25 Gorgeous Dog Friendly Hotels In Ireland That You And Your Pooch Will Love

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dog friendly hotels ireland

If you’re looking for dog friendly hotels in Ireland, you’ll find heaaaaaps of them below.

We (myself and my aul lad) got a dog last year. He’s a cockapoo. His name is Toby. And he’s a little bit mental. Since then, we’ve thrown around the idea of taking him away for a night somewhere.

The problem? Neither of us has ever travelled anywhere in Ireland with a dog, so we hadn’t a clue if there were any pet friendly hotels in Ireland worth visiting.

It turns out there are plenty. In the guide below, you’ll find heaps of dog friendly hotels in Ireland that are perfect for a weekend away with your pooch.

The best dog friendly hotels in Ireland

Before we dive into the guide below, one small bit of advice – if you plan on taking your dog to any of the hotels in this guide, ring them in advance.

That way you’ll know 1, what you need to bring with you for your stay and 2, what to expect when you arrive (some hotels require that you use a separate check-in area).

1. The Twelve Hotel (Galway)

twelve hotel pet friendly
Photo via the Twelve Hotel

The Twelve Hotel in Galway tops our list of the best dog friendly hotels in Ireland. You’ll find this finely-restored 19th-century hotel in Barna in County Galway, a handy 3-minute ramble from the pier.

The hotel offers a ‘Pampered Pet Program’ that’s designed to ensure that your pets can soak up some 5-star service.

You won’t need to pack toys or bowls and, unlike most hotels that welcome pets, there’s no additional charge.

Prices and other info

  • There’s no additional charge for your pet but a security deposit is taken
  • Your dog will receive a welcome ‘doggie bag’ (includes a toy, a treat and bags for their…)
  • There’s a dedicated pet lobby where you’ll find toys, water bowls, bones, leashes and more
  • You can stay in a luxury pet-friendly suite (no extra charge)
  • Check prices for this pet friendly accommodation in Galway here
Twelve Hotel Galway rooms
Photo via the Twelve Hotel

2. The Salty Dog Hotel & Bistro (Down)

salty dog down
Photo via the Salty Dog Hotel & Bistro

The Salty Dog Hotel in County Down is up there with the best of the many dog friendly hotels in Ireland. It opened back in 2012 and it has been pet friendly from the get-go.

It’s very clear from spending five minutes on their website that these lads love dogs. There’s a charge applied to bring your pooch, but a fiver of it is donated to a local dogs shelter.

This is one of the few hotels where you can actually eat dinner with your dog next to you. You just need to book an early dinner in the lounge and you’re good to go.

Prices and other info

  • Any dog, regardless of size, weight or breed, is welcome (once they’re well-behaved)
  • There’s a maximum of 2 large/medium dogs or 3 small dogs per room
  • There’s a one-off charge of £15.00 for 1 dog, £20.00 for 2 dogs or £25.00 for three.
  • £5 of each of the charges above will go to a local animal shelter
  • Each dog will receive a doggie box with treats (and a sausage for breakfast)
  • You can either bring your own bedding, bowls etc. or you can pay a tenner and have them provided for you
  • Dogs must be clean – dogs with ‘heavy’ smells aren’t allowed in the lounge
  • Check prices on booking.com here
seaview room at the salty dog
Photo via the Salty Dog Hotel & Bistro

3. Tankardstown Country House (Meath)

Tankardstown House external
Photo via Tankardstown House Hotel

Tankardstown Country House is one of several dog friendly hotels in Ireland that gets overlooked by many of those looking to explore with their pooch, which is a shame, as this place looks amazing!

Tankardstown House in Meath is an 18th-century manor house that’s an ideal base to explore the Boyne Valley (Trim and Slane Castle are both on its doorstep).

There’s a generous 80 acres of woodland and parkland here so you can tire him/her out without having to leave the grounds.

There’s also a ‘Very Important Pooch’ package that dog owners can avail of which will ensure that both you and your dog enjoy your stay in your dedicated courtyard suite.

