You + 3 Friends Can Rent A Cottage With A Private Beach For €52.87 Per Person P/N

Good God this place looks incredible...

Donegal Airbnb

You + the other half/best mate + the dog + a cottage with a private beach for the weekend in one of the most beautiful corners of Ireland.

Sounds pretty damn good, I know!

If you fancy going off the grid for a few nights and surrounding yourself with beauty by the bucket-load, then this place should tickle your fancy.

A hideaway by the sea

 Cottage from afarView of the beach

You’ll find this Airbnb in Dooey in Lettermacaward, West Donegal (between Dungloe and Glenties).

As you can see from the snaps above, this gorgeous little cottage is plonked right beside the sea.

Imagine waking up on a clear day, brewing up a pot of coffee, and heading for a saunter along the sand right outside your door. Magic.

About the cottage

Exterior of the cottage

This detached traditional Irish cottage is situated right on the seashore and provides access to a private sandy beach.

The cottage has been recently renovated and inside guests will find a newly renovated interior, every utility you could possibly want, and central heating.

There’s also a turf fire if you visit during the winter months and want to chill to the crackle and pop of a real fire.

The interior: All kinds of cosy

Inside the cottage

The interior of this cottage is beautiful.

The hosts, one of whom is an architect, have knocked it out of the park with this renovation.

The cottage comes with all the modern amenities you’d expect, while still maintaining an old-world feel.

the shower area

What to expect if you spend the night

So, moving on from the only deadly private beach here’s what else you’ll get/have access to:

  • WIFI
  • Living Room / Dining area
  • Turf burner
  • Kitchen with oven, hob, microwave, fridge, toaster, kettle
  • Bedroom with a Kingsize bed and a great mattress
  • Shower-room – with a large walk-in wetroom type shower and ‘rainfall’ showerhead.
  • Loft with a double bed

Fancy bringing the dog? Up to 2 pets are also welcome (once they’re well-behaved). There’s a fee of €20 for 1 dog or €30 for 2.

How much a night will set you back

inside the living area

So, this place is only going to suit those of you in search of a winter getaway, as it’s nearly completely booked up until November.

Here’s how much a Friday and Saturday night in November will set you back if 4 of you visit:

  • Total: €423
  • Per person: €105.75
  • Per person per night: €52.87
  • Book a night in this place here
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  1. Hey, Keith. Love your emails. We’re looking to spend a month in the Donegal/Sligo area next summer and would like to rent a cottage for our stay. Are there web sites better for looking for long-term rentals? The little seaside cottage looks fantastic. Thanks. Skip

    • Hey! I have a good friend from the UK who moves around Ireland each month staying in short-term rentals.

      He uses Airbnb. If he plans on staying for 3 – 4 weeks, he contacts the host well in advance and asks if they can offer a discount on a long stay.

      They always agree.

      Could be worth trying!



  2. Could we bring 3 little dogs, one is 10 inches long, one is 12 inches long and the third is 13 inches long…..? All over ten years old and very well trained.


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