The Brazen Head is officially Dublin’s oldest pub, with the building that stands today dating way back to the 1750’s.

Once a meeting place for rebels and some other well-known characters, this once lantern-lit pub is a long-established tourist favourite, providing live music and Irish storytelling along with ample pints of the black stuff and a cracking atmosphere to boot.

If you’re planning a visit, or if you just fancy a nosey at what it’s like inside Dublin’s oldest pub, here’s 17 photos to make you feel like you’ve sat at the bar and nursed a pint.

1 – The starting point for many a sore head

2 – A whole lot has happened here since 1198

3 – Revolutionaries like Robert EmmetDaniel O’Connell and Michael Collins were also know to have stopped by


Lunch at the Brazen Head, the oldest pub in Dublin!

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4 – History scattered across the walls adds to the quirkiness


The Brazen Head; not only the oldest pub in Ireland, but the knick-knackiest as well.

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5 – Absolute perfection


#brazenhead #dublin

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6 – Like a scene plucked straight from a rural Irish household


#dublincity #thebrazenhead #thebrazenheadpub #1198 #guinness

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7 – “So, what’ll it be?” – Decisions, decisions.


Stopped by one of the oldest pubs in #Dublin ! #thebrazenhead #bangersandmash of course! #metcalfsinireland

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8 – The delightfully unique entrance.

9 – Visitors from all over the world leave their mark in  the Brazen Head

10 – A smattering of colours.


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11 – The life. What more could you want?


The last pint of black in the oldest bar in Dublin #thebrazenhead

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12 – The perfect spot to perch with a pint and watch the world go by


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13 – Where the magic happens

And that's a wrap!
Have you been to the Brazen Head? Was it worth the visit? Let me know in the comments below!
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