Prices and other info

  • Well behaved dogs are welcome, but it’s not clear on the website whether or not there’s an additional charge
  • Your dog will receive a complimentary treat upon arrival
  • Check prices for Tankardstown on booking.com here
tankardstown house hotel dog friendly
Photo via Tankardstown House Hotel

4. The Mustard Seed (Limerick)

Mustard Seed exterior
Photo via the Mustard Seed

You’ll find the gorgeous Mustard Seed a short 10-minute drive from Adare in Limerick, where it’s situated on acres of lush manicured lawns.

Those that stay in the pet friendly accommodation at the Mustard Seed can kick-back in a deluxe suite with doors that open up right into the garden.

Prices and other info

  • It’s not clear whether or not there’s an additional charge to bring your dog, so call in advance
  • You can avail of a deluxe suite with doors the open onto the garden
  • Dogs are only allowed in your room and in the grounds of the hotel
  • Dogs must not be left alone at any time (not ideal as this includes breakfast time)
mustard seed hotel
Photo via the Mustard Seed

5. Rathmullan House Hotel (Donegal)

Rathmullan House Hotel do friendly
Photo via Rathmullan House Hotel

If you’re looking for dog friendly hotels in Ireland that are located smack bang in the middle of heaps of incredible scenery, look no further than this place.

Those that spend a night or two flaked out in Rathmullan House Hotel in Donegal have a mighty bit of scenery and plenty of adventure opportunities right on their doorstep.

There’s even a 3km sandy beach at the bottom the hotel garden that’s perfect for early morning rambles.

Rathmullen House has a very convenient dedicated doggie room (adjoining the human bedroom) that’ll ensure your pet gets to soak up some luxury too.

Prices and other info

  • So, going off their website, there isn’t any additional charges for bringing your dog to Rathmullen House, but ring and check in advance, just to be sure
  • Rathmullen have their own dog on-site – a little Jack Russell called Brushie
  • Check prices for this dog friendly hotel in Donegal here
Rathmullan House Hotel
Photo via Rathmullan House Hotel

6. The Dunloe (Kerry)

The Dunlo hotel in Kerry
Photo via the Dunloe

The luxurious 5-star Dunloe Hotel in Killarney often tops the lists of the best pet friendly hotels in Ireland. This is another swanky dog-friendly hotel that has racked up some serious reviews online.

The difference with this hotel is that it doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to bring your pooch…

The Dunloe Hotel overlooks the Gap of Dunloe and is set on its own 64-acre estate boasting manicured pathways and gardens, the ruins of an old castle and everything that you’d expect from a leading 5-star hotel.

Prices and other info

  • There’s a €10 charge per dog per night
  • There are luxurious kennels on-site but your dog can also stay in the dog-friendly rooms (you’ll have to ring them to book)
  • Your dog will be greeted with a food and water bowl, special treats, a bedy with a dog throw and a mat
  • Check prices the Dunloe here
The Dunloe hotel dog friendly hotel
Photo via the Dunloe

7. Lough Eske (Donegal)

lough eske castle donegal
Photo via Lough Eske

Lough Eske Castle in Donegal is arguably the swankiest dog-friendly hotel in Ireland. You’ll find this fancy hotel a ten-minute drive from Donegal Town, on the banks of Lough Eske.

Like many pet-friendly hotels, Lough Eske has a dedicated section for visiting dogs – guests travelling with their pooch can book into the Courtyard Guestrooms for a night or two.

The grounds of Lough Eske are also nice and big, so you can take your dog for a stroll before bed to tire them out if you need to!

Prices and other info

  • There’s a €25 per room per stay fee for pets
  • Pets are not allowed to enter the main castle building or the restaurant or bar area
  • Check prices for Lough Eske here
lough eske thermal suite
Photo via Lough Eske

8. Lough Inagh Lodge (Galway)

Lough Inagh Lodge dog friendly hotel
Photo via Lough Inagh Lodge

Lough Inagh Lodge is one of a handful of award-winning dog friendly hotels Ireland has to offer. Now, there isn’t a whole lot of info on their site about what they offer pet owners

In a nutshell, they say that pets are welcome in all rooms. You can also bring them into the front lounges, which means you can chill with a drink while they kick-back next to you.

