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The Cliff Beach House: An Exclusive Luxury Rental In Ireland For The Rich And Famous

The Cliff Beach House: An Exclusive Luxury Rental In Ireland For The Rich And Famous

We’ve featured a fair few luxury rentals in Ireland here over the last few months.

However, none, and I mean none, have been anywhere near as swanky as the recently open Cliff Beach House in Waterford.

This place is like something that was whipped from the south of France and then carefully plonked on the side of a cliff on the Waterford coast.

About the Cliff Beach House

the cliff beach house ardmore

You’ll find the Cliff Beach House in Ardmore in County Waterford, a stone’s throw from many of the best places to visit in Waterford.

The Cliff Beach House is a brand new, architect-designed home that’s finely located on the cliffs above the beautiful Ardmore Bay.

Owned by the same group that runs the nearby Cliff House Hotel (it’s a 2-minute walk away), this is an exclusive-use rental property that’ll likely cost a very pretty penny (info on price below).

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Take a peek inside (there’s a hot tub, a gym AND a cinema!)

the bathdining area

The interior of the Cliff Beach House is absolutely bananas, and I mean that in the best possible sense.

It’s like you gave yer man Dermott Bannon a bottomless bank account, a litre of Red Bull and then sent him off on his merry way.


The upper floor, which is where you’ll find the dining room and the living areas, of the property boasts beautiful high-pitched ceilings and endless natural light and ocean views.

According to the host, both areas, ‘open up through floor-to-ceiling glass to a long stone patio’.

Once outside, you can either hop into an outdoor hot tub (… I know!) or you can take a walk down to the village.


The downstairs area is where you’ll find the 6 ensuite bedrooms. Each room sleeps two and is decked out from head to toe in the finest of furnishings and features.

Each bedroom has a floor-to-ceiling glass window that slides open so that you can step out and soak up the views and the sea breeze.

Oh, there’s also a fully kitted-out gym downstairs, also, along with a steam room and a large heated hot tub. Mad stuff!

Fancy features

The Cliff Beach House comes with plenty of space for a group to come together. In the mornings, you can chomp down on breakfast at the long oak dining table.

Then, in the evenings, you can kick-back in front of the fireplace with a drink. There’s also a smaller family snug area.

As you can see from the photo above with the bath and the fireplace feature, there’s also a nice bit of space for some chill time on your own.

Oh… there’s also a cinema…

More very unique offerings 

dining areathe grand piano

The only thing more unique than the design of the Cliff Beach House and the views that it offers is the bespoke services that you can avail of.

Those visiting can request everything from Michelin star chefs to musicians that their website describes as ‘Ireland’s most significant talents’.


According to their website, ‘At Cliff Beach House, you can dial up (or down) the level of service required.

We can bring in the Cliff Group’s multi-award-winning chefs for a seafood feast — across the group, we have three Michelin stars — for a summer barbecue, a tasting menu, or a kid-friendly TV supper.’


They go on to say that you can also, ‘Experience the rich musical traditions of this region within the private space of your Irish home from home.

With a grand piano in the main sitting room, you can enjoy recitals by some of Ireland’s most significant talents.’

If this sounds a bit too formal, you can also request local singers that’ll bang out some traditional Irish tunes.


It gets fancier! If painting, poetry, pottery or writing is your thing, the Cliff Beach House can organise artists to visit for ‘private masterclasses, and evening readings’.

They go on to say that they can also, ‘organise creative writing workshops for families or corporates. Landscape photography is another exciting opportunity, making use of our unique little black book of contacts’.

How much a night will set you back

inside cliff beach house

I’ve scoured the web to try and find prices for the Cliff Beach House, but the closest thing that I’ve found is a mention in an Irish Times article that says ‘Contact for pricing (spoiler alert: it’s not cheap)’.

Now, we’ve featured a lot of luxury accommodation in the where to stay in Ireland section of this site over the years, and I’ll tell you something for nothing…

When a place makes you contact them directly for price enquires, it always, without fail, means it’s pretty damn expensive.

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View from the kitchen

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