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16 Of The Best Restaurants In Limerick City And Beyond 

If you’re in search of the best restaurants in Limerick, you’ve landed in the right place!

From fancy feeds to cheap, tasty eats, there are some glooorious places to eat in Limerick.

From heavy hitters, like Freddy’s, to hugely popular eateries, like the Silver Room, there’s restaurants in Limerick to tickle every tastebud, as you’ll discover below!

What we think are the best restaurants Limerick has to offer

Hamptons Grill

Photos via Hamptons Grill on FB

The first section of our guide is packed with what we think are the best restaurants in Limerick City – these are places that one of The Irish Road Trip Team has eaten in and loved.

Below, you’ll find the likes of SpitJack, Tuscany at the Granary, Coqbull and some of the most popular restaurants Limerick has to offer.

1. Freddy’s Restaurant Limerick

Freddy’s Restaurant Limerick

Photos via Freddy’s Restaurant on FB

Step through the narrow black door and into the reinvented 19th-century coaching house. The horses are long since gone, but in their place is a gorgeous restaurant that will blow your senses away.

Dark, moody, and sophisticated are all terms you could use to describe the open-plan setting at Freddy’s, but it’s really the food you should be focusing on.

With the immaculate presentation of nouvelle cuisine, you can expect dishes like feta and pomegranate salad, fresh Skellig mussels, or Freddy’s chocolate sphere are all presented to you in full culinary artistry.

Freddy’s is, in my opinion, one of the best restaurants Limerick has to offer if you’re looking for stunning food, exceptional service and a memorable culinary experience.

2. The Silver Room Restaurant

The Silver Room Restaurant

Photos via The Silver Room on FB

Since 2017, friends and business partners, Maciej and Wojtek, have been cooking up a storm in Newcastle West.

With crisp white linens, dark leather high-backed chairs, and the odd touch of scarlet to bring a spark of the dramatic; The Silver Room is anything but boring and run of the mill.

Try their award-winning dishes like slow-cooked marinated pork belly, or the homemade seafood chowder on cold winter days.

Or, if dining with friends or family, be sure to head straight to the Silver Room tasting board for a little bit of everything to whet your appetite.

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3. The SpitJack Limerick

The SpitJack Limerick

Photos via SpitJack Limerick on FB

With locations in Limerick and Cork, this rotisserie brasserie is a breath of fresh air just off the River Shannon. Exposed brickwork, moss green velvet-covered seats, and spacious dark wood tables with long-stemmed glassware all create a sophisticated dining ambience.

A warming bowl of classic French onion soup, or some homemade Madeira and chicken liver pate will start your dining experience perfectly.

From there, it’s all about the mains, and you won’t want to go past the full rack of rotisserie pork ribs with homemade Bourbon sauce.

4. Tuscany at the Granary

Tuscany at the Granary

Photos via Tuscany at the Granary on FB

Tuscany at the Granary is one of the best restaurants in Limerick for satisfying a hankering for tasty Italian cuisine. 

Intimate and seductive, with dimmed mood lighting and a chic Italian aesthetic of leather and timber, Tuscany at the Granary is bound to impress.

The wine and cocktail menu is extensive, as you’d expect, and the food is authentic and packed with flavour and contrasting textures.

For a change, try the bruschetta bianca with freshly sliced buffalo mozzarella and a glass of lightly chilled Sauvignon-Blanc.

When you’re ready, request the Insalata di Tuscany with another glass, you won’t be disappointed. They serve a wide selection of pasta and pizza, but make sure you leave room for their decadent desserts like cannoli, cheesecakes, and tiramisu!

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5. Coqbull Limerick

Coqbull Limerick

Photos via Coqbull Limerick on FB

Fresh, fast and contemporary, this casual dining venue is a lively and entertaining option in the heart of old Limerick City. Order your choice of chicken/beef burgers or rotisserie-cooked chicken and a craft beer before getting lost in conversation with friends or family.