Prices and other info

  • It’s not clear on their site if there’s an additional charge
  • Pets must be kept away from all dining areas
  • Pets must be kept close and controlled
  • Check prices and see more pictures here
inside Lough Inagh Lodge
Photo via Lough Inagh Lodge

9. Bellinter House (Meath)

dog friendly hotel meath
Photo via Bellinter House

Our next hotel can be found finely plonked on the banks of the River Boyne in County Meath. This fancy spot is an 18th-century ‘Palladian-style’ (no idea what this is) house.

Pets can stay in Bellinter’s pet friendly Stable and Lean-To rooms. There’s plenty of room in the grounds for them to explore and you’ll have a back patio where they can chill.

Pets are allowed in all of the different public outdoor areas (this includes the outdoor dining areas, which is handy!).

Prices and other info

  • It’s not clear on their site if there’s an additional charge
  • Pets are restricted to the reception area of the main house
  • Pets are not allowed to enter any indoor dining area
  • Check prices for Bellinter House here
rooms at Bellinter
Photo via Bellinter House

10. Ashford Castle (one of the fanciest dog friendly hotels in Ireland)

Ashford Castle dog friendly
Photo via Ashford Castle

The 800-year-old award-winning 5-star Ashford castle in Mayo was once the home of the Guinness family.

It’s now one of the finest castle hotels in Ireland and it’s dog-friendly, so you can treat your furry fella to a weekend away in style.

Unsurprisingly enough, the charge for bringing your dog to Ashford Castle is hefty, but if a stay at this expensive spot is on the cards then it probably won’t bother you too much.

Prices and other info

  • You need to mention in advance that you’re visiting with a dog as you’ll have to fill out a “Pet Preference” form
  • There’s a €40 charge per dog per night
  • A doggy bed is provided along with towels, food and water bowls and a treat
  • Dogs cannot be left unattended in guestrooms
  • Pets aren’t allowed in the dining, beverage or lounge venue
  • Check prices here

ashford castle hotel

11. Cashel House Hotel (Galway)

exterior of cashel house pet friendly accommodation
Photo via Cashel House Hotel

You’ll find our next dog friendly hotel a stone’s throw from Roundstone Village in County Galway, where it overlooks the beautiful Cashel Bay.

Cashel House is a gorgeous 19th-century country home that boasts style, mighty views and over 50 acres of landscaped gardens.

Your pet is more than welcome to stay with you in your bedroom and you will also get to meet ‘Sammy’ (a little Jack Russell) who is a long term resident at Cashel House!

Prices and other info

  • There’s no info around prices/charges on their website
  • It sounds like your pet may be confined to your room when in the house
  • Check prices for Cashel House here
inside cashel house
Photo via Cashel House Hotel

12. Sneem Hotel (Kerry)

sneem hotel wild atlantic way

The four-star Sneem Hotel in Kerry is another of the many swanky pet friendly hotels Ireland has to offer. You’ll find it at the heart of stunning scenery where it overlooks the River Sneem and Kenmare Bay

The pet policy at Sneem Hotel is nice and straightforward – all pets, regardless of size, are welcome and there are no fees or deposits required.

The only thing that they ask is that your pet is well-behaved. The hotel has dedicated animal friendly rooms (the ground floor self-catering apartments). There are also heaps of places to walk nearby.

Prices and other info

  • There are no charges or deposits required
  • Only one pet is allowed per room
  • Pet stays must be pre-arranged in advance
  • Guests are advised to bring along blankets, beds and bowls
  • Check prices for Sneem Hotel here

sneem hotel kerry

13. The Ardilaun Hotel (Galway)

Ardilaun Hotel dog friendly hotel Ireland
Photo via the Ardilaun Hotel

Next up is Galway’s Ardilaun Hotel. Formerly a country mansion, this 4-star hotel is a handy 1k from Galway’s buzzy city.

