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You + 6 Friends Can Stay In This Fancy Beachside Cottage In Galway For €200 P/P

You + 6 Friends Can Stay In This Fancy Beachside Cottage In Galway For €200 P/P

The best Airbnbs in Ireland, in my opinion, are ones that are a little bit different. The quirkier the better.

If you’ve read our guide to the most unusual Airbnbs in Ireland, you’ll know that Ireland’s home to plenty of weird and wonderful places to stay.

Today, we’re heading out to Connemara in Galway to check out a magnificently restored stone cottage that works out pretty damn cheap if you visit with friends.

A Fancy Beachside Cottage In Galway

folans cottage

You’ll find the very fancy ‘Folan’s Cottage’ in Connemara in County Galway, a stone’s throw (literally) from a secluded beach.

This architecturally designed home was carefully rebuilt in 2010 from two ruined stone cottages that previously stood proudly in the area.

Those that visit Folan’s will be treated to mighty views, with everything from the Twelve Bens to the Arann Islands visible on a clear day.

Take a look inside!

connemara cottage to rent

We’ve featured a lot of accommodation on this website over the years, but I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted to own a place as much as this!

Folan’s cottage is well equipped to comfortably house 7 people for a week (there’s a minimum 7-night stay – more on this below).

There’s a fully kitted-out kitchen that’s perfect for cooking up a storm for a large group and there are also plenty of spaces for you to chill out together after a day spent exploring Connemara.

The space

connemara cottage interior connemara cottage fire

The living room has a fireplace with a stove for the colder months along with a heap of modern features, like a Bluetooth sound system, a TV and a DVD player.

There’s also underground heating throughout the property. Swanky design aside, the biggest thing that Folan’s has going for it is its location.

Regardless of the fact that there’s a lovely little beach on its doorstep, it’s its proximity to many of Galway’s top attractions that give this place its ‘X Factor’.

According to the hosts, ‘The setting is magical and remote with just rabbits, sheep and Connemara ponies as your neighbours.’

How much a night will set you back

connemara cottage exterior during day time

There’s a 7-night minimum stay at Folan’s, which isn’t ideal, but hopefully, it’ll suit some of you looking for a long break.

I’ve popped in a week in November (this place is popular, clearly!) for a group of 7:

  • Total cost: €1,397
  • Per person: €199.57
  • Book a night here
  • Nab €30 off your first Airbnb stay with this code
  • If you use the link above we’ll make a tiny commission that goes towards the running of this website and you won’t pay anything extra (cheers if you do – it’s appreciated!)

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Deirdre Noone

Saturday 30th of March 2019 all your posts thanks. I rent a lovely cosy cottage also on the outskirts of Connemara! On the mayo/galway border very close to Leenane village.....have a look at the details on Airbnb and of course my reviews!!

Appreciate any promo you can give me. Many thanks. Deirdre

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.