A Guide To Visiting Silver Strand Beach (AKA Malin Beg) In Donegal

malin beg beach donegal
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If you’re debating a visit to Silver Strand Beach / Malin Beg Beach in Donegal, you’ve landed in the right place!

There’s a reason we’ve referred to Silver Strand Beach / Malin Beg Beach as one of the best beaches in Donegal time and time again – it’s incredible!

Throughout the year, visitors come from all over to visit this sumptuously picturesque cove.

In this article, we will take a closer look at visiting Silver Strand Beach / Malin Beg Beach, from where to park to some important information about swimming.

Water safety warning: Understanding water safety is absolutely crucial when visiting beaches in Ireland. Please take a minute to read these water safety tips. Cheers!

Welcome to the incredible Silver Strand Beach in Donegal

Silver Strand Beach
Photo by Milosz Maslanka (Shutterstock)

Malainn Bhig is the Irish version of the name Malin beg, a stunningly secluded bay that can be seen in all its glory from the discovery point at Silver Strand beach in Donegal.

The horseshoe-shaped cliffs that rise high around the sands make this one of Ireland’s most dramatic spots to kick-back and soak up some scenery.

Over on the Western side of the Bay, the headland hosts the ruins of fortifications beyond which Rathlinn O’Birne Island can be made out.

To the south east, headlands soar up alongside the coast all the way to the summit of Slieve League Mountain, making for some stunning vistas from the Discovery Point.

Things to know before you visit Malin Beg Beach in Donegal

malin beg beach donegal
Photo by Paul_Shiels/shutterstock

Now, although a visit to Silver Strand Beach in Donegal is pretty straightforward, there’s a few need-to-knows that’ll make your visit all the more enjoyable.

Below, you’ll find some handy tips and later in the guide you’ll discover some brilliant places to visit a stone’s throw from Malin Beg Beach.

1. Parking

There is some room for around 30 cars at Malin Beg. This may not sound much but outside of peak summer months it rarely fills up and you’ll have no hassle grabbing a spot.

However, as is the case with many of the more popular Donegal attractions, summertime tends to bring waves of visitors, so try and arrive early! 

2. When to visit

Although stunning all year round and at any time of day (maybe not after dark though!), Silver Strand Beach is undoubtedly best seen at either sunrise or sunset, in our opinion.

As the beach looks west, sunset is particularly stunning. Grab a picnic and a blanket and chill on the grassy hill above the beach and soak up the views.

3. Swimming at Silver Strand

While it’s safe to swim at Silver Strand Beach, take note – there are no lifeguards present, so ensure to take care and never enter the water if in doubt.

In the warmer months, you may see people diving and snorkeling at Malin Beg Beach, which is especially interesting to watch from the vantage point above.

4. If you struggle with mobility, take note of this

There are some 174 steps down the steep cliff face to Malin Beg Beach. Unfortunately, the beach doesn’t yet offer wheelchair access, so those for whom this may be an issue should look elsewhere. Fintra Beach, a nearby beauty spot, is fully wheelchair accessible. 

5. Nearby coffee fix

Silver Strand Cafe can lay claim to being the best situated coffeeshop in Ireland! With stunning views over the beach, visitors can enjoy a cold drink on a hot day or a hot drink in winter. They also sell delicious snacks like sandwiches and cakes!

Things to see near Silver Strand Beach in Donegal

One of the beauties about Silver Strand Beach in Donegal is that it’s a stones-throw from an endless number of places to visit.

From some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe to a hidden waterfall, you’ll find ample places to visit near Malin Beg below!

1. Slieve League (32-minutes away)

Slieve league hike
Photo taken by MNStudio (shutterstock)

This stunning series of seaside mountains and cliffs at Slieve League soar 6km into the sky and is just a short distance from Malin Beg.

2. Donegal’s ‘Secret Waterfall’ (32-minutes away)

hidden waterfall donegal
Photo by John Cahalin (Shutterstock)

Located at Largy, Donegal’s Secret Waterfall is a stunning site of natural beauty is one of the most unique spots to visit anywhere in the county.

3. Assaranca Waterfall (52-minutes away)

ardara waterfall donegal
Photo by Yevhen Nosulko/shutterstock

A well-known tourist hotspot near Maghera Beach, Assaranca Waterfall is a lush and truly spectacular sight.

4. Ardara (52-minutes away)

restaurants in ardara
Photo via Mickalene’s on fb

If you’re looking for a great base for exploring this corner of the county, the little village of Ardara in Donegal is a great option.

There’s plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, lots of lively pubs and there’s a wide variety of accommodation to pick from.

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