The Ardilaun has rooms next to garden areas which are used for guests visiting with their dog. There’s also a playground nearby that he/she can hop about in.

Prices and other info

  • You’ll need to pay an additional €15 if you’d like to bring your dog
  • You’ll need to bring food and a bed
  • You can’t book a dog-friendly room online – you need to give them a call
  • Check prices here
rooms at the Ardilaun Hotel
Photo via the Ardilaun Hotel

14. Seaview House Hotel (Cork)

exterior of Seaview House Hotel
Photo via Original Irish Hotels

The elegant Seaview House in Cork is set on private grounds a stone’s throw from Bantry and the gorgeous little village of Glengarriff.

There are 4 dedicated dog friendly rooms at Seaview House, each of which is located on the ground floor and offers direct access to the extensive gardens.

Although dogs aren’t allowed in the public areas of the hotel, they can ramble around the grounds and the other outdoor areas.

Prices and other info

  • There’s a charge of €25.00 to bring your pet
  • Pets are not allowed in the public areas (they’re welcome in the gardens and all outdoor areas)
  • Bedding is not provided, so you’ll need to bring your own
  • Check prices here
seview house rooms
Photo via Seaview House Hotel

15. Marlfield House Hotel (Wexford)

Marlfield House exterior
Photo via Marlfield House Hotel

The upscale Marlfield House Hotel in Wexford is set on 40 acres of beautiful woodland and gardens and is a handy 5 km from Courtown Beach.

The hotel is home to a clatter of animals; there are cats, dogs, ducks, ponies and a resident peacock named George. You can take you pooch out to meet the animals, but they must be kept on a lead at all times.

The rooms at Marlfied are ‘old-world’ and feature antique furniture. Some offer mighty garden views and all suites come with 4-poster beds and gas fireplaces.

Prices and other info

  • There’s a charge of €15 per night to bring your pet
  • You need to bring a bed for them to sleep on (they’re not allowed on the furniture)
  • Dogs can’t be brought into the dining room or any other public areas
  • Dogs can’t be left alone in your room
Marlfield House Wexford
Photo via Marlfield House Hotel

16. Center Parcs (Longford)

Center Parcs Longford
Photo via Center Parcs

Center Parcs in Longford is one the newer dog friendly hotels Ireland has to offer, having only opened its doors to the public in summer 2019.

There’s dedicated pooch accommodation (lodges) that offer spacious open-plan living spaces. There are also designated doggy exercise areas where you can let your dog roam free.

If you’ve a high-energy dog that needs a lot of exercise, you’ll have over 400 acres of woodland at your doorstep to explore each day. The catch? It’s expensive!

Prices and other info

  • There’s a charge of €65 for 1 dog and €89 for 2
  • Two dogs are allowed in each lodge
  • Dogs need to be kept on a lead when visiting the village area
Center Parcs dog friendly accommodation
Photo via Center Parcs

17. Killyhevlin Lakeside Hotel & Lodges (Fermanagh)

Killyhevlin hotel fermanagh
Photo via the Killyhevlin Lakeside Hotel

You’ll find the stylish Killyhevlin Lakeside Hotel and Lodges in County Fermanagh, where they overlook Lough Erne. As you can see below, the lodges here are pretty unique.

They’re right on the shore of the lake, which means you can ramble out of your front door in the morning and dip your toes in the water while you soak up the sunrise.

All well-behaved dogs are welcome to Killyhevlin, however, a hefty charge applies (see below). You’re also required to leave a security deposit in case your pooch causes any damage.

Prices and other info

  • There’s a charge £75
  • Only well-behaved dogs are allowed
  • Dogs must be kept on leads at all times
  • A deposit is also required
Photo via the Killyhevlin Lakeside Hotel

18. Clare Island Lighthouse (Mayo)

lighthouse to spend a night ireland
Photo via Clare Island Lighthouse

Clare Island Lighthouse in County Mayo is arguably the most unique dog friendly accommodation Ireland has to offer. Just look at the views above!

