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Unique AirBnBs in Ireland – 12 Unusual, Weird And Charming Irish Rentals To Spend A Night

Fancy staying somewhere a little different?

I‘ve developed a little obsession with unique Airbnbs in Ireland.

There’s a heap of unusual, funky and insanely charming Airbnbs to spend a night across our little island.

From treehouses and hobbit pods to swanky gaffs with hot tubs, the guide below is for those of you that have a hankering for staying somewhere a little bit quirky.

1 – A Treehouse in West Cork… With its own Private Hot Tub… 

You’ll find this treehouse in one of my favourite parts of Ireland – West Cork.

Nestled in the branches of spruce pines, this is a little bit of quirky luxury to base yourself in as you explore the beauty that lays all around you in West Cork.

west cork treehouse

If you’re not yet sold, here’s what the host has to say:

‘This is no ordinary self-catering cottage but an extraordinary, magical creation – and it’s completely eco-friendly. Through the French doors you walk on to a large deck overlooking the West Cork countryside.’

Still not sold? OK, this should do it:

‘Here you’ll find your own, private two-person Canadian hot-tub, chairs and a table. You’ll be drawn to this area both day and night. It has a magical quality and there’s something wonderful about being up in the trees, at one with nature.’

west cork treehouse ireland

A midweek night here starts at €189 per night.

2 – A Cozy City Treehouse Retreat in Kilkenny

I could 100% live in this place.

Welcome to the Braille House in the heart of Kilkenny – a treehouse that’s finely situated a leisurely 10 minutes walk from the town center.

Unique AirBnB's In Ireland the treehouse

Here’s how the hosts describe it:

‘Though only a 10 minute walk from the City and its attractions, secluded by trees and birdsong, the treehouse feels as though you’re in a rural retreat with a uniquely perfect urban/rural balance.’


treehouse in kilkenny

This warm and cozy rental is a masterfully decorated, chilled and relaxing treehouse built at the bottom of a long garden.

The perfect place to stay if you fancy giving our Kilkenny road trip a bash (see the guide here).

Rent this place from €101 per night.

3 – A Donegal Hillpod voted ‘Best Place in Ireland to Get Away from it All’

We wrote abut this very unique Airbnb in Ireland (Donegal, to be precise) early last year and it was one of the most visited articles on this site in 2018.

Hosted by Greg and Lukas, this gorgeous little hobbit pod can be found tucked into the rugged landscape of Southwest Donegal in Glencolumbkille.

hillpod in donegal

It was recently voted ‘Best Play to Stay 2018’ by the Irish Times and had previously been given the illustrious title of ‘Best Place in Ireland to Get Away from it All’ (2017) by The Times.

Can you see why… ?

hillpod in donegal

Aside from the incredible view that visitors are treated to from the comfort of their bed, something that really appeals to me is that fact that you can take a short stroll to a secluded beach nearby.

The perfect little hideaway.

Rent this place from €52 per night.

4 – Live Like Harry Potter in this Gorgeous Old Castle in Clare

Ever fancy renting a castle and living like Harry and the lads in Gryffindor tower for a couple of nights?

Well, the magnificent Ballyhannon Castle can be yours to rent from €140 per person per night (based on a group of 25).

ballyshannon castle clare

Ballyhannon Castle is a medieval Irish castle that dates back to the 15th century, and can be found near the village of Quin in County Clare.

The castle is a listed/protected structure, so those that stay here will be treated to a dwelling that has been fully preserved in all of its original glory.

ballyshannon castle clare

A serious pile of bricks altogether.

Stay here from €140 per person per night (based on a group of 25).

5 – A Gorgeous Cottage in Donegal with a Private Beach

I wrote a guide recently on the 20 best places to stay in Ireland if you’re in search of an amazing view – this place was a gem that I missed (see the guide here).

cottage to rent in donegal

This traditional Irish cottage is sat right on the seashore and has direct access to a private sandy beach, so you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves and get up for sunrise on the sand.

private beach donegal

The Guardian newspaper visited this rental recently and here’s what they thought;

“The next day we awoke to flat calm, sunshine sharp, sprinklings of high cloud. We walked outside to a scene that electrified the senses: the distinctive smell of seaweed drying in the inlet below; a wondrous vista out to a long bay that looked like it was lit from within. The only sound was a distant tractor on the single-track lane. It’s for elemental experiences like these that people venture to this part of Ireland.”

I’m sold. The best part? You can rent it from just €80 per night.

6 – A Cuckoo Wood Hexagon in Mayo

I have absolutely no idea what a hexagon hut actually is, but it looks amazing!

wood hex to rent mayo

Situated on half orchard half woodland, and just 5k from the cracking town of Westport, this hut is a little slice of solitude on Ireland’s West Coast.

I love the idea of waking up in the morning and perching myself out on that little wooden porch with a cup of coffee and a book.


Fancy giving it a bash? It’ll set you back as little as €80 a night!

7 – A Pub, Yes, a Pub, in Tipperary

According to the folks who run it, Conroy’s Old Bar is ‘The World’s 1st Self Catering Pub’.

