This Cosy Glamping Truck Is Fancier Than My House (It Also Has A Stove… And A Sauna)

Very funky altogether

glamping at larchfield estate

While we were researching glampsites for our guide to 27 of the best places to go glamping in Ireland, we stumbled upon Larchfield Estate.

And a very funky looking glamping truck that’s kitted out better than my gaff in Dublin.

What makes this truck unique isn’t the fact that it has been converted into a funky place to kip for a night or two.

It’s the fact that it has a stove that’ll make the place cosy AF… AND a sauna.

Larchfield Estate Glamping

Can’t be arsed reading?

Just bash the play button above to take a look inside what glamping at Larchfield Estate entails.

About the truck

Larchfield estate glamping

Those of you that spend the night here can chill in front of a log burning stove during the winter months or flake out on the sun deck when it’s a little warmer.

Oh – there’s also a sauna… yes, a sauna.

There are gorgeous grounds all around you (more on that in a sec), the place that you’ll be staying in is nice and luxurious (and comfy) and there’s a sauna attached to it.

The truck is actually a 1952 Saurer Swiss Army truck that has been beautifully adapted and crafted to offer a romantic glamping escape.

A couple of things to note

The first thing to flag is that the truck is only available for bookings from April through to October each year. 

The second thing is that there’s no prices (that I could see) listed on their website.

You have to make an inquiry… which usually (but not always) translates to it’s going to be pretty damn expensive.

The history of the estate

According to their website, ‘Larchfield’s story starts back in 1660 when the land (at that time, about 1500 acres) was bought from the O’Neills. It wasn’t until 1750 that the original part of the current house was built on the site of an old farm house.’

Now, if the name ‘Mussenden’ caught your attention, keep reading:

‘It was built by the Mussendens, who were merchants bankers in Belfast. We have an interesting connection with Mussenden Temple in County Derry which was built by the Earl Bishop (a cousin) in memory of Mrs. Mussenden from Larchfield who died at the age of 22, sadly before Mussenden Temple was finished.’

Yes, this Mussenden Temple.

mussenden temple walk
Photo by silvester kalcik (Shutterstock)

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