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The Best Breakfast In Killarney: 9 Places That’ll Make Your Belly Happy

The Best Breakfast In Killarney: 9 Places That’ll Make Your Belly Happy

Wondering where to grab the best breakfast in Killarney in County Kerry? You’ve landed in the right place! 

For many, Killarney is the perfect base before going on a adventure in Kerry. But before all the scenic drives, castles, beaches and parks to explore, you need a good breakfast to set you up.

Fortunately in Killarney, there is an abundance of spots serving up hearty meals to get you ready for the day. 

In the guide below, you’ll discover everything from the best breakfast Killarney has to offer to where to grab brunch in Killarney that’ll make your belly very happy altogether.

Our favourite places for breakfast in Killarney

The first section of our guide tackles our favourite breakfast Killarney has to offer, and there’s some mighty competition for the top spots.

Below, you’ll find everything from casual places to nip into after a night spent in some of the best pubs in Killarney, to more refined eateries that go toe-to-toe with some of the finest restaurants in Killarney.

Note from the editor: We’ve somehow managed to upload some very non-breakfasty photos for some of the spots below, so you may need to use your imagination! Cheers!  

1. Curious Cat Café

Photos via Curious Cat Café on Facebook

Nestled on New Market Lane, this quirky little cafe fires up a tasty feed for all who ramble through its doors. Out the front are cable-drum tables so you can sit and sip on your tea or coffee while enjoying a wee bit of fresh air.

The breakfast menu is pretty varied; from breakfast smoothies to banana-chocolate bread to savoury pancakes to homemade soups.

There is also a nice selection of speciality coffees available or Wall & Keogh Superior herbal teas or even hot chocolate, if it’s a bit chilly outside. 

2. The Shire (one of the most unique places for breakfast in Killarney!) 

Photos via the Shire Café & Bar on Facebook

Yes, there’s a Lord of the Rings themed pub in Ireland! Perfectly located in the town centre, the Shire Cafe is easy to find (unlike Mordor) and the breakfast is top-notch.

The menu here boasts a nice mix of options, with everything from porridge and a vegan breakfast to a full Irish and pancakes on offer.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast in Killarney to-go, you can grab a smoothie from here and leg it off to do whatever activity you have planned for the day!

If you rock up here on a nice, sunny day, try and nab one of the seats outside. 

3. Mug & Bean

Photos via Mug & Bean Killarney on Facebook

The menu at Mug and Bean is mighty, and there’s everything from smashed avocado on toast with poached eggs to homemade granola. 

If you plan on tackling Killarney’s Torn Mountain walk or the tough Cardiac Hill, the Creamy Porrige (Chunky rolled oats served with mixed toasted seeds, organic honey or berry compote) is just the job.

There’s also a variety of egg dishes and the usual full Irish. If you’re in search of a hearty breakfast in Killarney, you won’t be disappointed at Mug and Bean. 

4. Noelle’s Cafe

You’ll find some of the best breakfast in Killarney in Noelle’s Cafe on Old Market Lane. The retro cafe has an extensive menu with something to tickle most fancies.

One of the most popular things on the menu is the breakfast baps, made with locally sourced Kerry bacon and eggs.

The pancakes, tarts and tray-bakes are also super sumptuous, even more so when paired with the freshly roasted aromatic coffee.    

Breakfast in Killarney: More popular spots with great reviews

Photos via Manna Café & Bistro on Facebook

Now that we’ve gotten our favourite places for breakfast in Killarney out of the way, it’s time for some more heavy hitters!

Each of the Killarney breakfast spots below have, at the time of writing, excellent reviews and are well worth dropping into!

1. Café Du Parc

Photos via Café Du Parc on Facebook

The food dished up by the fine folks at Café Du Parc is some of the most overlooked breakfast Killarney has to offer, and one glance at the photos above should tell you why!

Known for its “funky brunch” where you can sip on mimosas, coffees, juices and anything else your heart desires.

There’s a Parisian cafe atmosphere as soon as you enter and the freshly baked goods further reinforce that feeling.

For breakfast, you can treat yourself to eggs Benedict or avocado toast or even a full Irish breakfast (there is a vegan version as well). Pancakes doused in syrup and the fine selection of delicious light bites will give you some much needed extra energy for a day of adventure.

2. Manna Cafe & Bistro 

Photos via Manna Café & Bistro on Facebook

The family-owned Cafe & Bistro is another of the many popular spots for breakfast in Killarney and, like many of the others, this place packs a mighty punch!

Known for their very large Manna Big Full Irish Breakfast, Manna Cafe & Bistro offer everything form hearty options to light breakfast bites.

There is also gluten-free and vegetarian options available. We have it on good authority that the Eggs Benedict from Manna are some of the best in the town!

3. Brown Sugar Cafe

Photos via Brown Sugar Cafe on Facebook

Located on Cork Road and close to Daly’s Supermarket (where you can get some supplies for the day), this little cafe has an impressive selection for breakfast.

Whether you want a full Irish or mini breakfast, there is something for everyone on the menu here.

The omelette is ideal for anyone who can’t live without cheese and there is also porridge if you fancy some slow-burning carbs to prep you for the day.

4. Failte Restaurant

This restaurant is located inside the Failte hotel which has been welcoming guests since 1960. It’s also conveniently located 0.3 miles from the Killarney National Park and only a 5 minute walk to the train station too!

The award winning restaurant serves up the finest in local Irish cuisine. The full Irish breakfast will leave you FULL-filed and there the freshly baked scones with a dollop of locally produced butter will melt in your mouth. 

There are also some amazing views of College St and Plunkett St from the upstairs seating area, great for people watching in the morning.

5. Petit Delice

Photos via Petit Delice on Facebook

This lovely little French bakery opens up at 8am and has a rustic vibe to it. On entering, you will be instantly captivated by the wonderful smell inside.

The flakiest freshest croissants come straight out of the oven and onto your plate. You can also get a few delicious beignets to nibble on (or fill your pockets with).

They also have traditional French baguettes, pastries and cakes. There is an outdoor seating area to soak up the sun while you attack your snacks.

FAQs about the tastiest brunch and the best breakfast in Killarney

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from where to grab bottomless brunch in Killarney to where to get the best fry,

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What is the best breakfast Killarney has to offer?

Curious Cat Café, The Shire, Mug & Bean and Noelle’s Cafe all do a very tasty breakfast in Killarney Town.

Where does the best brunch in Killarney?

You’ll find one of the best brunches in Killarney in Café Du Parc. The ‘Funky Brunch’ here can include a ‘bottomless’ option, too, if you’re feeling adventurous (or thirsty!).

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