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12 Best Irish Movies On Netflix In March 2024

12 Best Irish Movies On Netflix In March 2024

This is a guide to the best Irish movies on Netflix. And, I’ll level with you… there aren’t many!

In years past Netlflix had some of the best Irish films ever made available to watch but, as of March 2024, it’s pretty slim pickings.

However, there are some decent Irish films on Netflix, including ‘My Sailor My Love’ (set on Achill Island) and the comedy ‘Hard Times’.

The best Irish movies on Netflix

irish films on netflix

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We’ve done our best below to bring together a mix of the best Irish movies Netflix has to offer. Unfortunately, you won’t find old-school favourites, like The Commitments, as it isn’t part of their catalogue.

You will, however, find a heap of movies that you (hopefully) haven’t watched/heard of that’ll keep you gripped from start to finish, like ‘Waking The Titanic’.

1. Hard Times

One of the few Irish comedy films on Netflix is ‘Hard Times’. The film is set in the fictional village of Kilcoulin’s Leap – an area that’s down on its luck.

A group from the village decide the best way to bring prosperity back to the town is to steal a consignment of ‘blue pills’ and then sell them in Amsterdam.

However, things take a turn when they store the stolen pills in the village’s Holy well. I watched this recently and very much enjoyed it!

The need-to-knows about the movie:

  • Genre: Comedy-drama
  • Release date: 2009
  • Starring: John Lynch, Linda Hamilton, Cornelius Clarke and Lochlainn O’Mearain
  • Plot in a nutshell: In an attempt to bring prosperity to their town, villagers steal a consignment of ‘blue pills’

2. My Sailor My Love

Keem Bay

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One of the more overlooked Irish movies on Netflix is ‘My Sailor My Love’, set on Mayo’s Achill Island.

The story follows a retired sea captain who lives on his own in a scenic but rural part of Ireland that has lost his way, letting both himself and his home deteriorate.

That is until his daughter hires a local woman to help him around the house and love (eventually) blossoms. If you’re after Irish romance movies on Netflix, give this a bash.

The need-to-knows about the movie:

  • Genre: Romance-drama
  • Release date: 2022
  • Starring: James Cosmo, Brid Brennan and Catherine Walker
  • Plot in a nutshell: Story follows a retired sea captain living alone on an island who starts a relationship with a local widow

3. Apocalypse Clown

One of the more unusual Irish films on Netflix is ‘Apocalypse Clown’, which was filmed in Dublin and Kildare.

The story follows a clown called ‘Bobo’ who, along with some other clowns and a reporter called ‘Jenny’ try to uncover what caused Ireland’s technology to collapse.

The world has gone into a spin and chaos has hit Ireland – this is the clowns last chance to ‘Make it big’. This sounds a bit mental. Hit play above. It looks mental, too!

The need-to-knows about the movie:

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release date: 2023
  • Starring: David Earl, Natalie Palamides and Amy De Bhrún
  • Plot in a nutshell: Ireland’s technology is mysteriously brought to a halt and chaos ensues, forcing a group of clowns to give their dream one last short

4. The Irish Wish (arrives March 15th)

the irish wish is one of the new irish movies on netflix

Photos via Tourism Ireland press pack

One of the newest Irish movies on Netflix lands on March 15th – ‘The Irish Wish’, starring Lindsay Lohan was recorded in Dalkey, Temple Bar, Wicklow and in parts of Clare.

It follows a book editor, played by Lohan, who’s set to be a bridesmaid at her friends wedding. However, a few days before the big day, she wishes she was the bride.

She wakes up the next day and, Voilà, she’s the bride. The plot doesn’t sound great but, as it’s being released around St. Patrick’s Day, it’ll likely become one of the most popular Irish romance movies on Netflix by month end.

The need-to-knows about the movie:

  • Genre: Romantic-comedy
  • Release date: 2024
  • Starring: Lindsay Lohan
  • Plot in a nutshell: A book editor, played by Lindsay Lohan, wishes to be the bride at her friend’s wedding and wakes up the next day to find her wish magically granted

5. Waking The Titanic

This is not a documentary about the Titanic – it’s so much more! ‘Waking The Titanic’ tells the story of 14 people from the village of Addergoole in County Mayo who sought a better life.

Out of the 14 boarded the Titanic, only 3 survived. The movie tells the tale of the loss experienced by those who’s loved ones were lost to the sinking of the Titanic.

