You Can Go Trekking With Alpacas In Wicklow And It Looks Class!

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a very relaxed looking Alpaca in wicklow
Photo via K2Alpacas on Facebook

Yes, you can go Alpaca Trekking in Wicklow…

I’ve been fascinated by Alpacas since I was around 10. I was living in Swords and a circus opened up down the road from us.

One night, 2 clever little Alpacas managed to escape. For the next 2 days, we’d see their fluffy little headS popping up in random spots all over the place.

This fascination was given a serious kick in the hole when I copped a tour in Wicklow that takes you out with a group of them, on a trek up a hill.

Alpaca Trekking in Wicklow

alpacas walking up a hill in wicklow
Photo via K2Alpacas on Facebook

The folks at K2Alpacas offer you the chance to take part in one of the most unique things to do in Wicklow. Trekking. With Alpacas. Up a hill. 

At the beginning of the trek, you’ll be paired up with an alpaca which you will be walking with for the duration of the trek.

Once you’ve had the chance to get to know each other, you’ll head off on your merry way for a couple of hours. 

You’ll get to feed them and enjoy the friendly charm that these lads boast by the bucket-load.

Booking the treck

The tour is pretty damn popular, so it’s probably no surprise that it’s currently booked up until October

According to the organisers, they’ll post details of additional spaces/treks on their Facebook page

Although this is a tourist attraction/visitor experience, of sorts, the welfare of the alpacas comes first, so the folks at K2Alpacas want to avoid putting them under any unnecessary stress.

Well worth booking in advance.

Have you visited K2Alpacas? Let me know in the comments below!

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