The Best Sushi In Dublin: 11 Sushi Restaurants In Dublin That’ll Make Your Belly Happy

the best sushi in dublin
Photo left : By Musashi Sushi Parnell Street. Photo right : By Okayu

Looking for the best sushi in Dublin? You’ve landed in the right spot?

Sushi has become increasingly popular in the capital of Ireland over the past few years. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many eateries in Dublin are offering their take on this authentic Japanese fare.

When we published our guide to the best Dublin restaurants a while back, we had heaps of emails recommending sushi spots to add. In fact, we received so many that we decided to pop them all into one dedicated article.

Whether you are craving some fresh California rolls or if you wish to chomp down on all you can eat sushi, our guide to the best places for Sushi in Dublin has got you covered.

The best sushi in Dublin

  1. Musashi Noodle & Sushi Bar Dublin
  2. Zakura Noodle & Sushi Restaurant
  3. J2 Sushi & Grill
  4. Eatokyo Noodles and Sushi Bar
  5. Michie Sushi Ranelagh
  6. Okayu
  7. Umi Sushi & Bento
  8. Musashi Sushi Parnell Street
  9. Zakura Izakaya
  10. Tippenyaki Restaurant Rathmines
  11. Kokoro Sushi Bento
  12. Yamamori

1. Musashi Noodle & Sushi Bar Dublin

photos of Musashi Noodle & Sushi Bar
Photos via Musashi Noodle & Sushi Bar on Facebook

Musashi Noodle & Sushi Bar is, in our opinion, home to the best sushi in Dublin City and beyond. It’s definitely one of the best value sushi restaurants in Dublin, anyway!

You’ll find it on Dublin’s Capel Street. One of the best things about this Japanese eatery is that it’s reasonably priced and you won’t have to spend a fortune to dine here.

I mean, they offer a selection of about 10 pieces of sushi for just €13. Musashi Noodle & Sushi Bar also hosts BYOB in the evenings and offers weekly set menus.

The presentation and the quality of food is great, but make sure to book in advance, as this restaurant is usually packed.

2. J2 Sushi & Grill

Photos of J2 Sushi&Grill
Photos via J2 Sushi&Grill on Facebook

Only a handful of sushi restaurants in Dublin boast a location as fine as the popular J2 Sushi & Grill (if you arrive on a fine day try and nab a seat outside next to the water).

Located in the food loft of a shopping centre in the North Dock, this restaurant is an ideal place to go on a lunch break and enjoy reasonably priced and locally sourced sushi.

Apart from delicious sushi, this place offers delicacies like miso-marinated chicken and wasabi mash. Visitors with a sweet tooth should not leave before trying the green tea cheesecake.

3. Zakura Noodle & Sushi Restaurant Dublin

Photos of Zakura Noodle & Sushi Restaurant
Photos via Zakura Noodle & Sushi Restaurant on Facebook

Located on Wexford Street in Dublin 2, this cosy sushi restaurant and takeaway offers a wide range of sushi meals ranging from noodles and Japanese grill to la carte sushi and futomaki.

Lunch specials are available on weekdays from 12 pm to 5 pm for just €9, which is really an excellent deal.

Did I mention that you can even bring your bottle of wine here for a small corkage fee? A handy little option if you’re looking to keep a night out friendly on the pocket.

4. Eatokyo Noodles and Sushi Bar

Photos of Eatokyo Noodles and Sushi Bar
Photos via Eatokyo Noodles and Sushi Bar on Facebook

Located close to the Ha’penny Bridge with views of River Liffey, Eatokyo Noodles and Sushi Bar is one of the finest traditional sushi restaurants in Dublin in this guide.

From noodle dishes to delicious sushi and meats like striploin steak and soup with pork, everything you try here will be amazing. The décor with big plate glass windows looks inviting and the service is impeccable.

I recommend ordering the Yasai Yaki Saba or trying the Chicken Katsu Curry. An extensive list of traditional Japanese wine and beer can be also found on the menu.

5. Michie Sushi Ranelagh

photos of Michie Sushi Ranelagh
Photos by Michie Sushi Ranelagh on Facebook

Located in Ranelagh, Michie Sushi is one of the most popular family-run sushi bars in Dublin. I mean, they have three more locations in Dublin, which means they are probably doing something right.

