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20 Swanky Castles Hotels In Ireland Where You Can Spend A Night

20 Swanky Castles Hotels In Ireland Where You Can Spend A Night

Yes, there are castles hotels in Ireland and YES, they can be pretty damn expensive.

If you’re happy to part with a wad of cash, there’s no end to the number of castle hotels in Ireland to choose from.

But what if you’re not looking to break the bank? Are there castles that won’t cost you an arm and a leg for a few nights? Yeaaaa! There are.

You just need to know where to look. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best Irish castle hotels (and castle Airbnbs) to suit the amount of cash that you’re willing to part with.

I’m breaking this guide up into a couple of sections – you’ll find the more budget-friendly castles in the first section and the more expensive in the second.

Castles hotels in Ireland that won’t break the bank

The first section of this guide is all about more affordable castle stays in Ireland. Below, you’ll find a clatter of hotels and castle Airbnbs to browse through.

Note: if you book a hotel through one of the links below we’ll make a tiny commission that helps us keep this site going. You won’t pay extra, but we really do appreciate it.

1. Cahercastle (Galway)

one of the best castles to stay in in Ireland

Photo via Cahercastle on Airbnb

Welcome to the 600-year-old Cahercastle in County Galway (it’s mad to think that this place has been standing since way back in the late 1400s!)

Cahercastle has been finely restored to its original state by host Peter, using traditional materials along with cutting edge tech.

His efforts have gone down a treat – the castle has racked up 1,000+ 4 to 5-star reviews on Airbnb and not long ago it was crowned the most visited Airbnb in Europe.

Visitors have access to the master bedroom (there’s access to the turret, also), a living room (with a gorgeous open fire), dining room, and two guest bedrooms.

How much a night will set you back

This place is in high demand. When I popped it into Airbnb, the 5th of May was free. A night here for 2 people costs €185, which is pretty decent, to be fair.

If you have a group of 4, it’ll set you back €290, which works out as €72.50 each. Read more about Cahercastle here.

Things to do nearby

Cahercastle is a handy 35-minute drive from Galway City and a fairly long 1 hour and 45-minute drive from Connemara.

If you’re visiting and looking for stuff to do to keep you occupied, nip into our guide to the best things to do and places to visit in Galway.

2. Wilton Castle (Wexford)

exterior of wilton castle during the day

Photo via Wilton Castle

Next up is the very fancy Wilton Castle in Wexford. You’ll find it on the banks of the Boro River, surrounded by quiet wooded countryside and open parkland.

This castle has been part of the local landscape since 1247 and it was restored to its former glory by the current owner. 

This place is perfect for those of you in search of castles you can stay in in Ireland that can cater for big groups (it sleeps 14 people comfortably).

How much a night will set you back

OK, for this place to work out at a decent price, you’ll need a big group. I popped in a Friday and Saturday night in May for a group of 14 to check the price on this one.

It worked out at a total of €2,816 for two nights. This breaks down to a very reasonable €201 per person. Read more about Wilton Castle here.

Things to do nearby

There’s a heap of things to do in Wexford if you spend a few nights at Wilton. Spend a day exploring the Hook Peninsula (visit the Haunted Loftus Hall first and then spin down to the historic Hook Head Lighthouse after).

You could spend another morning heading for a ramble along Curracloe Beach or visiting one of Wexford’s many buzzy seaside towns.

3. Tubbrid Castle (Kilkenny)

tubbrid castle kilkenny

Photos via Tubbrid Castle

Tubbrid Castle in Kilkenny is a serious spot. It’s also only one of only three places in this guide that I’ve spent a night.

You’ll find Tubbrid Castle a 20-minute drive from Kilkenny City, down a load of quiet country lanes where it’s surrounded by green fields and set against the backdrop of rolling mountains.

Although the castle has been lovingly restored in recent years, it still feels ‘old-world’. The restoration allowed Tubbrid to retain its original charm while introducing modern comforts, like central heating and a fully decked out kitchen.

How much a night will set you back

This is another one for those of you visiting with a group. I whacked in a Friday and Saturday night in May for 9 people (the max guests allowed) and it worked out at €2,051.

This breaks down to €227 per person. The beauty of Tubbrid is that, because it’s so unique and you have access to a full kitchen, you won’t need to venture out for dinner. Read more about Tubbrid here.

