The Irish Road Trip Playlist That’ll Make Your Ears Very Feckin’ Happy In 2020

Your adventure soundtrack.

Driving near the Derrigimlagh Bog
Photo by Tourism Ireland

Back in April of 2017, I asked around 173,000 people on Instagram (see the original post) what was the best music to explore Ireland to.

Around 750 people commented, DM’d, emailed and even sent text messages… thanks, Mam…

My phone was hopping with notifications for about 3 days.

The result?

  • A delightfully mixed bag of road trip bangers
  • Heaps of tunes that you can cruise along Ireland’s never-ending dual carriageways to
  • Just as many that you can chill to, as you meander along those narrow country lanes and gorgeous coastal roads.

Then came the 2018 update

Lost Valley County Mayo
Photo via the Lost Valley

When 2018 rocked in, we lashed out another post asking for more road trip music reccys.

And, once again, thousands of people replied.

The playlist thrived away thanks to a new influx of old and recent releases.

A much needed 2019 update

things to do in waterford guide
Photo by Luke Myers

As we’re now into the belly of 2019, it’s time for another update.

So, if you’ve a tune that you like to explore to and think it should be added to the playlist, pop the name of the song into the comments section at the end of this article.

It’ll take 2 seconds.

In the meantime, here’s the playlist. We’ll be updating it with recommendations regularly!

If you can’t click through to the playlist above, here’s the direct link.

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  1. Using this as a guide for my family’s trip. We’re coming in from the US and driving Dublin to Galway for a week.

  2. Celtic Symphony – wolftones
    Boxer goes to Stuttgart- Christy Moore
    Listened to them everytime we started on the road when we did our West Coast road trip in the US!

  3. I love this playlist and not only is it a great Ireland road tripping playlist, but it’s a great sitting at my desk at work wishing I was back on the road in Ireland playlist. Introduced me to some new artists that I’ve gone on and listened to more of. And I was just scrolling through to see what’s been added and thinking I’d drop a line to suggest some Dermot Kennedy – specifically Power Over Me – and you’ve already added it! Thanks for all you do Keith!

    • Hey Karen,

      Thanks for the comments and the kind words.

      Love a bit of Dermot Kennedy! Some serious tunes coming out of that lad.

      Glad you’re enjoying it!




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