Ballyhannon Castle: You + 25 Friends Can Rent This Irish Castle From €140 Per Person

This. Place. Looks. Class!


The incredible Ballyhannon Castle in Clare is some of the best castle accommodation in Ireland.

And although a stay at Ballyhannon Castle will set you back an arm and a leg if you visit on your own, a stay with friends works out very reasonably.

In the guide below, you’ll find everything you need to know if you fancy having your very own Hogwarts for a few nights.

Welcome to Ballyhannon Castle in Clare

ballyshannon castle clare

Ballyhannon Castle is a medieval Irish castle that dates back to the 15th century. It’s located near the little village of Quin in County Clare, just down the road from Shannon and close to Quin Abbey.

The biggest draw of this castle is the building itself – Ballyhannon is a protected structure, which means it remains fully preserved in all of its original glory.

The interior is also what you’d expect to find in a 15th-century castle. Those of you that spend a night here will experience what it was like at Ballyhannon when the castle was first built in 1490.

The bedrooms at Ballyhannon Castle like something from Harry Potter

inside ballyshannon castle clare

The bedrooms at Ballyhannon Castle are incredible, and they’d go toe-to-to with what’s on offer in some of the best hotels in Clare.

As you can see from the photo above, you can expect to experience something that looks like it was whipped from a Cinderella movie.

The 100-foot-high-five-storey castle and its coach house boast nine bedrooms that can accommodate a staggering 25 people comfortably (ideal for those of you looking for a place to host a large group event).

It’s also a stone’s throw from some of Clare’s main attractions, which makes it perfect for those of you looking to do a bit of exploring while you’re there.

Take a peek inside Ballyhannon Castle

rent ballyshannon castle clare

According to the hosts, visitors to the Castle have described their first impression as like “having just stepped into a time machine”, and it’s not hard to see why from the snaps above.

The castle boasts six-feet thick battle-impenetrable walls, a winding spiral stone staircase, oak-beamed ceilings and flagstone floors.

Now, while Ballyhannon Castle feels nice and authentic, there are also several modern amenities to make your stay nice and comfortable. Visitors can expect electric heating, a kitted-out kitchen, a television and more.

How much a night will set you back

ballyshannon castle clare

For those of you that fancy staying here, there are several different prices, depending on the length of your stay. Here’s a breakdown (note: prices may change):

Castle & Coach House (for groups of 25):

1 Nights Stay €3,500 €140 Per person per night for 25
2 nights Stay €4,500 €90 per person per night for 25
Per night thereafter €1000 €40 per person per night for 25
7 nights (June & August)
7 nights (Sept-May incl.)
€8,500 (1 free night)
€7,500 (2 free nights)
€49 per person per night for 25
€43 per person per night for 25

Castle Only (for groups sleeping up to 10):

1 night Stay €2,250 €225 per person per night for 10
2 nights Stay €2,750 €138 per person per night for 10
Per night thereafter €750 €75 per person per night for 10
7 nights (June & August)
7 nights (Sept-May incl.)
€5,750 (1 free night)
€5,000 (2 free nights)
€82 per person per night for 10
€71 per person per night for 10


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