Things to do nearby

There’s an absolute heap of things to do near Tubbrid. If you fancy visiting Kilkenny castle, it’s just over 20 minutes away. The often missed Dunmore Cave is also a handy a 25-minute drive.

Hop into our guide to the best places to visit in Killkenny for loads more ideas of things to do and places to see (there’s plenty of hikes, walks and pubs!)

4. Kilkea Castle (Kildare – the best Irish castle hotel I’ve stayed in)

castle hotels in ireland near dublin

Photo via Kilkea Castle

You’ll find the 12th-century Kilkea Castle a very handy 1-hour drive from Dublin, in County Kildare. This is one of the few castle hotels in Ireland that I’ve actually stayed in.

We spent a night here in April of 2019 and it was deadly. The castle underwent a massive refurbishment a couple of years back and both the interior and exterior are insanely impressive.

Kilkea Castle was once the medieval stronghold of the FitzGerald’s (the Earls of Kildare) and was built by Hugh de Lacy. When you step inside Kilkea you feel like you’re entering a tourist attraction, rather than a hotel, and that’s the best compliment that I can pay it.

How much a night will set you back

To check the price, I popped in a Saturday night in May for two people. The Lodges at Kilkea (Deluxe Lodge Bedroom) work out at €190.

If you want to add breakfast it’s an extra €30. You can read more about Kilkea here and you can check prices here (this is an affiliate link – you won’t be charged extra but I’ll make a tiny commission).

Things to do nearby

If you’ve had your fill of the spa and if golf isn’t your thing, you can try your hand at horse riding, archery and falconry in the castle grounds. If you fancy exploring a bit of Kildare, nearby Mullaghreelan Wood has two beautiful 2km walks.

There’s also boat tours of the River Barrow that offer mighty views. Or you can take a spin into nearby Carlow (there are tonnes of things to do in Carlow).

5. Ballyhannon Castle (Clare)


Photos via Ballyhannon Castle

Ever fancy renting a castle and living like Harry and the lads in Gryffindor tower for a couple of nights?

Ballyhannon Castle is a medieval Irish castle that dates back to the 15th century. It’s located near the little village of Quin in County Clare, just down the road from Shannon.

The biggest draw of this castle is the building itself – Ballyhannon is a protected structure, which means it remains fully preserved in all of its original glory.

Those of you that spend a night here will experience what it was like at Ballyhannon when the castle was first built in 1490.

How much a night will set you back

There’s a number of different prices for Ballyhannon, depending on the length of your stay. If a group of 25 visits for one night, you’ll each pay €140 per person (€3,500 total).

If you fancy spending two nights in the castle, it’ll set you back €90 per person per night (total cost: €4,500). You can find more info on pricing in our guide to Ballyhannon.

Things to do nearby

You’re only down the road from the likes of Bunratty and Shannon, where you’ll find a castle to explore and a load of different walks to head off on.

If you fancy visiting the Cliffs of Moher, they’re a bit further out (55-minute drive) as is Loop Head Lighthouse (85-minute drive).

6. Drummond Tower (Louth)

drummond tower rooftop

Photo via Drummond Tower on Airbnb

You’ll find the beautiful Victoria Drummond Tower in Monasterboice in Drogheda, a handy 15-minute drive from the middle of Drogheda and under an hour from Dublin Airport.

The tower was constructed in 1858 by Victor Drummond Delap as part of the impressive Monasterboice House and Demesne.

Drummond Tower was restored in recent years and boasts 4 floors, each of which has been carefully restored to ensure that the character and charm of the original dwelling remain intact.

How much a night will set you back

I’ve just had a flick through the availability for Drummond, and it’s pretty damn tight – the next available date that I could find was August.

If a group of four visits for a night the total cost will be €334 (€83.50 per person). Find out more about Drummond here.

Things to do nearby

There’s no end to the number of things to see and do for those of you that spend a couple of nights at Drummond. Hop into our detailed guide on the best things to do in Louth for a heap of ideas.

7. Kinnitty Castle (Offaly)

authentic castle hotels in ireland

Photo via Kinnitty Castle

Next up is Kinnitty Castle, a 13th-century gothic revival castle that can be found north of the Slieve Bloom Mountains in County Offaly.

