A Guide To The Best Hotels In Buncrana In Donegal

best hotels in buncrana
Photo left: booking.com. Photo right: Joanne on Airbnb

If you’re in search of the best hotels in Buncrana in Donegal, you’ve landed in the right place.

A small, scenic town in Donegal, Buncrana sits close to Lough Swilly on the magnificent Inishowen peninsula.

Popular with visitors for its idyllic coastal locale, Buncrana is one of the most charming towns in the area and it’s the perfect base for exploring Inishowen (there’s also lots of things to do in Buncrana itself).

In this article, we will offer up a guide to the best hotels in Buncrana, looking at traditional accommodation, B&Bs and self-catering options.

The best hotels in Buncrana

buncrana hotels guide
Photo by Paul Shiels/shutterstock.com

Now, when it comes to Buncrana hotels, one tends to be better-known than the rest – I’m talking, of course, about the Inishowen Gateway Hotel.

However, there are plenty of other mighty places to stay in Buncrana, if you either 1, can’t get a room at the Gateway Hotel or 2, fancy seeing what other accommodation Buncrana has to offer.

Note: if you book a hotel or Airbnb through one of the links below we’ll make a tiny commission that helps us keep this site going. You won’t pay extra, but we really do appreciate it.

1. The Inishowen Gateway Hotel

Inishowen Gateway Hotel buncrana
Photo via the Inishowen Gateway Hotel

The Inishowen Gateway Hotel in Buncrana is a lovely three-star hotel situated right next to the sea. This hotel has racked up rave reviews online over the years and is regarded as one of the best family hotels in Ireland.

Located a short way from Derry and Letterkenny, the Inishowen Gateway Hotel provides the perfect spot from which to explore Buncrana and this corner of the county.

At the time of writing, the Inishowen Gateway Hotel has racked up 4.4/5 from 925 Google reviews and 8.8/10 from 989 reviews on Booking.com.

Check prices + see more photos here

2. The Harbour Inn 

The Harbour Inn
Photos via booking.com

The Harbour Inn is a contemporary 30 bedroom, family run hotel in Buncrana. Located up on the hillside with views across the stunning sands of Lough Swilly, this is a fine place to kick-back for a night or 2. 

An area of immense natural beauty, guests here are within striking distance of the Wild Atlantic Way coastal route.

This is another of several Buncrana hotels that has amassed impressive reviews online (4.6/5 from 432 Google reviews and 9.4/10 out of 747 reviews on Booking.com).

Check prices + see more photos here

3. Lake of Shadows Hotel (one of our favourite Buncrana hotels!)

Lake of Shadows Hotel in buncrana
Photo via Lake of Shadows Hotel

The Lake of Shadows is arguably our favourite of the handful of hotels Buncrana has to offer, and for good reason!

This famous boutique hotel sits in central Buncrana and has been in operation for more than 30 years. Beloved by locals and visitors alike, this hotel boasts heritage, elegance and comfort.

At the time of writing, it has a 4.5/5 review score on Google (from 339 reviews) and 9/10 on Booking.com (out of 282 reviews).

Check prices + see more photos here

Buncrana B&Bs

If you don’t fancy staying in one of the hotels in Buncrana mentioned above, you’re in luck – there’s plenty of other accommodation options to choose from.

Below, you’ll find several B&Bs in Buncrana that’ll go toe-to-toe with the hotels mentioned above in terms of service and comfort.

1. The Central, Buncrana

Photos of The Central, Buncrana
Photos via centralbuncrana.com

A special place located at the heart of Buncrana Main Street and close to plenty of wild walks and sandy beaches, The Central is another B&B worth checking out. 

The rooms are squeaky clean and, by the looks of them, at a quality that would exceed the standard you’d get in many hotels.

Review, wise the Central packs a punch, too. At the time of writing, it’s rated 8.7/10 from ‎120 reviews on Booking.com and 4.6/5 from 11 Google reviews.

Check prices + see more photos here

2. Westbrook House B&B

estbrook House B&B
Photos via booking.com

This lovely 3 star tourist board approved country home sits on 5 acres of stunning gardens in the centre of Buncrana. 

The stunning Georgian House was created and crafted by Judge Wilson in the 18th century and has been renovated to level that competes with many of the hotels in Buncrana.

Westbrook House provides luxurious en-suite rooms blended with old fashioned hospitality and charm. At the time of writing, it’s rated 9.4/10 from 149 reviews on Booking.com and 4.7 out of 42 Google reviews.

Check prices + see more photos here

3. Caldra B&B

Caldra B&B
Photos via booking.com

A huge family B&b, Caldra accommodation in Buncrana is within walking distance of the town and its many restaurants and pubs.

A great base for enjoying this stunning part of Donegal, guests can enjoy a delicious Irish breakfast each morning. For the hosts at Caldra, hospitality is clearly everything!

At the time of writing, it’s rated 9.41/10 from 67 reviews on Booking.com and 4.7/5 from 29 Google reviews.

Check prices + see more photos here

4. St Columbs House (arguably more luxurious than any of the Buncrana hotels)

St Columbs House B&B
Photos via booking.com

St Columbs House B&B is a gorgeous, fully-restored 6 bedroom period home this is a perfectly positioned with bags of character and panache.

Finely placed for dropping into the towns restaurants and a stone’s throw from many of Inishowen’s top attractions, this is a grand little place to base yourself.

The interior of our first B&B is just as cosy as any of the hotels in Buncrana and the reviews (9.4/10 from 157 reviews on Booking.com and 4.4 out of 5 from 14 Google reviews) are pretty impressive, too!

Check prices + see more photos here

Buncrana Airbnbs

So, we’ve tackled the best of both the B&Bs and the hotels in Buncrana. It’s time for the Airbnbs, next.

If you’re looking for self-catering accommodation in Buncrana, Airbnbs tend to be good value, especially if there are a few of you visiting.

1. Apartment No.2

Apartment no.2 Airbnb
Photos by Joanne on Airbnb

Light, airy and modern, this place sits close to the city centre and local parks. Offering great views as well as close proximity to restaurants and dining options.

Visitors love this place because of the ambience, the outdoor space and the charming neighborhood.

Ideal for couples, solo adventurers, business travelers, families with kids and groups of friends, Apartment no.2 has everything you’ll need.

Check prices + see more photos here

2. The Fort Cottage

outside the fort airbnb in buncrana
Photo via Andrea on Airbnb

We’re going to wrap up this guide with another quirky place to stay that, like some of the B&Bs above, is just as good as any of the hotels in Buncrana.

With a great seaside locale and a cosy vibe throughout, The Fort Cottage arguably one of the best places to stay in Buncrana (click the button below and you’ll see why!).

A calm space with stunning sea views, this is a spot to chill and feel boosted in energy. Offering a big living area with high ceilings, this spot is ideal for those seeking a quiet space to revitalise.

Check prices + see more photos here

Have you stayed in any Buncrana hotels or guesthouses?

If so, we’d love to hear 1, where you stayed and 2, what you thought of the accommodation in the comments below!

Also, I’m sure that we’ve unintentionally missed out on some brilliant places to stay in Buncrana in this guide. If you have a place to recommend, let us know in the comments.

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