There are six rooms here and each is individually designed and decorated with original artwork and comfy, old-style cast-iron beds. There are also wood-burning stoves along with open fires that add a fine bit of cosiness.

According to their website, ‘By special arrangement we may allow dogs to stay, providing that they are kept on a lead at all times when outside and are exercised only in the areas indicated by us.’

Prices and other info

  • I can’t find any info on charges for bringing your dog
  • You need to contact Clare Island Lighthouse directly if you want to bring your pooch

clare island lighthouse 2

19. Parknasilla (Kerry)

parknasilla sea view hotel ireland
Photo via Parknasilla Hotel

You’ll find the 5-star Parknasilla resort set in 500 acres along the beautiful Kenmare Bay. This is a luxurious 18th-century manor house and it offers a very unique service to dog owners.

Parknasilla is home to 6 newly built kennels on-site (not inside the hotel or in your room) known as ‘The Willows’. Now, different strokes for different folks and all that, but this wouldn’t appeal to me.

If I’m paying out the nose to stay in a 5-star hotel, I want the pooch in the room with me. However, if your dog is happy to sleep away from you in a kennel, this may be right up your street.

Prices and other info

  • There’s a charge of €10 per dog
  • Dogs are not allowed inside any of the hotel/accommodation
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash
  • Dangerous dogs, as specified in regulations made under the Control of Dogs Act 1986, cannot be brought to the hotel
  • Browse prices and more photos here
Parknasilla kerry dog friendly
Photo via Parknasilla Hotel

20. Harvey’s Point (Donegal)

Harvey's Point Donegal
Photo via Harvey’s Point Hotel

Next up is Harvey’s Point in Donegal. You’ll find this hotel nestled on the shoreline of the glorious Lake Eske, a stone’s throw from Donegal Town.

Set against the backdrop of the mighty Bluestack Mountains, this 4-star hotel is the perfect getaway for those of you looking to stay somewhere scenic with your dog.

Now, their website is pretty sparse when it comes to info on visiting dogs. What it does tell us is that those travelling with their dog can stay in one of the hotels Lakeshore Suites… and that’s it.

Prices and other info

  • There’s no info on their website about additional charges
  • Dogs are not allowed to stay inside the suites in the main hotel
  • Check prices and see more photos here
Harvey's hotel
Photo via Harvey’s Point Hotel

21. Castlemartyr Resort (Cork)

Castlemartyr Resort Cork
Photo via Castlemartyr Resort

Right, it probably goes without saying that your dog won’t be batin’ about in the spa pictured above, but he/she will be plenty happy during your stay at Castlemartyr.

Castlemartyr is a 5-star hotel in Cork that’s arguably the best dog friendly hotels in Ireland, seeing as it was awarded ‘Best pet friendly hotel in Ireland 2019’.

Your pet will be greeted with a ‘welcome doggie gift’ and there’s a pet concierge service with discounts on local dog walkers and dog sitters.

Prices and other info

  • There’s a hefty €50 charge for the first-night and an additional €20 charge for every night thereafter if you want to bring your pet to Castlemartyr
  • The max size pet allowed is the size of a standard Labrador
  • Your pet cannot be left alone in the room at any time 
  • Pets are not permitted in any food or beverage area
  • Check prices for Castlemartyr here
Castlemartyr hotel
Photo via Castlemartyr Hotel

22. Castletroy Park Hotel (Limerick)

Castleroy Hotel exterior
Photo via Castletroy Hotel Limerick

The 4-star Castletroy Park Hotel is one of the first dog friendly hotels in Ireland that I had recommended to me when we first got our dog.

By all accounts, this hotel has been welcoming dogs for a number of years and holidaying with your pooch here is the norm. According to their website:

‘The Castletroy Park Hotel is proud to welcome four-legged VIPs to our hotel for a break away with their humans. We understand that as a member of your family, it’s not easy to leave your pet behind you when going away on holiday.’