The need-to-knows about the movie:

  • Genre: Docu-drama
  • Release date: 2012
  • Starring: Rachel Duffy, Caroline Hegarty and Miriam Kelly
  • Plot in a nutshell: The documentary tells the story of 14 people that left a small village in Ireland in search of a better life

4. Belfast

Belfast City

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Arguably one of the better known Irish films on Netflix is ‘Belfast’, starring Caitriona Balfe and Jamie Dornan.

It follows the lives of a working-class Protestant family living in Belfast and facing the challenges experienced during the Troubles in Belfast.

The movie is seen through the eyes of ‘Buddy’ who’s father has gone to England for work. Life for the family becomes increasingly unsafe and they are forced to make a life-changing decision.

The need-to-knows about the movie:

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release date: 2021
  • Starring: Caitriona Balfe and Jamie Dornan
  • Plot in a nutshell: It follows the challenges faced by a working-class family in Belfast during the Troubles

7. Black Ice

One of the older Irish movies on Netflix is ‘Black Ice’, starring Killian Scott and Jane McGrath. It’s set in Donegal but the movie was filmed in Leitrim and Sligo.

It looks at the world of underground car racing in rural Ireland. The story follows siblings Alice who’s brother lost his life during a race. She is in a relationship with Jimmy (Scott) who is well-known on the car racing scene.

The pair attempt to break into the legitimate rally scene, but things aren’t as straightforward as they may seem

The need-to-knows about the movie:

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release date: 2013
  • Starring: Jane McGrath, Killian Scott, Dermot Murphy and Marian Quinn
  • Plot in a nutshell: Siblings Tom and Alice escape small town boredom by rallying around rural Irish roads

8. Derry Girls

Irish shows on Netflix

Right, it’s not a movie, but it’s one of the only Irish series on Netflix at the minute and, as you’re probably aware, it’s a belter!

Derry Girls was created and written by Lisa McGee and is set in County Derry in Northern Ireland during the 1990s.

The show follows Erin and her friends as they battle the highs and lows of teenage life in Derry.

If you’re in search of a great show and you’re not bothered about whether or not it’s Irish, dive into our guide to the 17 best series on Netflix Ireland.

The best eh-they’re-only-kinda Irish films on Netflix

movies set in ireland on netflix

I define an ‘Irish movie’ as one that’s set in Ireland. If you disagree with that then fair enough! 

There’s an absolute clatter of movies on Netflix that are widely regarded as ‘Irish movies’, as they feature Irish actors or because they are partly set in Ireland.

Below, you’ll find three of the most popular Irish films on Netflix that are very debatably Irish.

1. The Foreigner

The film follows Ngoc Minh Quan’s (Jackie Chan) search for answers and justice when his daughter is caught up in an IRA attack.

Quan ultimately decides to seek vengeance instead of waiting for the perpetrators to be caught. Travelling to Ireland, he pursues and attempts to confront former Provisional IRA member, Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) who is now the Deputy First Minister for Northern Ireland and knows more than he lets on. 

Director Martin Campbell has crafted a nail-biting action movie and also stars Charlie Murphy.

2. P.S. I Love You (25% on Rotten Tomatoes)

P.S. I Love You is based on a book of the same name by Cecelia Ahern, who penned it when she was just 21, in 2004.

Now, if horrific Irish accents trouble you, avoid this one. Whoever gave the OK for Gerard Butler’s Irish accent needs a good kick up the backside.

Holly and Gerry are happily married. Then tragedy strikes and Gerry passes away. Holly discovers that Gerry has left her letters that she receives at random intervals. One takes her to Ireland.

This is arguably one of the most notable movies set in Ireland on Netflix, with many visiting Ireland every year to see the filming locations.

3. The Siege of Jadotville (64% on Rotten Tomatoes)

Set in 1961, during the United Nations Operation in the Congo, this action film is the story of how an Irish Army peacekeeping unit fends off an attack by a group of mercenaries hired by mining companies who support a new Congolese government.

Directed by Richie Smyth, and leading the charge is Jamie Dornan, as Commandant Pat Quinn, with Guillaume Canet as the mercenary Rene Faulques, and Mark Strong as zealous Conor Cruise O’Brien who try to prevent an escalation in the conflict.

FAQs about the best Irish movies on Netflix

We’ve had a fair few emails about this guide since it first went live, like ‘Why isn’t x movie included?’.

Below, we’ll attempt to answer the most FAQ, but shout in the comments if you have one that hasn’t been tackled.

What are the best Irish films on Netflix?

In our opinion, the best Irish movies on Netflix are Hard Times, My Sailor My Love, Waking The Titanic and Black Ice.

Are there any comedy Irish movies on Netflix?

As of March 2024, the only Irish comedy on Netflix is Hard Times. Netflix have removed a lot of great movies over the past year.

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