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13 Swanky Castles To Spend A Night In Ireland If You Wanna #TreatYoself

Kilronan Castle hotel

If you’ve ever wanted to enter all out notions mode and stay in a castle in Ireland, then keep on readin’.

As it happens there are a load of different castles to spend a night in Ireland if you fancy staying somewhere a little different while basking in some old-school luxury.

Below you’ll find 13 Irish castles where you can rest your head after a day of exploring.

1 – Lough Eske Castle, County Donegal

Give our 3-day Donegal road trip a lash and treat yourself to a night at Lough Eske.

Rooms start at €164 per night.

Lough Eske Castle donegal Lough Eske Castle County Donegal Lough Eske Castle, in County Donegal

2 – Dromoland Castle in County Clare

Welcome to the magnificent five star Dromoland Castle in Clare.

Although the present structure was completed in 1835, the first building constructed here was a tower house built in and around the 16th century.

A night here starts at €226.

castle to spend a night ireland clare Dromoland Castle county clare Dromoland Castle in clare

 3 – Lough Rynn Castle, County Leitrim

Lough Rynn is one of my favourites on the list simply because that open fire looks so insanely inviting.

The bed doesn’t look half bad either…

A night here will cost you from €110.

lough rynn castlelough rynne castle irelandlough rynn ireland

4 – Lough Cutra Castle, County Galway

You could look at spending a night here if you embark upon our 3-day road trip around Galway.

If there’s enough of you to foot the bill, that is.

Lough Cutra Castle is a self catering private family home that accommodates up to 40 guests on the estate.

I couldn’t find a price on their website, but you can request a brochure if this place tickles your fancy.

Lough Cutra Castle spend a nightLough Cutra Castle galway Lough Cutra Castle

5 – Ballynahinch Castle, County Galway

This place is like something plucked straight from a fairy tale.

The fact that Ballynahinch Castle is smack bang in the heart of Connemara is the icing on the cake.

You can nab a room here from €195 per night.

ballynahinch castle spend a nightballynahinch castle galway ballynahinch castle in galway hotel

6 – Castle Leslie Estate, County Monaghan

Boasting authentic interiors and old-style hospitality by the bucket load, the Castle at Castle Leslie Estate ‘exudes old world grandeur and offers complete respite from the world’. according to the lads that own it.

You can spend a night in this Irish castle from €157.

castle leslie hotelcastle leslie spend a night castle leslie hotel room

7 – Ashford Castle, County Mayo

If I won a load of money on the lotto, I’d be strolling around Ashford Castle for a week or so in a velvet robe and carrying a thick glass of whisky at all times.

This place is the dogs boll… you get my drift.

A night here starts at €313.

ashford castle roomashford castle county mayo ashford castle hotel

8 – Kilkea Castle, County Kildare

You’ll find the 12th century Kilkea Castle a short 1-hour spin from Dublin.

One of the oldest castles to stay in Ireland on our list, this place look nice and homely on the inside, and incredibly ‘castley’ on the outside.

Yea, ‘castley’ definitely isn’t a word, but sure look…

You can spend a night here from €152

kilkea castle kildarekilkea castle hotel kilkea castle kildare ireland

9 – Waterford Castle, County Waterford

If you read our recently published 2-day Waterford road trip guide, then you’ll already be itching to take a ramble to this part of the island.

Waterford Castle is another place you can pop on your to-see list.

A night here will cost you from €148.

wateford castle hotelwateford castle rent wateford castle stay a night

10 – Markree Castle, County Sligo

Markree Castle reopened back in March of 2017 after extensive renovations.

The image below of the castle at Christmas is enough to make me want to lash some clothes into the back of the car and head off west for a night or two!

These lads make you email to enquire about staying here, so there’s no clarity around how much a night here will set you back.

Markree Castle in sligoMarkree Castle ireland Markree Castle room

11 – Cabra Castle, County Cavan

I’ve stayed here before so I can vouch for it being brilliant.

If you fancied a weekend packed with luxury and a grand aul hike, you could climb Cuilcagh (Ireland’s stairway to Heaven) in the morning, and chill here for the rest of the day.

A room in Cabra Castle starts at €129.

cabra castle rent
cabra castle cavan rooms cabra castle cavan hotel

12 – Kinnitty Castle, County Offaly

The interior of this castle looks the most authentic out of any included in this list.

Welcome to Kinnitty Castle, a 19th-century gothic revival castle that can be found north of the Slieve Bloom Mountains.

A night here starts at €198.

kinnitty castle hotel kinnitty castle hotel offaly kinnitty castle hotel ireland

13 – Kilronan Castle and Spa, County Roscommon 

After gawking at all of these swanky 4 poster beds while writing this post, I’m going to have a hard time sleeping in my stick-it-together-in-half-an-hour IKEA job tonight.

Kilronan Castle is magnificent gothic manor that dates back over 300 years.

Spend a night in this Irish castle from €119.

Kilronan Castle hotel Kilronan Castle hotel ireland Kilronan Castle hotel interior

And that my friends is a wrap.

Have you every spent a night in a castle in Ireland?

Is there anywhere that I’ve missed on the list that should be included? Let me know in the comments section below.