Pull up a chair at any one of the open-plan tables and sink your teeth into a hearty meal. Whilst the burgers have an insanely good flavour, it’s worth considering the Philly Bull or Full Irish pizza, but only if you’re hungry! Otherwise, grab a few ‘sides’ and create your own banquet!

This is one of the best restaurants in Limerick for a pre-pint meal with pals (see our Limerick pubs guide for great places to drink).

6. Hamptons Grill

Hamptons Grill

Photos via Hamptons Grill on FB

A slice of New York in Limerick, this classy in-house bar and grill is adjacent to the Savoy Hotel and is a pleasingly relaxed high-end restaurant.

It’s home to a wood-fired oven, built to their specific design, and a grill that is unique to Limerick. Settle into the leather booths, and sip on a cocktail while the chefs prepare your meal.

Your meal here is sure to be one of a kind, no matter what you order from their selection of steaks, chicken and seafood. You can choose from the grill menu, or why not consider the 3-course set menu.

Start with the Bluebell Falls goats cheese fritter before pairing with the grilled salmon or roasted Atlantic cod, and finish with a luxuriant chocolate brownie.

More mighty Limerick restaurants guaranteed to delight

Cornstore Limerick

Photos via Cornstore Limerick on FB

Now that we have what we think are the best restaurants in Limerick City and beyond out of the way, it’s time to see what else is on offer.

Below, you’ll find everywhere from the Oak Room and 1826 Adare to some of the more quirky places to eat in Limerick.

1. The Oak Room at Adare Manor

Adare Manor restaurant

Photos via Adare Manor on FB

Words like luxury, decadent and superior would all be right at home when describing dining at The Oak Room within the Adare Manor.

This is Michelin star dining at its most historic and with a seasonal menu that is inspired by local produce; it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Sink into the sumptuous leather seats with the crisp linen napkins and fine bone china; The Oak Room is a feast for the senses.

Duck liver terrine served with brioche, Pollock in bouillabaisse with razor clams, or Wicklow Sika deer with Salsify and venison jus are just some of the signature dishes showcased by Head Chef Michael Tweedie.

This is one of the best places to eat in Limerick if you’re looking to mark a special occasion.

2. The French Table Restaurant

French Table Restaurant

Photos via the French Table on FB

Another of the swankier restaurants Limerick has to offer is the excellent French Table on Steamboat Quay in Limerick City.

Sip on your Crémant d’Alsace as you pry free the garlicky escargots, or perhaps you’d prefer a Kir Royale before satiating your hunger with the Beouf Bourguignon, but no matter what you choose to start your dining experience, be sure to finish with the Crème Brulèe and an Armagnac to complete the meal in style.

Dining at the French Table is about more than just the Haute cuisine aesthetic, or the leather booth-style seating opposite dark wood tables and chairs, it’s in the little things; the lit candle on the table, the polished cutlery, and the careful attention from the chefs and servers. Bon appetit.

3. 1826 Adare

1826 Adare

Photos via 1826 Adare on FB

Just down the road from the Adare Heritage Centre, 1826 Adare is perched by the busy roadside, and if you blink you might miss this straw-roofed, lime-washed rustic cottage.

Headed by chef Wade Murphy, 1826 Adare is quietly unassuming in its presentation of seasonal and local produce.

The decor is friendly and inviting, minimalist in the table settings, so no need to worry about knocking things over. The food?

The food is exceptional in representing contemporary flavour pairings and combinations. Atlantic fish and seafood chowder, Sexton’s Droughmore crab salad, and pan-roasted black sole are all indicative of 1826 fare.

4. The East Room Restaurant | Plassey House

The East Room Restaurant

Photos via The East Room Restaurant on FB

Whether you’re looking for a special Sunday lunch out, or perhaps a special dinner to celebrate, The East Room Restaurant at Plassey House will hit the spot perfectly.

Formal seating and table arrangements, and a set-course menu with either two or three courses will allow you to focus on your company.

