The Shire Killarney: The First Lord Of The Rings Themed Pub In Ireland

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The Shire Killarney
Photo via the Shire Killarney on FB

Yes, the Shire in Killarney is the first Lord of the Rings themed pub in Ireland. 

And it’s also home to a cafe (where you’ll get some of the best breakfast in Killarney) and some very quirky accommodation.

We get emails about the Shire pub in Killarney every few weeks – mainly from American tourists. Emails like this one:

The Shire Pub

OK, most people don’t mix up ‘Killarney’ with ‘Kilkenny’, but you get the picture.

Here’s everything you need to know about what is hands down the most unique of the many brilliant pubs in Killarney.

Welcome to the Shire in Killarney

Shire Killarney
Photo via the Shire Killarney on FB

There’s been a Lord of the Ring’s themed pub in Killarney since way back in 2014. 

Now, if you’re not familiar with the Lord Of The Rings series, the Shire is the homeland of the Hobbits in the Northwest of Middle Earth.

In the town of Killarney, there’s a slightly different Shire, located up on Michael Collins Place.

The Shire Pub: Ireland’s first Lord of the Rings themed pub

Lord of the rings bar kerry
Photo via the Shire Killarney on FB

You enter the pub via a Hobbit hole that leads to a little bar called ‘the Inn of the Prancing Pony’.

Here, you can order a selection of Lord of the Rings themed beers, shots, and cocktails from staff donning Hobbit gear.

I was here a few years back and there was a lad dressed as Gollum legging about the place, so keep an eye out or he’ll shneak up on you.

There are also heaps of LOTR bits and bobs hanging up around the bar that you can have a nosey at while you nurse your pint.

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The Shire Cafe

Shire Cafe Killarney
Photo via the Shire Killarney on FB

You’ll see the Shire sitting proudly on many guides to the best restaurants in Killarney. Now, it isn’t really a restaurant – it’s more of a cafe – but the stuff they pop-out is seriously tasty.

It’s also pretty good value, too. The Irish Breakfast (2 bacon, 2 sausages, 1 egg (fried or poached), black & white pudding, served with toast 1,3) is a very reasonable €8.

Which, when you consider how much some places in Killarney charge, is pretty damn good. 

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The Shire Accommodation

Shire Killarney Accommodation

I only realised that these lads had opened up a guesthouse when we were writing our Killarney accommodation guide.

When I went in to check how much a night here would cost, I was expecting to see mental prices, as the accommodation couldn’t be more central in Killarney Town.

I whacked in a Friday night in October for 2 people. Here’s what came up (prices may change!):

  • A private room (sleeps 2): €30.00
  • 4 person dorm: €48.00

That’s ridiculously good value for Killarney (check out our guide to the best Bed and Breakfast in Killarney for more reasonably priced accommodation).

Have you visited the Shire in Killarney? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below!

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