9 Spectacular Photos Of The Northern Lights Setting The Sky Above Ireland Alight

The greatest show on earth

northern lights donegal

If you read our guide on how to see the Northern Lights in Ireland, you’ll have seen some of the photos below.

They show the sky above Ireland (mostly above Donegal) lit up by the mighty Northern Lights. 

Now, if you’re thinking, ‘Eh, I thought you could only see the lights if you went to Iceland, or one of them places?!’, you’re not alone.

Many people don’t realise that the lights are visible at certain times in Ireland (this hasn’t always been the case – we have strong solar wind activity to thank!)

I’ll shut up yapping away and let you have a nosey through the photos below (check out this time-lapse of the lights above Mayo when you’re finished).

1. Linsfort Church near Malin Head lit up

aurora borealis donegal
By Adam Rory Porter (via Ireland’s Content Pool)

2. The lights above Tra Na Rossan Beach in Donegal

northern lights ireland
Photo by Rita Wilson (via Ireland’s Content Pool)

3. Donegal’s Inishowen Peninsula set alight

northern lights donegal
Snapped by Adam Rory Porter (via Ireland’s Content Pool)

4. Fanad Head Lighthouse beaming away

fanad head lighthouse northern lights
Photo by Rita Wison (via Ireland’s Content Pool)

5. Shrove Lighthouse in Donegal (another one from the Inishowen Peninsula)

where to see the northern lights in ireland
Shot by Michael Gill (via Ireland’s Content Pool)

6. Donegal’s Dooey Beach shining bright

northern lights in ireland
By Rita Wilson (via Ireland’s Content Pool)

7. Lagg Church in Doegal with a mighty sky hanging over it

aurora borealis ireland
Photo by Michaell Gill (via Ireland’s Content Pool)

8. More magic above Malin Head

malin head northern lights
Photo By Michael Gill (via Ireland’s Content Pool)

9. A tent with a view on Keel Beach on Achill 

ireland northern lights
Photo by Chris Hill (via Ireland’s Content Pool)
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