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Gillian Birch

Gillian Birch




Gillian Birch is a freelance travel writer and published author. She has travelled the world with her husband, a Master Mariner, and uses her personal journals and memories to write in detail about her many experiences.

With family ties to Northern Ireland, she loves to escape to the beautiful “Emerald Isle” and is a regular visitor to its windswept beaches and colourful towns.


Gillian has been doing “the best job in the world” for over 16 years. She has a diploma in journalism and is proud to be a member of the International Travel Writers’ Alliance and the Florida Writers’ Association.

As an author, she has 13 published travel books, including one that was a finalist for the Royal Palm Literary Award.

Gillian has been published in many international publications including the South China Morning Post, The Luxury Report and Geneva Times.

She is one of the longest serving writers at The Irish Road Trip and has researched and written hundreds of guides to Ireland.

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