The word Michie in Japanese actually translated to “filled with laughter and smiles” and all of the restaurant’s customers do have a smile after eating here. They won numerous awards like the Best Casual Dining in the Restaurant Awards and Best Ethnic Restaurant by Georgina Campbell.

So, what do I order here? Hand-rolled sushi that is made to order is definitely the signature dish on their menu. You can also go for other popular Japanese dishes like okonomiyaki and different versions of ramen.

6. Okayu (the best sushi in Dublin that you can take away)

photos of Okayu
Photos via Okayu restaurant on Facebook

Situated inside a small white shop on Dublin’s North Strand Road, Okayu features an incredible selection of traditional Japanese dishes.

The Donburi they serve here is out of this world, as well as the classic Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. I like the décor of this place with hand-made silk items hanging from the ceiling and the origami flowers.

Although this is a take-out joint, there is a small counter where you can have your meal (just keep in mind that it can be tricky to nab a seat).

7. Umi sushi & bento

photos of Umi sushi & bento
Photos via Umi sushi & bento on Facebook

Umi sushi & bento is a popular sushi takeaway in Dublin that offers a wide range of traditional dishes. All of the food here is cooked to order and the ingredients they use are always fresh and of the highest quality.

What does this mean? This means that the beef is sourced in Ireland, as well as fresh fish and seafood. Order classics like salmon sashimi and maguro tuna or go for something different like salmon cream cheese with avocado and chicken gyoza. 

They have a lot of combo box options, which means you can try many different foods at once. A handy place to drop into for lunch.

8. Musashi Sushi Parnell Street

Photos of Musashi Sushi Parnell Street
Photos via Musashi Sushi Parnell Street restaurant on Facebook

Dubliners with a passion for sushi have gone completely crazy about Musashi Sushi on Parnell Street.

They have a few other locations in the city, so you’re never far away from enjoying their delicious Japanese cuisine.

The sushi here is made to order, so you won’t find any leftovers from the previous hours served to customers.

9. Zakura Izakaya (some of the best sushi takeaway Dublin has to offer)

Photos of Zakura Izakaya
Photos via Zakura Izakaya restaurant on Facebook

Zakura Izakaya is a lovely Japanese sushi restaurant in Dubin that offers both dinings in and takeaway.

The standard of food is always the same and excellent. From their hand-rolled Temaking with cucumber and crab to fresh sushi options, everything on their menu is prepared to order and delicious.

Make sure to book a table at this award-winning dining establishment, since it’s usually packed with customers. They have another branch in the centre of Dublin.

10. Tippenyaki Restaurant Rathmines

Photos of Tippenyaki Restaurant Rathmines
Photo left: Google Maps. Photo right: Tippenyaki Restaurant Rathmines

The name of this restaurant translates to ‘grilled iron plate’. The art of teppanyaki is relatively new in Dublin, but people seem to love it.

The food is prepared in front of customers and the waiters with their chopping ninja-style techniques look really impressive.

Expect to find a straight forward menu with both fresh sushi and fish and meat dishes cooked on the teppanyaki grill.

This is, in my opinion, some of the best sushi in Dublin. I really liked the selection of norimaki that includes your basic fair like maki, salmon, prawn, and avocado.

11. Kokoro Sushi Bento

Photos of Kokoro Sushi Bento
Photos via Kokoro Sushi Bento restaurant on Facebook

Located on Liffey Street, Kokoro Sushi Bento means ‘lunch box’ in Japanese. What’s great about this place is that you can pick and mix your bento box to suit.

It is also reasonably priced and offers daily lunch specials. If you are looking for a healthy meal and wish to try a Japanese modern twist to dining, a visit to Kokoro Sushi Bento is simply a must.

12. Yamamori (one of the oldest sushi restaurants in Dublin)

Yamamori dublin
Photos via Yamamori Sushi on Facebook

Last but by no means least is Yamamori. This is a chain of Japenese restaurants is home to what’s arguably the best sushi in Dublin City.

It’s definitely the longest-running, anyway! When Yamamori opened back in 1995, it’s was the second Japanese restaurant to arrive in Ireland.

Since then, it’s gone on to become the oldest sushi restaurant in Dublin and in Ireland as a whole (the first Japanese restaurant closed a number of years ago).

Yamamori has a number of locations in Dublin and the food here has racked up hundreds of excellent reviews online.

The best sushi in Dublin: Where have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally missed out on some great places for sushi in Dublin in the guide above.

If you have a place that you’d like to recommend, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll check it out! 

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