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The Most Dramatic Walk In Europe Is Just 35 Minutes From Belfast (Oh, And It’s On The Side Of A Cliff)

Sounds very mysterious altogether, right?!
As part of our hidden gem series, we’re taking you a handy 35-minute drive outside of Belfast City to experience Europe’s most dramatic walk.

The Gobbins (whatta name!) is a little hidden gem that’s part of the magnificent Causeway Coastal Route.

Originally aimed at Edwardian ‘thrill-seekers’, the Gobbins Cliff Path Walk now gives ordinary Joe Soaps like you and I the chance to experience A chunk of Ireland’s most dramatic coastlines up close and personal.

the gobbins antrim
Photo by Arthur Ward

The story of Europe’s most dramatic walk

The Gobbins Cliff Path was the vision of Berkeley Deane Wise – the Chief Engineer of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Company, who wanted to use the recently expanded railway line to attract visitors to this stunning corner of Ireland.

The original path opened in 1902, and although it succeeded in immediately amazing and captivating visitors, it was abandoned in the 1960’s.

It wasn’t until 2015 that it reopened after a hefty £7.5 million investment.

the gobbins cliff walk
The goblins cliff walk: Photo by Arthur Ward

Show me a damn video

Sit back, hit play and let me know if you’d do it (or if you’ve already done it) in the comments below.

The Gobbins Cliff Path Tour

Those that visit the Gobbins Cliff Path will be treated to a two and a half hour fully guided walking tour.

You’ll be taken on a trek along an often narrow and uneven path that wraps around some of Antrim’s beautifully craggy basalt cliffs, across spectacular bridges, up and down rugged staircases carved into the cliff face and into caves that were once home to smugglers and privateers.

the gobbins cliff path
Photo by Arthur Ward

Over the course of the tour you’ll be treated to:

  • An insight into the path’s past
  • An interactive visitor exhibition
  • Views of some of Ireland’s most rugged coastline
  • Tales of local smugglers
  • A gander at the native sea birds (and, at times, dolphins)
  • Lots more

Note: The Gobbins Cliff Path is currently closed for the season. Tours will recommence on Friday 4th January 2019.

Here’s another look at it in case you’re still not convinced!

The Ireland’s Hidden Gems Series

Recently, we started a series that shines the spotlight on some of Ireland’s real hidden gems.

Often, they’re places that are a little off the beaten track (like the Gobbins), and aren’t as easily/quickly accessible as the likes of the Cliffs of Moher or the Giants Causeway.

Here’s where we’ve featured so far

  • These Crumbly Castle Ruins In The Middle Of A Lake Are Like Something Whipped Straight From A Disney Movie (take a look)
  • A wild and rugged island off the Donegal coast that’s often overlooked, despite the immense raw beauty that engulfs every inch of it (see it here)
  • An Ancient Irish Cottage That’s Fit For A Hobbit King (it’s also one of the most unusual buildings I’ve seen across Ireland – check it out!)

Comment below if there’s a hidden gem that you think we should featured next!

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