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11 Of The Best Pubs In Limerick In 2024

11 Of The Best Pubs In Limerick In 2024

There’s some glorious pubs in Limerick City and beyond.

From cosy fireside favourites to vibrant modern gastropubs, there’s a pub setting to tickle most fancies.

However, in this guide, we’ve leaned towards the more trad-style bars in Limerick. Find the best of the bunch below!

Our favourite pubs in Limerick City and beyond

Nancy Blakes

Photos via Nancy Blakes on FB

The first section of our guide is packed with our favourite pubs in Limerick – these are pubs one or more of our team have sank pints in!

Below, you’ll find everywhere from the brilliant JJ Bowles and the cosy Bradshaw’s in Castleconnell to Tom Collins’ Bar and more.

1. JJ Bowles

JJ Bowles

Photos via JJ Bowles on FB

Though it reads ‘Est 1794’ on JJ Bowles’ black facade, it’s thought that the building itself dates back to the late 1600s!

Either way, stepping foot into this famous establishment means that you’re visiting Limerick’s oldest pub and it’s not something they’re shy of reminding you about!

With a fine rustic interior and a beer garden looking out across the River Shannon towards King John’s Castle, this is a beautiful spot to come for a pint at any time of year.

It’s also located just down the road from Thomand Park and is ideal for pre and post-game beers. This is widely regarded as one of the best pubs in Limerick for good reason!

2. Tom Collins’ Bar

Tom Collins' Bar

Photos via Tom Collins’ Bar on FB

Look out for the bright red entrance on Cecil Street and it won’t be long until you spot Tom Collins’ Bar! Though it’s small from the outside, there’s plenty of room inside as the interior stretches all the way back into a highly sociable covered beer garden. 

But before you make your way there, check out the gorgeous wood-panelled inside with the elegant mahogany bar and distinct red leather furniture.

This, without a doubt, is one of the cosiest pubs in Limerick and there are few better places for warming winter whiskey or a hearty pint of the black stuff.  

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3. Bradshaw’s Bar

Bradshaw’s Bar

Photos via Bradshaw’s Bar on FB

Though not actually in Limerick City itself (it’s just a 20-minute drive away in the small town of Castleconnell), Bradshaw’s Bar is one of those Irish pubs where you step back in time on entering.

Dating back to the 1850s, Bradshaw’s is a beautiful spot that’s full of colour and character. And with its prime location near the River Shannon and a big heated beer garden, it’s a bar you can visit any time of year!

They offer food on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays too, so it’s also great for a weekend feed.

4. Katie Daly’s Heritage Pub

Katie Daly's Heritage Pub

Photos via Katie Daly’s on FB

Situated right in the heart of Limerick’s Medieval Quarter, Katie Daly’s Heritage Pub is one of the city’s more unmissable sights!

With its colorful red and green exterior decked out in flags, it’s definitely a spot that draws you in and inside you’ll find a cosy interior with loads of room to sit and enjoy a pint. 

They also offer an a la carte menu with plenty of hearty meals such as burgers, hot dogs and fish and chips.

And if you’re wondering about who Katy Daly was – her story is that of a gallivanting Irish purveyor of bootleg whiskey in American in the early 20th century!

Sadly, she ended up in prison but her name still graces this fine pub. 

5. The Locke Bar

The Locke Bar

Photos via The Locke Bar on FB

With its plethora of benches overlooking the picturesque riverside scenes, there are few better spots for a pint in the sun than The Locke Bar! But that’s not the only string to its bow.

The Locke is also one of the oldest pubs in Limerick and dates back to around 1724 (maybe that’s what inspired the archaic lettering on the pubs’ grand canopied facade?). 

Oh, and as a gastropub, the food’s great here too. Serving everything from Achill Island oysters to spicy Buffalo chicken wings, there’s a fine selection here (and next door you’ll find Locke Burger where they use dry-aged Irish beef and a ‘secret sauce’!).

Other Limerick pubs with rave reviews online

Mother Macs

Photos via Mother Macs on FB

Now that we have our favourite Limerick pubs out of the way, it’s time to see what else the county has to offer.

