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An Honest Review Of The Recently Refurbished Mont Hotel In Dublin

An Honest Review Of The Recently Refurbished Mont Hotel In Dublin

So, every few months, an email from someone working at (or for) a hotel clatters into my inbox. They generally include an offer of a room for a night in exchange for a review.

A lot of the time, I’ll reply back with an ‘I’d love to, but I’m not going to be in X county for months’.

But every once and a while, as was the case with Lough Eske Castle and several others, I’ll say yes.

Now, I’ve never been offered a room in a hotel in Dublin, which is why I jumped at the invitation to stay at the slightly quirky Mont Hotel.

Don’t worry – I’ll stop sh*ting on now and hop straight into the review!

The Mont, Dublin: Should you spend the night?

monty at the reception

We arrived at the Mont at around half 8 in the evening a couple of Saturdays ago.

We’d spent the previous 5 hours in the Palace Bar on Fleet Street (seriously tasty Guinness in that place) and time just seemed to evaporate – as it tends to when you’ve been chatting and tipping away at pints – so we ended up checking in much later than expected.

Anyway, we sauntered in through the reception and copped the little beaut in the photo above absolutely flaked out next to the check-in desk.

Her name’s Monty. And she lounges around the reception area throughout the day just chilling. She’s a gorgeous little thing, but pretty shy. So we admired from afar.


  • Ridiculously friendly bloke on the front desk
  • Causal chat, no arsing about
  • Took 2 minutes max
  • Verdict: Shpot on and a good start to the stay


The rooms at the Mont

rooms in the mont hotel

We took the elevator up one floor to our room. When we stepped out of the lift, the first thing that caught my attention was the carpet and wallpaper.

it was a bit gack.

I’ve been to a lot of hotels where the reception area and the lounge look five star, and then everything else looks much less cared for, and I feared that this was going to be the case with the Mont.

It was spotlessly clean, don’t get me wrong, but it just felt like there was a disconnect between the funky design in the reception area and the next floor up.

However, after popping open the door and sticking my head inside, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Comfy AF

ridiculously comfy bed

I’m by no means exaggerating when I say that this was hands-down the comfiest room that I’ve ever stayed in.

Literally. I’ve been to a lot of hotels in Ireland and plenty more abroad, but this one was the cosiest.

Sleeping in the bed you’ll see in the photo above was like being swallowed by a cloud. The blackout blinds were a nice touch, also.

The shower was also pretty damn good – it was one of those rain forest jobs that makes you feel like you’re cheating on your shower at home.

The room

  • Comfy, cosy and the perfect temperature
  • Spotlessly clean
  • Nice space to work from at the foot of the bed
  • Smart Tv that we couldn’t hook up to Netflix (more down to the number of pints consumed earlier in the evening)
  • Rainforest shower that you need to force yourself out from under
  • The only downside: the view from the room was out onto the smoking area and other buildings

main bathroom

Bar and food

the mont bar

So, I can’t actually comment on the food or the bar, as we didn’t have dinner or drinks.

I did nip my head into the bar (‘the Sin Bin‘) that evening, though, for a little nosey.

On the night that I had a look in it was pretty quiet, but it’s likely that people are still only starting to discover that it’s there (the Mont was heavily refurbished and reopened in August, 2019).

It looked like the ideal spot if you had a group of 6 or 7 mates looking to watch a match, as there were a few big booths facing out onto a chunky flatscreen TV.

The location

the mont on a map

The Mont is finely located a stone’s throw from heaps of attractions.

If you’ll overlook the ropey design skills in the graphic above you’ll see the hotel (the little red pointer) and everywhere from Trinity College to the Little Museum of Dublin nearby.

Very handy for those of you visiting Dublin and looking to make this place your base for a night or two.

Final verdict

Mont hotel dublin

I’d have no hesitation in recommending the Mont.

The staff at reception were warm and friendly (actually, one of the cleaners that helped us with something on the Sunday morning was brilliant, also!), the room was stupidly comfy, and the location is top-notch.

How much a night will set you back

I whacked a couple of different dates into to suss out the prices:

  • A Monday in October: €153
  • A Wednesday in October: €153
  • A Friday in October: €225
  • A Saturday in October: €206

Have you stayed at the Mont? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below?

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The folks at the Mont Hotel gave me a complimentary nights accommodation.

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Agustin Muzzio

Sunday 20th of October 2019

Thanks Keith great review!!


Sunday 20th of October 2019

Thanks for an honest review and great IG account. We love your recommendations and can’t wait to visit next month.

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