and countless other photos in June, July and August where my visitors from America are bundled in Cashmere beneath a rain jacket. :-)) Anyway, lovely article, just a head’s up to Americans especially, who often get a shock when traveling to Ireland on a “summer” vacation, and end up freezing their buns off because they didn’t pack warmer clothes. Most of the summer will feel chilly here to most Americans! 💗


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