Camp Fires, Mountain Views & A Fancy Tent: Welcome to Portsalon Luxury Camping

portsalon luxury camping donegal

I’ve never glamped.

To be totally honest, the last time I camped was at the Oxegen music festival in 2008. I made an absolute arse of putting up my tent, it poured rain during the night and I woke up with a sore head surrounded by puddles of water.

Not ideal.

Camping in a fancy tent (could you even call them tents?!) that someone else has stuck up is right up my street, though.

Welcome to Portsalon Luxury Camping ?

glamping in donegal
Photo via Portsalon Luxury Camping

If you read the 3-day Donegal road trip guide that we published recently, you’ll probably recognise this gem of a place.

Portsalon Luxury Camping is situated on a hill in the North of Donegal – an area surrounded by an abundance of breath-taking landscape.

The thing here you’ll be spending the night in is known as a ‘Yurt’. Yes, ‘Yurt’.

inside portsalon luxury camping

If, like me, you’re wondering WTF a ‘Yurt’ actually is, a ‘Yurt’ is a big, round, timber-framed canvas covered tent that’s sturdier, warmer, cosier and much more spacious than a traditional tent.

This isn’t an #AD…. #JustSayin!

Fancy living like a Hobbit in the hills of Donegal? Check out this amazing AirBnB!

Hold on, Pal – why wouldn’t I just stay in a hotel??

The biggest draw Portsalon Luxury Glamping has for me is that it offers the perfect mix of nature and comfort.

You can kick back in bed with the woodstove blazing away (perfect for the winter months) and on the warmer evenings, or if you fancy sitting out with a few layers, there’s a decking area with outdoor seating and a fire pit.

Yes, a fire pit!

Imagine toasting a few marshmallows while kicking back and gazing out at the view below!

the view from the yurt portsalon

You can soak up the view out over Lough Swilly, Mulroy Bay, Knockalla mountain and the Inishowen Peninsula as you listen to the crackle of the fire.

Paradise or what?!

Portsalon Luxury Camping takes visitors from April to October with a nights kip costing between €65 -€113.

Have you stayed here?
If so, let me know in the comments below – I’d love to know what you thought of it!


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