This lavish 4-star castle is situated on 650 acres of parkland and boasts many of its original features. The original castle was said to be built in 350AD, but it was destroyed in 1209.

The present structure was built on the site of an old Abbey in 1630. It was later reconstructed as a castellated mansion in 1811. It wasn’t until 1994 that it was bought and turned into a 37 room luxury hotel.

How much a night will set you back

Kinnitty Irish Castle hotel is ridiculously good value, considering how incredible the property is (the reviews online are also excellent).

I popped in a Saturday night in May – the cheapest room (an Abbey Court Double) came up as €160. The most expensive was the Double Suite, which cost €200.

Things to do nearby

Kinnitty Castle is located right next to the wonderful Slieve Bloom Mountains, which makes it the perfect base for those of you looking to get out for a walk or a hike.

There are also plenty of other things to do in Offaly for those of you that spend a night or two here, from sky diving and old pubs to historic sites and more.

8. Castle Leslie (Monaghan – another of the few Irish castle hotels near Dublin)

castle leslie hotel

Photo via Castle Leslie

Next up is another spot that’s ideal for those of you looking for castles in Ireland to stay in that won’t break the bank.

The beautiful Castle Leslie Estate in County Monaghan boasts authentic interiors along with old-style hospitality and grandeur.

I was at a wedding here not long ago, and the place was insanely impressive. The castle is situated on a whopping 1,000 acres of gorgeous Irish countryside. If you head for a ramble, you can expect lush woodland and glittering lakes.

How much a night will set you back

As usual, I popped in a Saturday night in May to check the prices. The cheapest room on offer was a Lodge Classic Room, which cost €200 for the night.

If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, visit Castle Leslie midweek – you can get a room with breakfast for €180.

Things to do nearby

Castle Leslie provides several different activities for you to try your hand at, the most unique of which is a hot air balloon ride that leaves from the castle and lasts for an hour.

There’s also horse-drawn carriage rides, boat trips on Glaslough Lake, heaps of walking trails (it’s situated on 1,000 acres, after all) and clay target shooting.

9. Lough Rynn Castle (Leitrim)

lough rynne castle ireland

Photo via Lough Rynn Castle

Lough Rynn in County Leitrim is another authentic Irish castle hotel that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. The castle is the ancestral home of the Clements family and Lord Leitrim and dates back to the 19th century.

The estate at Lough Ryne sprawls over 300 acres and boasts walled gardens and a lough. It was bought by a father and son back in 2001, who restored Lough Rynn to its former splendour over several years.

If you’re looking to stay in a castle in Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way, give Lough Rynne a bash. Judging by the reviews online, you won’t be dissapointed.

How much a night will set you back

So, I couldn’t find a Saturday free in May or June to check the price for Lough Rynne. If you’re open to staying mid-week, a Thursday night will cost €125. Check prices here.

Things to do nearby

There’s an absolute mountain of things to do in Leitrim to keep you occupied during your visit to Lough Rynn.

You’re also only down the road from Sligo, so you’ve your pick of an almost endless number of walks and hikes to choose from.

10. Cabra Castle (Cavan)

cabra castle rent

Photo via Cabra Castle

Next up is another beautiful castle hotel near Dublin. You’ll find Cabra Castle in County Cavan, a handy 1-hour drive from Dublin Airport.

The 4-star Cabra Castle is set on 100 acres of parklands and gardens and boasts 105 swanky bedrooms, a cosy interior and top-class service.

The story of Cabra Castle starts back in 1699 when the original castle (the ruins of which can still be seen today) were owned by the O’Reilly family. It was later confiscated by Cromwell.

How much a night will set you back

A Saturday night in May at Cabra Castle will set you back from €220 (check prices) for a Courtyard Twin Room. A Tuesday night in May is considerably cheaper, at €150 for a night.

Things to do nearby

If you read our guide to the best things to do in Cavan, you’ll be familiar with the magnificent Dún A Rí Forest Park right next to the castle. This is the ideal place for an early morning ramble.

If you’re looking for a longer hike, the Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail is well worth dedicating a few hours to. You could also spend some time exploring the longest cave system in Northern Ireland, the Marble Arch Caves.