Below, you’ll find everywhere from The Glen Tavern and Nancy Blakes to Dolan’s and more.

1. Dolan’s

We’ve covered food, history and beer gardens, but what about a spot with a deadly music scene? Look no further than Dolan’s!

Located on the Dock Road just a short walk from Sarsfield’s Bridge and the city centre, Dolan’s features regular performances from local musicians, performers from all over Ireland, and even beyond.

Covering everything from trad to rock to hip-hop, Dolan’s is the heartbeat of Limerick’s lively music scene and punters keep coming back for more.

And like all good pubs, it’s a great spot for a cosy pint and they serve up some hearty food too. 

2. Nancy Blakes

Nancy Blakes

Photos via Nancy Blakes on FB

Another good music spot, you’ll find Nancy Blakes on Denmark Street Upper and they showcase Traditional Irish music on Sunday, and live music every Wednesday and Thursday nights in their famous renowned ‘outback’ – a large beer garden covered by a large canopy. 

As well as serving a wide variety of whiskey, gins and craft beer, they also do a fine range of American-inspired food.

Serving up everything from wings to tacos and nachos to burgers, you’re definitely not going to go hungry here!

And don’t forget to look out for their special deals such as the Monday Burger Special and Wing Wednesday.

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3. The Glen Tavern

The Glen Tavern

Photos via The Glen Tavern on FB

With its elegant corner spot, striped canopies and stacked kegs outside, The Glen Tavern is one of Limerick’s most seductive looking pubs.

Basically, it looks how everywhere pub would look if I had my way! But I digress. The building actually dates back to the 1760s and has been a pub for well over 100 years, serving up pints to the locals since 1911.

Inside, it’s a cosy affair and is well-run by Ger Callanan and his team. Get stuck into their hearty food options and maybe even treat yourself to a cocktail or two as the night wears on!

4. Mother Macs

Mother Macs

Photos via Mother Macs on FB

Formerly known as The Roundhouse, Mother Macs is one of the most unique-looking pubs in Limerick (you can see why it was called the roundhouse!).

Located on a corner of High Street and with a nice little beer garden out front, it’s almost impossible to miss their bright turquoise exterior. 

This is a place where they take their craft beer seriously and you’ll find styles of all sorts at Mother Macs.

From hazy New England IPA’s to strong Belgian golden ales, there are beers here to suit every mood. They also must be the only pub in the city to host their own podcast?!

5. The Curragower

The Curragower

Photos via The Curragower on FB

Though if you’re more on the hunt for food than beer, there’s no better spot to hit than The Curragower. Not only does this place serve up some beautifully prepared award-winning food, it also boasts one of Limerick’s finest beer gardens.

With views over the Shannon across to the handsome King John’s Castle and Limerick Town Hall, it’s a great spot to watch the sun go down. 

Their seafood is all locally sourced too, so do yourself a favour and get stuck into their pan-freid sea bass or lemon sole! Pair it up with a creamy pint or two and you’re onto a winner at The Curragower. 

6. Myles Breens

Myles Breens

Photos via Myles Breens on FB

There’s are few Limerick pubs as overlooked by visitors to the city, in our opinion, as the mighty Myles Breens.

You’ll find it on Shannon Street where it’s been since 1802, back when horse-drawn wagons trotted along the streets in front of it.

Visitors to Myles Breens can expect a fine pint of Guinness, a cosy interior and the perfect setting for a yap – there’s no music or television here!

What great Limerick pubs have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some brilliant pubs in Limerick from the guide above.

If you have a place that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

FAQs about bars in Limerick

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘Where does the best pint?’ to ‘Where’s good for the match?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What are the best pubs in Limerick?

JJ Bowles, Tom Collins’ Bar, Bradshaw’s Bar and Katie Daly’s Heritage Pub are four of our favourite bars in Limerick.

What Limerick pubs do great Guinness?

Based on personal experience, JJ Bowles does a cracking pint of Guinness and reigns supreme. However, Myles Breens and Tom Collins’ are a close 2nd and 3rd.

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You'll have to sample a Guinness in The Swans Bar, Longfordbridge. 275 years old this year, The Swans Bar is a traditional Irish pub, with a large open fire and warm welcome.

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