Choose from dishes like roasted scallops with maitake mushrooms and a chicken and eel consommé, or the Doonbeg crab with Ballymakenny potato and dill and seaweed crackers.

The main course is always spectacular, and the wild Halibut or Thornhill duck breast are both extremely popular for good reason!

If you’re looking for restaurants in Limerick to mark a special occasion, you won’t go wrong with an evening at The East Room.

5. Cornstore Limerick

Cornstore Limerick

Photos via Cornstore Limerick on FB

Relaxed luxury, with an open and easy-going atmosphere, Cornstore is the ideal location for a special, but low-key, meal out with friends or family.

This carefully constructed presentation of chunky tables with distressed-leather seating and fine-stemmed glasses does little to hide the true nature of this beast; magnificent food.

Get started with some cauliflower wings with a chipotle mayonnaise-style dip, or perhaps the mini Buratta bucket with heirloom tomatoes on crispy bread and served with balsamic infused lentils. When the time comes, choose the baked cannelloni or the confit of duck leg, you won’t be disappointed or hungry afterwards!

6. Texas Steakout

Texas Steakout

Photos via Texas Steakout on FB

Looking for comfort, substance, and great food? Your search is over! Although you may want to make sure you’re that you’re ravenous before you come to the Texas Steakout, as the portions are generous and no one will blame you for requesting a doggy bag.

Take your pick from traditional booths, round tables with mid-backed pub-style chairs, or more formal bentwood chairs and covered tables, the choice is yours to suit your mood.

It’s all about the steak and barbeque here, and they don’t disappoint! A starter of spare ribs or bbq chicken wings is a great way to start, loaded potato skins, or chicken goujons for something lighter.

But the main star of this show is the steak, the glorious Texas prime cuts. Yeehaw!

Texas Steakout is, in my opinion, one of the best restaurants Limerick has to offer if you fancy comfort food and cocktails!

9. Copper & Spice | Annacotty

Copper & Spice

Photos via Copper & Spice on FB

Warm and inviting with lush-plush covered chairs, compact seating and dining tables with just enough room for you to cocoon yourself in sumptuous tasty plates.

Choose from a selection of moderately spiced Indian dishes, like mixed vegetable Pakoras, aloo Tikki, and Seekh kebab.

If you prefer, Copper & Spice also have a selection of Asian dishes like chicken satay, spring rolls, tom yum soup, or Korean Kalbi that are sure to hit the spot.

It’s also worth noting the Dim Sum and gyoza as they make a great starter to share.

10. Papa’z Bistro

Papa'z Bistro

Photos via Papa’z Bistro on FB

Papa’z just be the most chilled bistro in Limerick, and what’s more, its menu is filled with classics that’ll warm your heart as well as fill your belly.

Open-plan seating with cafeteria-style decor, this isn’t the place to woo your sweetheart, unless they’re into great food and great company!

Sink your chompers into some ‘Amazing chicken’, Cajun-spiced pieces on a bed of baby leaves with tangy sauces, or maybe some Southern Fried Chicken with honey mustard and garlic mayo.

You can also get pizzas, pasta, a chicken platter, or go super healthy with the veggie roller – you’ll thank us later!

The best restaurants in Limerick: What have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some brilliant restaurants in Limerick City and beyond.

If you’ve eaten in any good Limerick restaurants recently that you’d recommend, let me know in the comments below.

FAQs about where to eat in Limerick

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘Where does fine dining?’ to ‘Where’s good for a first date?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What are the best restaurants in Limerick in 2022?

In our opinion, it’s hard to beat Freddy’s, The Silver Room, The SpitJack and Tuscany at the Granary.

What are some cool restaurants in Limerick for a date?

If you’re looking to impress, The Oak Room, The French Table Restaurant and The East Room Restaurant are good options.

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Wednesday 8th of February 2023

The Dunraven Arms is my go to restaurant when I'm in Adare, Limerick County


Sunday 16th of October 2022

Try The House bar and restaurant. Excellent. Never had a bad meal there and menu is great value, quality of food definitely worth a try.

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