11. Kilronan Castle and Spa (Roscommon)

Kilronan Castle hotel

Photo via Kilronan Castle

Kilronan Castle is a magnificent gothic manor in County Roscommon that dates back over 300 years. It was built during the 18th century and it has been finely maintained ever since.

You’ll find the 4-star castle at the top of a meandering driveway at the end of an ancient forest, where it’s surrounded by 40 acres of gorgeous green estate.

Those that visit can kick-back and enjoy a dash of luxury, chill in the hotel spa, or head for a ramble alongside the lough.

How much a night will set you back

Kilronan is pretty damn good value. You can expect to pay €199 for a Saturday night in May for a Classic King Room (this includes breakfast). 

If you’d prefer to nab a night at a cheaper price, a Tuesday in May will set you back €164, with breakfast (Check prices).

Things to do nearby

There’s a rake of things to do within a 30-minute drive of Kilronan, from pigeon shooting and canoeing to hill walking and fishing. There are also cinemas, places to go kayaking and plenty more.

12. Markree Castle (Sligo)

Markree Castle room

Photo via Markree Castle

You’ll find Markree Castle in Sligo, a stone’s throw from Strandhill and many of Sligo’s top attractions. The castle reopened in March of 2017 after extensive renovations to its interior.  

Visitors to the 15th-century Markree can expect spacious interiors, cosy reception rooms (look at the one above…) towers and turrets, along with a secluded 500-acre estate to explore.

I know several people that have stayed here and, going off how much each of them ranted about the place, it’s up there with the best castle hotels Ireland has to offer.

How much a night will set you back

So, I couldn’t find any weekends free at Markree Castle in the coming months. If you fancy staying in this Irish castle hotel, you’ll need to book midweek.

A Monday in May in a Castle Double Room will set you back €200, while a night in the Castle Deluxe Double costs €330 (check prices).

Things to do nearby

There’s a ridiculous number of things to see and do in Sligo. From forest walks and surfing to hikes and more, you’ll find it hard to not keep busy.

13. Ballyseede Castle Hotel (Kerry)

Ballyseede irish castle hotel

Photo via Ballyseede

Ballyseede is another mighty castle hotel in Ireland where you can step back in time for a night or two. You’ll find it in Tralee in Kerry, a stone’s throw for the breath-taking Dingle Peninsula.

Visitors to Ballyseede can expect an elegant interior with an impressive oak staircase, cosy drawing rooms, and plenty of nooks and crannies to relax in.

The castle dates back to the late 1500s and is set on 30 acres of native woodland. Oh, if you’re a fan of dogs you’ll be happy to know that there’s a resident wolfhound.

How much a night will set you back

A Saturday night in May at Ballyseede is pretty reasonable – you can get a Castle Double for €189, a Castle Twin for €204 or a Castle Superior for €242 (check prices).

Things to do nearby

Ballyseede is a fine base to explore Kerry from. You could take a day to drive the Ring of Kerry route, or you could head for a hike on the glorious Valentia Island or you could try your luck at getting on a Skellig Michael Tour.

Castle hotels in Ireland (for those of you happy to splash the cash)

OK, section 2 is for those of you with a decent budget. Below, you’ll find the most exclusive castle hotels Ireland has to offer. Exepect beautiful structures, magnificent interiors and spectacular grounds.

1. Dromoland Castle Hotel (Clare)

castle to spend a night ireland clare

Photo via Dromoland Castle

The magnificent 5-star Dromoland Castle in Clare is widely regarded as the best castle accommodation Ireland has to offer.

Although the present structure was completed in 1835, the first building constructed here was a tower house that was built in and around the 16th century.

Dromoland is the ancestral home of the O’Briens of Dromoland, whose lineage dates way back to Brian Boru (one of Ireland’s most notable high kings).

Visitors to this Irish castle hotel can explore a finely maintained 450-acre estate, play a round of golf on the hotel’s world-class course or munch away on afternoon tea by a crackling fire.

How much a night will set you back

I’ve popped in a Saturday night in May for two people to get an idea of the price of a night in this place.

Prices start at €710 for a Queen Anne Courtyard room and can go anywhere up to €2,800 for a Queen Anne Classic room (check prices). 

Things to do nearby

If I was spending €710+ to stay in a hotel I’d be spending every minute floating about the place BUT, if you’re visiting and looking to explore Clare, there’s plenty to see and do nearby.

