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Our 2020 Ireland Staycation Survey

Our 2020 Ireland Staycation Survey

If you’ve visited this site over the past month and a half, you might have seen an annoying little pop-up asking you to take a staycation survey.

To be honest, I stuck it up there at the start of August and then, eh, completely forgot about it… my organisational skills are impeccable, I know…

It wasn’t until the end of last week that I remembered it was still running and I opened it up to discover that 1,257 people had taken the survey…

Surveying people that took a staycation in Ireland in 2020

The gap of Dunlore

Photo by Stefano_Valeri (Shutterstock)

The last year has been a pain. One of the few positives to come from it is that many people living in Ireland have had a chance to discover how mighty our little island really is.

For some (23%), it was their first time taking a trip of 2+ days in Ireland. For others, they discovered hidden gems in counties that they’d never visited previously.

Below, you’ll find the answers to the 7 staycation-related questions we asked visitors to The Irish Road Trip. Number 6, in particular, threw up some interesting insights!

Q 1: Is this your first time taking a holiday (a trip of 2 days+) in Ireland?

  • Yes: 23%
  • No: 77%

Q 2: Did it live up to your expectations?

  • Yes: 89%
  • No: 11%

Q 3: Would you holiday in Ireland (2 days + break) again?

  • Yes: 94%
  • No: 6%

Q 4: Did you find Ireland good value to travel around (i.e. cost of accommodation, food, drink, etc.)

  • Yes: 61%
  • No: 39%

Q 5: What was the most breath-taking place you visited in Ireland this summer?

  1. Connemara
  2. The Causeway Coast
  3. West Cork
  4. Donegal
  5. Glendalough
  6. Dingle
  7. Clare
  8. Aran Islands
  9. North Mayo
  10. Sligo

Q 6: What place in Ireland, that you’ve never been to previously, surprised you the most?

  • Wexford: 32%
  • Fermanagh: 25%
  • Kerry: 17%
  • Down: 12%
  • Mix of other counties: 14%

Q 7: Would you, like me, be happy if none of us ever used the word ‘Staycation’ EVER again…?

  • Yes: 83%
  • No: 9%
  • Don’t care either way: 8%

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.