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Fancy Owning Your Very Own Craggy Island? (Comes With A Fancy Gaff + Beach)

Fancy Owning Your Very Own Craggy Island? (Comes With A Fancy Gaff + Beach)

I tend to browse property websites a fair bit. I’ve no idea why. It’ll be about 30 years before I buy a house at this stage.

The other day, during one of these fruitless searches, I ended up in a Google wormhole that took me to a website that sells islands.

Yes, islands… Now, while this place will never be as mighty as Craggy Island from the Father Ted series, it’s still pretty damn good.

And the house it comes with is fancy AF, with spectacular views and… and I’m going to shut up and let you just look at it.

Your very own Craggy Island

beach on horse Isla d

Welcome to the beautiful Horse Island off the coast of Cork. Here are some quick facts about the place before we dive in:

  • Name: Horse Island
  • Location: Roaring Water Bay, West Cork, Ireland
  • Price: $ 7,530,120.48
  • Size: 157.00 Acres
  • Anything else: it’s class and this isn’t an ad

Your very own private island

island for sale in ireland

I need this place.

Horse Island is a gorgeous, privately owned island plonked in the middle of Roaring Water Bay off the coast of Schull in the spectacularly beautiful area of West Cork.

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The island’s natural landscape provides an intensely unique private retreat that offers a serious dollop of tranquillity and privacy for someone with a few spare million lying about the place.

A fancy gaff and a gorgeous beach

west cork island for sale

According to the seller:

‘Horse Island is one of only a few Irish islands that is fully and sympathetically re-developed as a private residential island with all modern facilities.

Totally self-contained with regard to electricity, water and sewage treatment and is probably the best re-developed and revitalised of all the islands off the West Coast of Ireland.’

ireland island for sale

I’m sold already, but in case you aren’t they go on to say;

‘Following years of abandonment, today Horse Island is once again a residential island offering the luxuries of modern life coupled with exclusive privacy and tranquillity.

The island is located only a few minutes’ commute by boat to the many access points on the mainland from the island’s modern harbour with 150 ft pier and slipway. The island provides amazing views over Roaring Water Bay, out onto the Atlantic with the famous Fastnet Rock lighthouse.’ 

Views for days

ireland island for sale

The Main House on Horse Island is located on an elevated site that overlooks the magnificent Roaring Water Bay and the surrounding area.

On a clear day, you’ll be able to peer out at the many islands and the famous Fastnet Rock on the horizon.

island to buy in west cork

The two-storey stone residence boasts;

  • Six bedrooms
  • A guest wing away from the owner’s accommodation
  • A large living room with extra-large panoramic windows that lets in the light and the outstanding views over Roaring Water Bay
  • A large kitchen cum dining room
  • A private master suite with en suite bathroom
  • A dressing room/study
  • A roof terrace

I need to win some money… OK, a lot of money.

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The history of the island

Horse Island boasted a thriving copper industry from 1820 to 1874, and the remnants of this era can still be seen across the island.

In 1841, the island’s population peaked at 137 people, many of whom were employed in the mines.

Fast forward to 1965 and all the inhabitants of the island had departed

After this, the island became privately owned and the current infrastructure was developed over the years.

All. Kinds. Of. Damn. Want!

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Wednesday 15th of January 2020

If your grandparents were born in Ireland you can apply for citizenship. Kind of cool to have even if you don’t win the lotto!


Wednesday 25th of September 2019

I've just gotten back from my first visit to Ireland. 10 days of pure joy. Since my grandparents were from Donegal, I'm all in for moving there. I did buy a lottery ticket today and have a few places picked out and this one was HIGH on my list. Thanks for the article!

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