You’re a stone’s throw from Shannon (15-minute drive) and you’re not far from the village of Doolin (53-minute drive) and the mighty Cliffs of Moher (58-minute drive).

2. Ashford Castle (Mayo)

ashford castle room

Photo via Ashford Castle

If I won a load of money on the lotto I’d be strolling around Ashford Castle for a week or so in a velvet robe and carrying a fat glass of whiskey at all times.

This place is the dog’s boll… you get my drift! Ashford Castle is over 800 years old, which makes it one of the oldest of the many castle hotels in Ireland. 

The castle boasts 350 lush acres to explore, with activities like falconry, off-road driving, horse-riding and fishing on Lough Corrib available.

Visitors to this Irish castle hotel can expect exquisite interiors, top-notch cuisine, impeccable service and a state-of-the-art spa.

How much a night will set you back

I’ve popped in a Saturday night in May for two people to get an idea of the price of a night in Ashford Castle (check prices).

The cheapest room in the castle is the Corrib Room, and a night in it costs a hefty €725. The most expensive room is the Presidental Suite, which costs a coo €3,000.

Things to do nearby

Ashford Castle is another castle hotel in Ireland that provides a fine base for exploring. It’s a 5-minute drive to Cong Village and under an hour from Connemara.

I went into the grounds of the castle last year for a ramble. If you’re not looking to stray too far, you could easily throw on some walking shoes and explore around you.

3. Ballyfin Castle Hotel (Laois)

ballyfin kanye west

Photo via Ballyfin Castle

Yes, this is the hotel that Kim and Kanye West rented out when they were on their honeymoon in Ireland back in 2014.

You’ll find the 5-star Ballyfin Castle Hotel at the foot of the magnificent Slieve Bloom Mountains in Laois, where it boasts an immensely impressive exterior and interior and is said to be the ideal destination for those looking for privacy and luxury.

In 2003 the castle underwent a lengthy eight years of restoration to bring it up to the standard of a 5-star country house hotel. It reopened in 2011 and has racked up rave reviews since.

How much a night will set you back

I popped in the first night in May for two people. The cheapest room on offer was a Deluxe Room (one King Bed and a marble fireplace). The total cost for B&B was €830.

The most expensive room on offer was the Gardners Cottage, which comes with a private patio, a living room with an open fireplace and a balcony overlooking the walled garden. The cost of this one was €2,100. Not to be sneezed at!

Things to do nearby

Ballyfin is the ideal base for walks and hikes in the nearby Slieve Bloom Mountains. Tear yourself out of bed, grab a feed and get some recommendations from the hotel staff on the best routes to take.

4. Waterford Castle (Waterford)

wateford castle hotel

Photo via Waterford Castle

If you read our recently published Waterford road trip guide, then hopefully you’ll already be itching to take a ramble out to this part of Ireland. The next spot on our list is one of the lesser-known Irish castle hotels.

Waterford Castle is another castle hotel in Ireland that’s well worth a visit. The castle here is set on an enchanting 310-acre private island (yes, island!) that’s reached by private car ferry.

The castle dates back to the 16th century and has just 19 bedrooms. Combine that with the fact that it’s based on its own island and you have a fine aul spot to get a break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

How much a night will set you back

As usual, I popped in a Saturday night in May to check the price of a night. Two people sharing can expect to fork out €330 for a standard room with breakfast. You can check prices here.

Things to do nearby

Waterford Castle is surrounded by things to do. You could spend a morning exploring the historic Waterford City or an afternoon exploring the Copper Coast.

If you’re fond of a cycle, you could also dedicate a few active hours to spinning along the gorgeous Waterford Greenway route.

5. Lough Eske Castle Hotel (Donegal)

lough eske castle donegal

Photo via Lough Eske

Lough Eske is arguably the best known of the many castle hotels in Ireland. This 5-star hotel is set on the banks of Lough Eske in Donegal, a stone’s throw from Donegal Town.

I spent the night here in 2019 and it was out of this world. The service is insanely good, the castle is well maintained, the rooms are comfortable, and the food is sensational.

There’s also a lovely lakeside walk to head off on. The current castle dates back to 1861 and was built on the site where the old Brooke mansion once stood.