An unique Airbnb in Ireland made all the more unique by the fact that it’s a pub that doesn’t serve alcohol.

pub to rent in ireland

Spending a night in a traditional, authentic, Irish pub sounds right up my street, especially considering how close it is to the marvellous Lough Derg.

Here’s what the hosts say about it:

‘A traditionally characterful, authentic Irish, village bar, discreetly converted into self-catering accommodation. Conroy’s Old Bar is especially suited to those who have a love of the great outdoors. Who would like to experience the true beauty and tranquillity of rural/remote Ireland, whilst staying in a converted authentic rural village bar where time has literally stood still.’

rent a pub in ireland

Grab it for €100 per night and bask in the knowledge that you have an old Irish pub all to yourself.

8 – A 150-year-old country cottage in Cork

I need this place in my life!

cottage to rent in cork

I love the idea of chilling here with a generously poured glass of whiskey, as the fire pops and crackles, while the wind bashes against the windows.

A whole load of cozy bliss!

cottage for rent in cork

Magic from just €48 per night.

9 – An Enchanting Cottage in Kells

There’s something incredibly special about a thatch-roofed cottage.

Maybe it’s because they’re so rare to see these days (especially if you’re a city dweller).

This lovingly restored thatch-roofed cottage can be found in Kells, Kilkenny, in an area of immense natural beauty and unique archaeological heritage.

thatch cottage kilkenny

Originally built in the late 18th century, the charming cottage has been refurbished and restored to recreate ‘old world charm, with a modern twist’, according to the hosts. 

I can easily picture myself kicking back in the couch below in front of the fire on a wet, blustery winters evening.

airbnb cottage ireland

Rent this place from €126 per night here.

10 – A Big Aul Tower/Castle in Drogheda

This place looks beyond class.

castles to rent in ireland

Victoria Drummond Tower was built in 1858 and was recently restored into a small dwelling that can be rented during certain months of the year. 

For those visiting, you’ll have access to the entire tower.
The big attraction, for me, is the roof level where guests can enjoy extensive views of the surrounding countryside.
irish castle airbnb
This place can be rented from an incredible €85.

11 – A Historic Lodge On Your Own Private Island

The thing I love about this place, aside from the fact that it’s a luxurious lodge on an island in the middle of Lough Corrib, is that you’ll be sharing the 26-acre island with a small flock of sheep.

Lough derg airbnb

There’s an experience for you city folk… myself very much included.

Originally built in 1907, this structure was renovated and modernised in recent years to create a comfy and tranquil hideaway.

island airbnb ireland

Rent this little island getaway from €180 per night

12 – A treehouse with savage views over Cork City

Wooden you love to stay here… I’ll get my coat…

treehouse to rent in ireland

This is a legit, fully insulated treehouse that offers travelers spectacular views out over Cork City.

treehouse to rent in cork

For those of you that fancy sticking close to the city, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s just 5 minutes from the city center.

If you fancy giving this a shot, it’s yours from €130 per night.

13 – A wagon in Fintown, Co. Donegal

I’ve had ‘Rock me Mama like a waaaagon wheel’ stuck in my head for the last half hour after seeing this AirBnB listing…

wagon for rent in ireland

This is the type of place that I probably dreamt about staying in as a kid, but would have nightmares at the very thought of sleeping here as an adult.

If a wagon floats your boat, then you’re onto a winner with this place in Donegal.

wagon to rent in donegal

You can rent it from €50 per night and, considering the incredible Airbnb reviews, you’re in for a treat!

14 – A Restored 200-Year-Old Church in Galway

Welcome to Bookeen Hall (looks kinda a creepy in the picture below, but give it a chance).

bookeen hall galway

This AirBnB listing is a 200-year-old church about 20 minutes from Galway City and just a stone’s throw from the Cliffs of Moher, The Burren and Connemara.

The perfect spot for a group of friends (it sleeps 5 people) with a few days of adventure on the cards.

bookeen hall in county galway

Rent it from just €105 a night.

15 – A cottage in the wilderness in Donegal

All you need to know about this unique Irish AirBnB is that it’s a little cottage in the middle of a wild and empty landscape in one of the most picturesque corners of Ireland.

How amazing does that sound?!

cottage to rent in donegal

Situated close to Ardara (once voted ‘best village to live in Ireland’ by the Irish Times), this rental has the allure of being a quiet country retreat yet it’s an acceptable distance from a buzzy town where craic and live music flow in abundance.

cottage for rent in donegal

Grab a night here from €85.

And that's a wrap!
Have you stayed in any unique Airbnb’s in Ireland? Let me know where in the comments below!

Know of any unique AirBnBs in Ireland that we missed?

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll take a look!

Unique AirBnB's In Ireland

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  1. Chez Shea in Lauragh, Co. Kerry. I stayed there a few summers ago in a lovely little caravan. Located off the Healy Pass in a lovely valley, far off the beaten track but only about 20 minutes to the great local pub, Teddy O’Sullivan’s in Kilmackaloge. They have two caravans to stay in. One is a camper caravan and the other is a roundtop.


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