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7 Of The Best Restaurants In Rosslare Town

7 Of The Best Restaurants In Rosslare Town

In search of the best restaurants in Rosslare? Our Rosslare restaurants guide will make your belly happy!

Situated right on the coast, Rosslare pokes its nose out into the St. George’s Channel and catches the best of the seaside air.

That’s why the seafood on offer here is so fresh and plentiful. Stop for a snack, or stay for a meal, either way, you’re going to be satisfied with your experience!

In the guide below, you’ll discover the best Rosslare restaurants on offer, with a little bit of something to tickle every fancy.

Our favourite Rosslare restaurants

things to do in rosslare

Photos via Shutterstock

Although there’s heaps of things to do in Rosslare, it’s hard to beat a bite-to-eat after a stroll along Rosslare Strand.

Below, you’ll find some of our favourite restaurants in the town, from the stunning Wild and Native to some often missed foodie spots.

1. Wild and Native Seafood Restaurant

Wild and Native Seafood Restaurant

Photos via Wild and Native on FB

Wild and Native is arguably one of the best restaurants in Wexford. Seafood doesn’t get much fresher when you’re this close to the coast. The atmosphere of Wild and Native is a pleasant blend of smart-casual and a more formal tone.

The dark-wooden tables, grey walls, and ambient lighting all work perfectly with the moody changes of the seaside location. Don’t get too set on any online menu you might see, as it does change daily with what’s been caught that morning.

But, as a rule of thumb, you can expect to see dishes like Rosslare crab, pan-fried Brill or Hake, a Wild Atlantic prawn cocktail, or Sleeda Farm fillet of beef.

2. La Marine Bistro at Kelly’s Resort Hotel & Spa

La Marine Bistro

Photos via La Marine Bistro

Smart-casual with a hint of something special, this restaurant is full of life and has instant appeal and you’ll find it at Kelly’s – one of the most popular family hotels in Wexford.

With a lively yet moody bar atmosphere, an open-plan bistro dining area that has velvet bench seats and painted chairs, through to the bright and airy atriumesque dining room, La Marine suits eating at any time of day or mood.

Warm more than just the cockles of your heart with their creamy seafood and saffron chowder, or go for a hint of the Mediterranean with the baba ghanoush and goat’s cheese tartlet, to kick-start your experience.

This is one of our favourite Rosslare restaurants, but keep in mind that it, like everywhere in Rosslare, gets busy when the summer months roll in.

3. Sinnott’s on the Strand

Sinnott's on the Strand

Photos via Sinnott’s on the Strand on FB

Sitting pretty near the village car park, you can’t ask for a better location than Sinnott’s on the Strand. Whilst not on the waterfront, the smell of the sea breeze still wafts up from the sandy shoreline into this classy yet casual restaurant.

Bright sea-blue walls with terracotta-coloured seating, it’s bright and breezy and oh-so inviting. You can get a light breakfast of a coffee and pastry, or later in the day, you can order a cocktail while you check out their extensive menu, as there are loads to choose from.

For something a bit different, try the shredded duck salad, or their double smashed beef burger for heartier appetites.

Other great places to eat in Rosslare


Photos via Cushens on FB

Now that we have our favourite places to eat in Rosslare out of the way, it’s time to see what other culinary delights this county has to offer.

Below, you’ll find everywhere from the Beachcomber and Sharky’s to some often overlooked restaurants in Rosslare that are well worth nipping into.

1. Rosslare Beachcomber

Rosslare Beachcomber

Photos via Rosslare Beachcomber on FB

An eclectic beachside cafe with brightly painted chairs, outdoor seating, and a wide range of goodies you can take home with you, Rosslare Beachcomber is a friendly-feeling as it is colourfully painted. It’s a perfect way to finish off your stroll along Rosslare Beach and warm up after those gusty winds.

The cafe has a wide range of baked goods, including scones, cannoli, cinnamon buns, loaves of bread and other tasty cakes. You can also pick up some salad dressings, cookbooks, and other novelty items to round off your day by the coast.

2. The Garden Cafe

The Garden Cafe

Photos via The Garden Cafe on FB

Open through the majority of the day, you can stop in here for breakfast right through to later afternoon cuppa or an early dinner. The Garden Cafe is colourful and spacious; with a variety of comfortable seating options so it’s both warm and inviting.

This cafe does have an extensive menu, so it may take some time to read it all and make a decision, so you’re best off getting a table and a drink to get you started.

They have a spectacular ‘build your own’ burger for aficionados, or cut to the chase and order one of their amazing stuffed ciabattas! If you’re looking for casual restaurants in Rosslare that cook up a storm, check out the Garden Cafe.

3. Sharky’s Rosslare

Sharky's Rosslare

Photos via Sharky’s on FB

Some call it a takeaway; others an institution, but whichever team you decide to choose you’re bound to be impressed by the menu at Sharky’s!

Bright and breezy, the doors of this massive building open out onto Station Road, with the sea breeze blowing up from the beach. Order inside, then head back out to grab a table under the covered patio.

Sharky’s offers all the usual fish ‘n chip fare, with hot chips served plain or with your choice of toppings, a variety of fish fillets, including Ray, Lemon Sole, and Monkfish, or of course their even broader selection of burgers.

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4. Cushens Pub and Restaurant


Photos via Cushens on FB

Heading to or from Rosslare and you’re bound to go through Grahormack, but you really should stop off at Cushens while you’re there. It’s quiet and unassuming, as all the best-kept secrets usually are. Inside it’s like most traditional Irish pubs, just with a bit more elbow room.

The menu isn’t complicated, but you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. For instance, there’s a vegan burger or vegetarian tagliatelle, the catch of the day is always fresh, or perhaps the traditional Irish bacon ribs will be more your style.

Either way, it’ll be delicious, and you won’t leave hungry!

What great Rosslare restaurants have we missed?

I’ve no doubt that we’ve unintentionally left out some other great restaurants in Rosslare and beyond from the guide above.

If you have some favourite places to eat in Enniscorthy that you’d like to recommend, drop a comment into the comments section below.

FAQs about the best Rosslare restaurants

We’ve had a lot of questions over the years asking about everything from ‘Where has sea views?’ to ‘Which does the best fish and chips?’.

In the section below, we’ve popped in the most FAQs that we’ve received. If you have a question that we haven’t tackled, ask away in the comments section below.

What are the best restaurants in Rosslare?

In my opinion, it’s had to beat Wild and Native, Sinnott’s on the Strand and the popular La Marine Bistro in Kelly’s Resort.

What casual Rosslare restaurants are worth visiting?

The Garden Cafe, Sharky’s and Rosslare Beachcomber are three good options if you’re looking for some decent but in a casual setting.

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