How To Find Donegal’s Incredible Secret Waterfall (Plus A Load of Pictures and Videos)

A guide with a load of disclaimers

secret waterfall donegal
Photo by Gareth Wray. Fancy hanging this on your wall? Gareth's selling prints of this (link below)

OK, so I’m fairly aware that detailing where Donegal’s secret waterfall is will annoy some people that would rather its location remained a secret.

I get why you’re annoyed, but hear me out.

We’ve posted several photos of this waterfall on Instagram and Facebook over the last few years and on every single occasion, we’ve received replies that go something along the lines of:

“Hey, any idea where exactly this is?! We spent an hour walking along the coast looking for it but had to leave as the tide came in”

Now, most sensible people wouldn’t go looking for a cave when the tide is about to come in… but many (and I mean many) have and many more will.

In the guide below, we’ll show you how to safely get to Donegal’s secret waterfall. Note: There’s very limited parking nearby – if there isn’t any space, you’re out of luck – DO NOT PARK AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD (IT’S NEAR A BEND) IN AN UNDESIGNATED AREA OR YOU COULD CAUSE A SERIOUS ACCIDENT! 

Finding Donegal’s secret waterfall

hidden waterfall donegal
Photo by Gareth Wray. Fancy hanging this on your wall? Gareth’s selling prints of this.

The waterfall at Largy is arguably one of the most unique places to visit in Donegal. If you take one glance at the photo above, it’s not hard to see why.

There are a couple of things that I want to note before we dive into this guide. Please take 20 seconds to read the below:


As should be the case when you visit anywhere in Ireland, please be respectful when you visit this waterfall.

Leave no trace (i.e. take your rubbish with you!) and do nothing to disrupt the area – don’t remove rocks, don’t dump crap and don’t damage any of the land you use to reach the coast.

While I’ve no doubt that the majority of you do not need to be told this, you only need to visit some of Ireland’s natural attractions to realise that there are plenty of sh*tebags out there that leave their rubbish wherever they like.

Safety and Tide times

ONLY, ONLY… ONLY visit Donegal’s hidden / secret waterfall at low tide. I can’t stress that enough. DO NOT just head here on a whim and hope for the best.

This waterfall is inside a cave. If you don’t check the tide-tables in advance, you could easily be cut off by the incoming tide. And there’s no other way back, so DON’T CHANCE IT!


If there’s no place to park nearby, then you’re out of luck and you’ll have to try again sometime in the future.

Don’t just dump your car dangerously at the side of the road (there have been reports of this). 

The location


You’ll find the hidden waterfall on the Slieve League peninsula in County Donegal.

The waterfall is in Largy, a village between the towns of Killybegs and Kilcar. Here’s how to get to it:

Where to park

secret waterfall donegal location

Aim for Largy Viewpoint. You’ll see it in the image above with the little red pointer above it.

There’s a decent bit of space here to park. If you’re feeling peckish, nip into Kitty Kelly’s (it’s just over the road and the reviews are top-notch).

The path to the waterfall

You’ll need to walk back along the road to where the top arrow above is pointing.

If you’re using Google Maps, you’ll notice that someone has placed a marker here titled ‘Largy Waterfall’.

Here’s where things get a little uncertain. The land down to the coast is privately owned. Personally, I wouldn’t enter this land without the permission of the farmer.

It’s a gated field and that needs to be respected.

Getting to the waterfall

If you hit play on the video above from Aras B&B, you’ll see some of the dangers involved in getting to the waterfall.

If you do get permission to cross the land down to the water, turn right and walk along the coast.

In the video above, you’ll see how slippy the stones are that you’ll be walking along – this isn’t a journey to be made by people with limited mobility.

You’ll know that you’re getting close to the waterfall when you start to hear the sounds of water crashing.

Some final points to read if you’re considering visiting

  • Check the tide-times (link in the guide above) and never visit at high tide
  • Respect the land around you

Cheers to John Cahalin on Shutterstock (@classicangles on IG) for the absolute peach of a photo that you can see in the video halfway through this guide.

Hopefully, you rock up here when the weather’s as good!

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  1. Hello there 🙂 I was thinking of visiting this waterfall, it’s so spectacular & I was wondering how did you get the permission to enter the land?

    • Hey,

      I haven’t visited the waterfall personally. If I was visiting the area and looking to see it, I’d ask in some local shops/pubs to see if anyone has any info.

      I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but it’s what I’d do personally to ensure that I was entering the land with the permission of the owner.

      Have a great trip.



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