Ireland Itinerary Guide:
Where to go in Ireland for an Unforgettable Irish Road Trip

Ireland itinerary planning can be painful!

I get hundreds of emails every week from people struggling to plan a trip to Ireland. Hundreds!

They're generally from people that are struggling to decided on where to go in Ireland during their visit. What chunks of Ireland to see and which to leave out. How to get around and where to say. Oh, and which pubs to nip into for a post-adventure pint.If you're currently in planning mode and feeling stressed, don't worry.

Are you in the middle of planning and feeling stressed? Don't worry! We've got all your Ireland itinerary needs covered below.


Taking the pain out of planning an Irish Road Trip

We’re a (FREE) Ireland road trip planner that helps you discover the best places to visit along with where to eat, sleep & drink.We create guides that offer impartial, no-BS Ireland travel advice.

Our goal with this website is simple: to help you build the best Ireland itinerary to suit you, in the hope that you embark upon an Irish road trip that gives birth to a million happy memories.

What you'll get from our Ireland Itineraries

From Dublin City and Northern Ireland to the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland's Ancient East, we've written a tonne of short (48-hour) and long (2 - 3 week) guides to help you find the best ireland road trip to suit you. Here's what you'll get from each guide:

Ready Made Ireland Itinerary

We've created a tonne of different Irish road trip guides for you to use. And we're adding new ones every week.

Where to stay in ireland

Now that you know where to go in Ireland, it's time to decide where to stay. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Travel Inspiration

The best Ireland itinerary relies on knowing what you want to see. You'll find plenty of inspiration here.


No ads, or clickbait. Just loads of Ireland travel advice to make planning an Irish road trip EASY.

Where to go in Ireland when you only have 48 hours

We’ll kick things off with our most popular 2-day Ireland itineraries, for those of you only visiting for the weekend or for a couple of nights. These are detailed and easy to follow. Check ’em out below. In need of some Ireland travel advice? 

48 Hours In Meath: The Best Things To Do In Meath This Weekend On A 2 Day Road Trip (Full Itinerary)

In this guide we'll be taking you on a 2-day road trip that's jam packed with the best things to do in Meath.Like all...

48 Hours In Donegal: The 2-Day Wild Atlantic Way Donegal Itinerary That’ll Leave You Drooling

In this guide we'll be taking you on a 2-day Wild Atlantic Way Donegal road trip that's wedged with the best things to do.There's...

48 Hours In Kerry: The Best Things To Do In Kerry On A 2-Day Road Trip (Detailed Itinerary)

This was hands down the hardest 48 hour guide that I've written. Unsurprisingly enough, trying to fit the best things to do in Kerry...

48 Hours In Waterford: The Best Things To Do In Waterford This Weekend (Road Trip Itinerary)

This road trip guide is packed to the brim with the best things to do in Waterford this weekend.Now, whether you follow it to...

48 Hours In Antrim: Road Trippin’ Along The Causeway Coastal Route (Detailed Itinerary)

If you're reading this guide then hopefully you're about to head off on a road trip along the Causeway Coastal route for the first...

48 Hours In Galway: The Best Things To Do In Galway With Family Or Friends This Weekend

I often get questions here from readers both young and old asking for advice on the best things to do in Galway with family.It's...

48 Hours In Dublin: Cliff Walks, Castles, A Historical Pub Crawl, Tours And Loads More (Full Itinerary)

In this guide we'll be taking about to take you through a 48 hour/2-day Dublin itinerary that's wedged with the best things to do...

48 Lovely Hours in Clare: Cliffs, Caves, Craic And A Whole Lot More (Detailed Guide)

Grab a coffee. Kick back. And Bookmark the sh*t out of this page.We're about to take you through the best things to do in...
ireland itinerary 10 days guide

Perfect Ireland Itinerary 10 Days +

This is the perfect Ireland itinerary for those of you with a bit of time. It's a detailed 18-day coastal guide that takes you on arguably the best drive in Ireland.. Visiting for less time? There's enough detail in this guide for you to chop and change it wherever and whenever you need.

Wild Atlantic Way Guides

Only planning on visiting the Wild Atlantic Way? Below, you’ll find some guides that’ll help you find where to go in Ireland if you’re only planning on sticking to the WAW. In my opinion, the best Ireland road trip from the bunch below is the 11-day guide. It’s knock-you-on-your-arse incredible from beginning to end.

The 11-Day Wild Atlantic Way Itinerary That’ll Take You On The Road Trip Of A Lifetime (Guide)

welcome to our no-bullshit-super-detailed 11-day Wild Atlantic Way Itinerary.After reading this guide, you'll be ready to embark upon an adventure along one of...

The ULTIMATE (Literally) Guide To Things To Do In Galway (Road Trips, Pubs, Maps + More)

There's an almost endless number of things to do in Galway.From lazy Saturday's spent floating about the city to the more strenuous adventures that...

30+ Things To Do In West Cork On A Mouth-Watering 4-Day Road Trip (Full Itinerary)

This detailed road trip guide packs in 30+ of the best things to do in West Cork over 4 long, lovely days on the...

5 Day Ireland Itinerary That You Can Steal: Your Entire Trip Planned From Start To Finish

This guide was originally published in mid 2018. Since then, I've had hundreds of emails asking if this can be upgraded to a 5...

Map of Ireland Attractions, pubs & more

We’ve created 4 interactive maps of Ireland. When you're planning your trip, just open up one of the maps, zoom in on where you're going and you'll have loads of things to do and places to eat, sleep and drink all around you.

The 1st contains 600+ of the best things to do in Ireland. The 2nd, is packed with 300+ ofIreland's best pubs, the 3rd contains lots of great places to stay, while the 4th is full of places to eat on your Irish road trip.

Ireland travel advice from a local - places to visit

When planning their Irish road trip, people often get frazzled when it comes to fitting everywhere in that they want to see.

You need to prioritise and be realistic. Does it make more sense to spend longer in one county and really dive into it head first, or are you happy to just get on the road and explore as much as physically possible?

Just relax, take your time and enjoy it.