How much a night will set you back

I popped in a Saturday night in May to check the prices for Lough Eske. A courtyard room worked out at €290. If you’re feeling flush, you can opt for a Garden Suite for €460 (check prices).

Things to do nearby

There’s an endless number of things to do in and around Lough Eske if you make it your base for a few nights. Hop into our guide to 45 of the best places to visit in Donegal for a load of ideas.

6. Lough Cutra Castle (Galway)

Judging by their website, this next castle hotel in Ireland is one that appears to be aimed at the wealthy and famous among us.

Lough Cutra Castle in Galway is a self-catering private family home that can accommodate up to 40 guests and that guarantees guests ‘absolute privacy and the utmost discretion’.

According to their website, the castle aims to provide a unique experience behind secure gates where guests have the freedom to take long walks and relax in private.

How much a night will set you back

I couldn’t find a price on their website, but you can request a brochure if this place tickles your fancy (AKA it’s not going to be cheap).

Things to do nearby

I’d imagine if you fork out to stay here, you probably won’t want to leave for the duration of your stay.

However, if you do, you’re not far from many of Galway’s top attractions. You’re also pretty close to many of County Clare’s, also.

7. Ballynahinch Castle Hotel (Galway)

ballynahinch castle spend a night

Photo via Ballynahinch Castle Hotel

Last on our list is one of the better known Irish castle hotels and, as you can see from the photo above, it looks a little like something plucked from a fairy tale.

The fact that Ballynahinch Castle is smack bang in the middle of Connemara and set against the backdrop of the beautiful 12 Bens Mountain range is the icing on the cake.

You’ll find Ballynahinch Irish Castle Hotel set in a private 700 acre estate that boasts lush woodland, beautiful rivers and an endless number of nearby walks.

How much a night will set you back

So, similar to some of the places above, I couldn’t find a Saturday night free in May for Ballynahinch. However, there are plenty of midweek nights free. If you stay on a Tuesday in May, it’ll set you back €330 for a classic room (check prices).

Things to do nearby

Spend a morning doing the Diamond Hill hike, an afternoon having a nosey around Kylemore Abby and an evening watching the sunset at the Sky Road in Clifden.


So you want to stay in a castle in Ireland (FAQs)

We originally published a mini-guide to the best Irish castle hotels back in 2017. To be honest, it wasn’t very informative, and it resulted in a constant clatter of emails from people looking for info.

Questions mainly revolved around places that would suit large groups but, interestingly enough, we’ve also had a handful of messages from reps for unnamed celebrities in search of any exclusive castle lodging Ireland had to offer.

Below, you’ll find a load of FAQs about Airbnb and hotel castles in Ireland. If you have a question that we haven’t covered, ask me in the comments section and I’ll get back to you!

I’m working off of a really tight budget – are there any budget castles to stay in Ireland (for two people)?

If you’re on a tight budget and there are only two of you, try and arrange it so you stay midweek. The likes of Kilronan Castle have decent mid-week deals.

What are the best castle hotels in Ireland near Dublin Airport?

If you fancy staying in an Irish castle hotel near Dublin, you’ve two great options in Tubbrid Castle (an Airbnb in Kilkenny) and Kilkea Castle (Kildare). Kilkea is a handy 1-hour drive from Dublin Airport, so you won’t be stuck in the car for too long. 

Do you know of any Irish castle hotels that’d suit a group of 14?

Wilton Castle in Wexford is a solid option for a large group in search of castle stays in Ireland. It sleeps 14 and it can work out pretty reasonable when the cost is spread out across a large group.

I want to stay in a castle in Ireland when we visit this summer. The problem is, we don’t drive, so anything off-the-beaten-track is a no-go!

This question gets asked often enough. If you’re flying into Shannon Airport, Dromoland Castle is a great option. If you’re flying into Dublin, you could try Clontarf Castle (not mentioned above).

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Sunday 16th of February 2020

What about Belle Isle Castle in Co Fermanagh. Fabulous 17th century castle on a private island.


Saturday 15th of February 2020

Belleek Castle in Ballina is probably my favourite. There's something very homely about it, very welcoming and interesting.


Wednesday 29th of May 2019

Barberstown Castle, Ballyseede Castle, Bellingham Castle :)

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