The No Bullsh*t Guide To The Best Hostels In Dublin (As Recommended By REAL Travellers)

Cheap, cheerful and recommended

This is a no bullsh*t guide to the best hostels in Dublin city centre.

I say no-bullsh*t because this guide isn’t something that I’ve dreamt up out of nowhere.

It’s based on recommendations from 100’s of people.

To help you on your quest to find the best hostels in Dublin City Centre, we asked the 230,000+ strong Irish Road Trip community where they’d recommend staying.

Out of the hundreds of recommendations that were posted, we’ve whittled down the list to 7 to help make your decision that little bit easier.

Finding the best hostels in Dublin City Centre 

Choosing a hostel in any city is tough, but picking the right one in a busy European capital can often seem like mission impossible.

You’re on the hunt for something that falls within your budget. A place that’s central, safe and clean.

We’re in no way affiliated with ANY of the below hostels in Dublin and there are NO affiliate links – this is a guide created solely by REAL travellers.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

1 – Generator Hostel Dublin

the geenrator hostel in dublin city

The Generator Hostel won the race by a long shot. It racked up an impressive number of votes, earning it the title of the best hostel in Dublin City Centre according to the Irish Road Trip community!

Based in Smithfield, the Generator is a handy stroll away from some of Dublin’s top tourist hotspots like the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College, The GPO and Temple Bar.

generator hostel dublin

Boasting a cafe that’s home to one of the best burgers in Dublin and situated right next-door to the Jameson Distillery – the Generator won’t fail to disappoint.

The Generator is also arguably the coolest hostel in Dublin thanks to its funky design. Those visiting can expect graffiti, a the Jameson Irish Whiskey chandelier (the old distillery is next door) along with a big aul bar, too. 

coolst hostel in dublin

The best hostel in Dublin for solo travellers

Many of those that commented on the post listed the Generator as the best hostel in Dublin for solo travellers. 

For more info on prices and facilities, visit their website.

2 – Barnacles Hostel Dublin

barnacles hostel in temple bar dublin

Barnacles Hostel is conveniently located smack bang in the middle of Temple Bar – an area known for its cobbled streets, lively bars and pricey pints.

Only a stone’s throw from the likes of Trinity College, Grafton Street and tonnes more city centre attractions, Barnacles is the perfect base for those looking to stay at the heart of the city.

part hostel dublin city

The best party hostel in Dublin 

Personally, when it comes to picking a place to stay, I tend to check the reviews and pick somewhere that’s in a nice quiet location.

However, many of those that commented on the Instagram post asked about or commented on part hostels.

I flicked through the comments and Barnacles came out as the best party hostel in Dublin, mainly due to the fact that it’s in Temple Bar.

3 – Abbey Court Hostel

abbey court hostel in dublin city center

The Abbey Court is another hostel in Dublin City Centre that boasts premises just feet from the action – literally!

Situated on Bachelors Walk right beside the River Liffey, this hostel is located a cool 30 seconds from Dublin’s historic O’Connell Street.

They also run a free walking tour of Dublin each morning, which is pretty decent, along with free to join pub-crawls each evening.

youth hostel dublin

Best Cheap Hostel in Dublin

Many of those that commented on the post on Instagram listed the Abbey Court as the best cheap hostel in Dublin.  

4 – Kinlay House Dublin

kinlay hostel in dublin city

Kinlay House is another one on the list that proudly calls the busy Temple Bar district home.

Similar to the other hostels above, Kinlays’ biggest draw is its location.

That being said, if you’ve ever stayed in one of the other Kinlay hostels in Ireland (the one in Galway is excellent), you’ll know they’re well run and reliable.

The accommodation ranges from private rooms that sleep 6 to dorms that can take 16 to 24 guests.

5 – Avalon House

avalon budget hostel in dublin city

You’ll find Avalon House on Aungier Street in Dublin City centre.

Around a six-minute stroll from Stephen’s Green Park and just over twenty from the Guinness Storehouse, this budget hostel is another winner for those looking to explore Dublin by foot.

Interestingly, Avalon House is one of Ireland’s only eco-friendly hostels. It uses wind energy to power the hostel and boasts full recycling facilities along with solar powered water heaters.

6 – The Times Hostel

the times hostel in the center of dublin

The Times Hostel is quite literally a stones throw from Trinity College and conveniently neighboured with the Doyle’s – a cosy pub that serves a smashing pint of Guinness.

As is standard with many hostels, The Times provides guests with access to a kitchen, common area and laundry facilities.

Oh – there’s also a weekly ice cream party!

Related read: Check out our guide to 11 of the most unique Airbnbs in Dublin (there’s some weird ones in there!).

7 – Jacobs Inn Hostel

jacobs inn hostel dublin city

Although it’s a great location to base yourself if you’re exploring the capital, Jacobs Inn is the perfect place to stay if you need somewhere to rest your head in Dublin before heading off elsewhere in Ireland.

This hostel is just a couple of minutes walk from both Dublin’s central bus station (Busaras) and Connolly Street train station (2-minute walk).

Great for those flying into Dublin for a night before beginning an adventure across the island.

The best hostels in Dublin Ireland – recommendations needed

Know of another great hostel in Dublin that isn’t in the list above?

Let me know in the comments below!

dublin hostel blog

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