It Took 2 Years To Create A Masterpiece That Is Easily One Of The Best Videos Of Ireland You’ll Ever Watch

Wanderlust en route...

timeless ireland

There are thousands of videos, both professional and amateur, out there on the web promoting Ireland.

Naturally enough, this often makes it hard for a video to stand out from the crowd, regardless of how masterfully created it is.

How this video, painstakingly put together by Colm Keating (follow him on Instagram) over the course of 2 long years, has only 11,000 views is beyond me.

It’s arguably the best video of Ireland that you’ll ever treat your eyes to!

Sit back. Hit play. And feel the hairs stand proudly at the back of your neck.

An insight into this little slice of magic

Titled ‘Timeless Ireland’, the video above showcases some of Ireland’s most beautiful locations through time lapse photography.

According Colm’s description on YouTube, ‘the film was put together in the hope of inspiring Irish people to explore their own country, to get outdoors and take advantage of all we have to see and do here’.

A man on a similar mission as myself ??

During it’s creation (which took a whopping 24 months – dedication on a whole other level), a staggering 50,000 images were taken, using up a hefty 1 Tb of storage space

You can check out more of Colm’s creations on his website, or on Facebook or Instagram.

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