Prices and other info

  • There’s no info on whether there are any additional charges
  • You need to bring dog food and bedding
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • Dogs are not allowed in the food/drink areas
  • Check prices and see more photos here
Castleroy Hotel dog friendly rooms
Photo via Castletroy Hotel Limerick

23. Rock Farm (Meath)

rock farm camping
Photo via Rock Farm Slane on FB

So, although this is a guide to dog friendly hotels, I came across this dog friendly campsite and I decided to lash it in. You’ll find the very unique Rock Farm in Slane in County Meath.

The setup here is pretty unique; you can stay in cottages, yurts and tents and there’s a communal lounge, a spacious shared kitchen, a toasty hot tub and a BBQ area on-site.

Although dogs are welcome at Rock Farm, they’re not allowed sleep inside the accommodation. They have to sleep in a crate on the decking area of your accommodation or beside your shepherd hut.

Prices and other info

  • There’s a charge of €20 per dog
  • Dogs are not allowed at certain times of the year due to gamekeeper restrictions.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside the accommodation or in the communal spaces
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead when they’re in communal spaces
  • Check prices and see more photos here
glamping in slane
Photo via Rock Farm Slane on FB

24. Randles Hotel (Kerry)

Randles Hotel kerry
Photo via Randles Hotel

Randles in Kerry has been on the go since 1906 – that’s pretty damn impressive! The hotel is situated on the Ring of Kerry and is a short 10-minute stroll from Killarney National Park.

This is an ideal base for those of you looking to explore a chunk of the Wild Atlantic Way with your dog in tow. You’ve an endless number of things to do and places to see if you make Randles your base for a few nights.

Dogs can stay at Randles for €10 per night. There are a couple of restrictions to note (see below) that apply to the dog’s size and breed.

Prices and other info

  • There’s a charge of €10 per dog per night
  • Only small to medium-sized dogs are allowed
  • You’ll need to bring food and bedding
  • Pets are not allowed into the public areas of the hotel
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • There’s a restriction on some breeds, so make sure to enquire when booking
  • Check prices and see more photos here
Randles Hotel killarney
Photo via Randles dog friendly Hotel in Kerry

25. Muckross Park Hotel (Kerry)

dog friendly hotels kerry
Photo via Muckross Park Hotel

And we’re onto our last hotel, thankfully, as my fingers (and eyes) are absolutely banjaxed at this stage! Muckross Park Hotel and Spa in Kerry is another fancy pet friendly hotel.

According to their website, pets will be ‘treated like VIP’s (Very Important Pets) and will enjoy a well-deserved break as much as their owners!’

Dogs can stay in the luxury apartments on-site and staff will ensure that they’re brought water and meals regularly. Residents can also chill in the spa while staff arrange the dog’s exercise regime.

I’m typing this and laughing – I can only imagine how much this must cost! Dogs will also be given a welcome doggie baggie, a pet menu and doggie room service.

Prices and other info

  • A €30 charge will apply for 1st night and then a €10 charge will apply to any additional night’s
  • The maximum size of dog allowed is that of a standard Poodle
  • Dogs must be well behaved
  • Dogs must not be left alone in the apartment at any time
  • Pets cannot enter any food or drink area
  • Check prices and see more photos here
Muckross park Hotel
Photo via Muckross Park Hotel

What pet friendly hotels in Ireland have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that there are plenty more dog friendly hotels in Ireland that I’ve missed in the guide above.

If you know of one that’s worth adding, pop a comment into the comments section below and I’ll check it out. Cheers!

Howaya! Thanks for visiting the Irish road trip! This site exists to inspire and guide you on an Irish adventure that’ll give birth to a lifetime of memories (sounds very arsey altogether, I know!) You'll find everything from things to do in Ireland to where to stay in Ireland (unique and unusual places) if you have a nosey around!


  1. Hi we stayed at the Hilton on the outskirts of Belfast last year. No charge for dogs, lots of things provided & very pet friendly.

      • Hi we stayed (with a 4 months old puppy) at Beech Hill Country House in Derry in August 2020. No extra charge & they were so welcoming to all including the pooches. Can’t wait to go back..

  2. Great article, we’re always looking for dog friendly places! I saw your glamping list yesterday which includes us, Chleire Haven, just wanted to say we also welcome dogs at no extra charge, we just ask that people clean up after them and they aren’t left alone on the grounds. If you ever do a list for dog friendly holiday homes in Ireland I’ve a few fantastic places I would highly recommend!

  3. Great article, thank you. Another great dog friendly hotel is the Fairview Boutique Hotel in Killarney. There is a small addition cost but well worth it. The management love pets as much as the pet owners do making it such a relaxed and enjoyable stay.

  4. I love the idea of goodie bags for dogs and pet lobby! So excited, I want to go now! We usually stay in Airbnb with our dog, but now thinking something more luxury would be great. Especially because we aren’t spending anything for going abroad this year.

  5. Peacockes hotel maams cross connemara small family run business with their own dog, small charge for dogs and allowed throughout the hotel, replica of the quiet mans cottage on grounds lovely beaches nearby

  6. Great read, thanks for gathering all the info, currently looking for a dog friendly place to stay with our rescue retriever x. It puzzles me as to where you put your dog if you want to have a meal, most places state that pets are not allowed in the main hotel or dining areas and can’t be left alone in your room or lodge, where do you put them? in the boot of your car! (That’s a joke BTW)

    • I was thinking the same thing Patricia. You’d nearly need one of you to eat while the other minds the dog… which is no more ideal!

      • Me too! I don’t see a hotel as dog friendly unless they allow the dogs to either be left alone in the room or brought to bar / specific dining areas. I recently stayed in The Twelve and they are truly dog friendly. With the exception of West restaurant, dogs are allowed in the rest of the hotel (bar, bistro, reception, etc). And no issue with leaving her alone in the room (dog suite). I brought my petcam so I could check on her while we were at dinner and was asked to let reception know when I was going out that she was there alone in case of barking etc. Any hotel wishing to claim to be dog friendly needs to look at The Twelve and how they do it before saying they are.

  7. Excellent article Keith, many thanks for this. The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, Co Waterford, is also pet friendly and am planning on bringing my lab puppy with me. Hopefully it will be a nice experience! According to a staff that I emailed, “the Deluxe terrace room is our Dog friendly room…There is a Charge of €25.00 cleaning fee for our Dog friendly room. Your dog can be on our Terrace dinning area only and your room.”

  8. You should definitely try out The Inn on the coast up in Portrush. An excellent dog friendly hotel. Highly recommended it.

  9. Great article thanks so much!! We have a new puppy and I thought that we were going to have to sacrifice our trips away! So glad I found this. Can’t wait to plan a dog friendly road trip now!

  10. Brook lodge and mccreddin village Defo the best. Also ballinacurra house in cork allows dogs stay too. Our dog came to our wedding there.

  11. Glasson Lakehouse near Athlone is the perfect dog friendly hotel! Great views over Lough Ree with plenty of running space around the estate. Rooms are ideally spaced out for dogs with lots of outdoor activities to keep them going throughout the day! It’s under 1.5 hours from Dublin, less than an hour from Galway and is perfect for families and couples also!

  12. Leenaun hotel in Galway does without charge. Just let them know in advance. I’m off to Renvyl hotel too with my dog, €15 per night charge. Also heard that Dunmore house hotel is dog friendly too

  13. Hi Keith, great article thanks. We stayed at the strand inn, dunmore east in June. Not the best room, spacious enough, we had 2 lurchers with us, this is a very busy place situated on the beach. Dogs allowed in the bar and on the outside terrace but not in restaurant. They do charge extra for the dog room.

  14. Hi everyone. Cahir House Hotel is pet friendly. Great place to stay. Food is excellent, rooms lovely and staff very friendly and helpful. Cahir also has fabulous walking trails. Ann


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